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41 JOB Job - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Job - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Non quasi crudelis suscitabo eum:
quis enim resistere potest vultui meo?
I not as cruel schal reise hym;
for who may ayenstonde my face?
I will not stir him up, like one that is cruel:
for who can resist my countenance?
2 Quis ante dedit mihi, ut reddam ei?
omnia quæ sub cælo sunt, mea sunt.
And who yaf to me bifore, that Y yelde to hym?
Alle thingis, that ben vndur heuene, ben myne.
Who hath given me before that I should repay him?
All things that are under heaven are mine.
3 Non parcam ei, et verbis potentibus,
et ad deprecandum compositis.
Y schal not spare hym for myyti wordis,
and maad faire to biseche.
I will not spare him, nor his mighty words,
and framed to make supplication.
4 Quis revelabit faciem indumenti ejus?
et in medium oris ejus quis intrabit?
Who schal schewe the face of his clothing,
and who schal entre in to the myddis of his mouth?
Who can discover the face of his garment?
or who can go into the midst of his mouth?
5 Portas vultus ejus quis aperiet?
per gyrum dentium ejus formido.
Who schal opene the yatis of his cheer?
ferdfulnesse is bi the cumpas of hise teeth.
Who can open the doors of his face?
his teeth are terrible round about.
6 Corpus illius quasi scuta fusilia,
compactum squamis se prementibus.
His bodi is as yotun scheldys of bras,
and ioyned togidere with scalis ouerleiynge hem silf.
His body is like molten shields,
shut close up with scales pressing upon one another.
7 Una uni conjungitur,
et ne spiraculum quidem incedit per eas.
Oon is ioyned to another;
and sotheli brething goith not thorouy tho.
One is joined to another,
and not so much as any air can come between them :
8 Una alteri adhærebit,
et tenentes se nequaquam separabuntur.
Oon schal cleue to anothir,
and tho holdynge hem silf schulen not be departid.
They stick one to another
and they hold one another fast, and shall not be separated.
9 Sternutatio ejus splendor ignis,
et oculi ejus ut palpebræ diluculi.
His fnesynge is as schynynge of fier,
and hise iyen ben as iyelidis of the morewtid.
His sneezing is like the shining of fire,
and his eyes like the eyelids of the morning.
10 De ore ejus lampades procedunt,
sicut tædæ ignis accensæ.
Laumpis comen forth of his mouth,
as trees of fier, that ben kyndlid.
Out of his mouth go forth lamps,
like torches of lighted fire.
11 De naribus ejus procedit fumus,
sicut ollæ succensæ atque ferventis.
Smoke cometh forth of hise nosethirlis,
as of a pot set on the fier and boilynge.
Out of his nostrils goeth smoke,
like that of a pot heated and boiling.
12 Halitus ejus prunas ardere facit,
et flamma de ore ejus egreditur.
His breeth makith colis to brenne,
and flawme goith out of his mouth.
His breath kindleth coals,
and a flame cometh forth out of his mouth.
13 In collo ejus morabitur fortitudo,
et faciem ejus præcedit egestas.
Strengthe schal dwelle in his necke,
and nedynesse schal go bifor his face.
In his neck strength shall dwell,
and want goeth before his face.
14 Membra carnium ejus cohærentia sibi:
mittet contra eum fulmina, et ad locum alium non ferentur.
The membris of hise fleischis ben cleuynge togidere to hem silf;
God schal sende floodis ayens hym, and tho schulen not be borun to an other place.
The members of his flesh cleave one to another:
he shall send lightnings against him, and they shall not be carried to another place.
15 Cor ejus indurabitur tamquam lapis,
et stringetur quasi malleatoris incus.
His herte schal be maad hard as a stoon;
and it schal be streyned togidere as the anefeld of a smith.
His heart shall be as hard as a stone,
and as firm as a smith's anvil.
16 Cum sublatus fuerit, timebunt angeli,
et territi purgabuntur.
Whanne he schal be takun awei, aungels schulen drede;
and thei aferd schulen be purgid.
When he shall raise him up, the angels shall fear,
and being affrighted shall purify themselves.
17 Cum apprehenderit eum gladius, subsistere non poterit,
neque hasta, neque thorax:
Whanne swerd takith hym,
it may not stonde,
nethir spere, nether haburioun.
When a sword shall lay at him,
it shall not be able to hold,
nor a spear, nor a breastplate.
18 reputabit enim quasi paleas ferrum,
et quasi lignum putridum æs.
For he schal arette irun as chaffis,
and bras as rotun tre.
For he shall esteem iron as straw,
and brass as rotten wood.
19 Non fugabit eum vir sagittarius:
in stipulam versi sunt ei lapides fundæ.
A man archere schal not dryue hym awei;
stoonys of a slynge ben turned in to stobil to hym.
The archer shall not put him to flight,
the stones of the sling are to him like stubble.
20 Quasi stipulam æstimabit malleum,
et deridebit vibrantem hastam.
He schal arette an hamer as stobil;
and he schal scorne a florischynge spere.
As stubble will he esteem the hammer,
and he will laugh him to scorn who shaketh the spear.
21 Sub ipso erunt radii solis,
et sternet sibi aurum quasi lutum.
The beemys of the sunne schulen be vndur hym;
and he schal strewe to hym silf gold as cley.
The beams of the sun shall be under him,
and he shall strew gold under him like mire.
22 Fervescere faciet quasi ollam profundum mare,
et ponet quasi cum unguenta bulliunt.
He schal make the depe se to buyle as a pot;
and he schal putte, as whanne oynementis buylen.
He shall make the deep sea to boil like a pot,
and shall make it as when ointments boil.
23 Post eum lucebit semita:
æstimabit abyssum quasi senescentem.
A path schal schyne aftir hym;
he schal gesse the greet occian as wexynge eld.
A path shall shine after him,
he shall esteem the deep as growing old.
24 Non est super terram potestas quæ comparetur ei,
qui factus est ut nullum timeret.
No power is on erthe, that schal be comparisound to hym;
which is maad, that he schulde drede noon.
There is no power upon earth that can be compared with him
who was made to fear no one.
25 Omne sublime videt:
ipse est rex super universos filios superbiæ.
He seeth al hiy thing;
he is kyng ouer alle the sones of pride.
He beholdeth every high thing,
he is king over all the children of pride.