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32 JOB Job - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Job - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Omiserunt autem tres viri isti respondere Job, eo quod justus sibi videretur. Forsothe these thre men leften of to answere Joob, for he semyde a iust man to hem. So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he seemed just to himself. Elihu's speech. Jb.32.1-37.24
2 Et iratus indignatusque est Eliu filius Barachel Buzites, de cognatione Ram: iratus est autem adversum Job, eo quod justum se esse diceret coram Deo. And Helyu, the sone of Barachel Buzites, of the kynrede of Ram, was wrooth, and hadde indignacioun; forsothe he was wrooth ayens Joob, for he seide hym silf to be iust bifor God. And Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram, was angry and was moved to indignation : now he was angry against Job, because he said he was just before God.  
3 Porro adversum amicos ejus indignatus est, eo quod non invenissent responsionem rationabilem, sed tantummodo condemnassent Job. Sotheli Helyu hadde indignacioun ayens the thre frendis of hym, for thei hadden not founde resonable answere, but oneli hadde condempned Joob. And he was angry with his friends because they had not found a reasonable answer, but only had condemned Job.  
4 Igitur Eliu expectavit Job loquentem, eo quod seniores essent qui loquebantur. Therfor Helyu abood Joob spekynge, for thei, that spaken, weren eldere men. So Eliu waited while Job was speaking, because they were his elders that were speaking.  
5 Cum autem vidisset quod tres respondere non potuissent, iratus est vehementer. But whanne he hadde seyn, that thre men myyten not answere, he was wrooth greetly. But when he saw that the three were not able to answer, he was exceedingly angry.  
6 Respondensque Eliu filius Barachel Buzites, dixit:
Junior sum tempore, vos autem antiquiores:
idcirco, demisso capite,
veritus sum vobis indicare meam sententiam.
And Helyu, the sone of Barachel Buzites, answeride, and seyde,
Y am yongere in tyme, sotheli ye ben eldere;
therfor with heed holdun doun Y dredde to schewe to you my sentence.
Then Eliu the son of Barachel the Buzite answered and said :
I am younger in days, and you are more ancient;
therefore hanging down my head, I was afraid to shew you my opinion.
7 Sperabam enim quod ætas prolixior loqueretur,
et annorum multitudo doceret sapientiam.
For Y hopide that lengere age schulde speke,
and that the multitude of yeeris schulden teche wisdom.
For I hoped that greater age would speak,
and that a multitude of years would teach wisdom.
8 Sed, ut video, spiritus est in hominibus,
et inspiratio Omnipotentis dat intelligentiam.
But as Y se, spirit is in men,
and the enspiryng ether reuelacioun, of Almyyti God yyueth vndurstondyng.
But, as I see, there is a spirit in men,
and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth understanding.
9 Non sunt longævi sapientes,
nec senes intelligunt judicium.
Men of long lijf ben not wise,
and elde men vndurstonden not doom.
They that are aged are not the wise men,
neither do the ancients understand judgment.
10 Ideo dicam: Audite me:
ostendam vobis etiam ego meam sapientiam.
Therfor Y schal seie, Here ye me,
and Y also schal schewe my kunnyng to you.
Therefore I will speak: Hearken to me,
I also will shew you my wisdom.
11 Expectavi enim sermones vestros;
audivi prudentiam vestram,
donec disceptaremini sermonibus;
For Y abood youre wordis,
Y herde youre prudence,
as long as ye dispuytiden in youre wordis.
For I have waited for your words,
I have given ear to your wisdom,
as long as you were disputing in words.
12 et donec putabam vos aliquid dicere, considerabam:
sed, ut video, non est qui possit arguere Job,
et respondere ex vobis sermonibus ejus.
And as long as Y gesside you to seie ony thing, Y bihelde;
but as Y se, noon is of you, that may repreue Joob, and answere to hise wordis;
And as long as I thought you said some thing, I considered :
but, as I see, there is none of you that can convince Job, and answer his words.
13 Ne forte dicatis: Invenimus sapientiam:
Deus projecit eum, non homo.
lest perauenture ye seien, We han founde wisdom;
God, and not man, hath cast hym awei.
Lest you should say : We have found wisdom,
God hath cast him down, not man.
14 Nihil locutus est mihi:
et ego non secundum sermones vestros respondebo illi.
Joob spak no thing to me,
and Y not bi youre wordis schal answere hym.
He hath spoken nothing to me,
and I will not answer him according to your words.
15 Extimuerunt, nec responderunt ultra,
abstuleruntque a se eloquia.
Thei dredden, and answeriden no more,
and token awei speche fro hem silf.
They were afraid, and answered no more,
and they left off speaking.
16 Quoniam igitur expectavi, et non sunt locuti:
steterunt, nec ultra responderunt:
Therfor for Y abood, and thei spaken not,
thei stoden, and answeriden no more;
Therefore because I have waited, and they have not spoken:
they stood, and answered no more :
17 respondebo et ego partem meam,
et ostendam scientiam meam.
also Y schal answere my part,
and Y schal schewe my kunnyng.
I also will answer my part,
and will shew my knowledge.
18 Plenus sum enim sermonibus,
et coarctat me spiritus uteri mei.
For Y am ful of wordis,
and the spirit of my wombe, that is, mynde, constreyneth me.
For I am full of matter to speak of,
and the spirit of my bowels straiteneth me.
19 En venter meus quasi mustum absque spiraculo,
quod lagunculas novas disrumpit.
Lo! my wombe is as must with out spigot, ether a ventyng,
that brekith newe vessels.
Behold, my belly is as new wine which wanteth vent,
which bursteth the new vessels.
20 Loquar, et respirabo paululum:
aperiam labia mea, et respondebo.
Y schal speke, and brethe ayen a litil;
Y schal opene my lippis, and Y schal answere.
I will speak and take breath a little:
I will open my lips, and will answer.
21 Non accipiam personam viri,
et Deum homini non æquabo.
Y schal not take the persoone of man,
and Y schal not make God euene to man.
I will not accept the person of man,
and I will not level God with man.
22 Nescio enim quamdiu subsistam,
et si post modicum tollat me factor meus.
For Y woot not hou long Y schal abide,
and if my Makere take me awei after a litil tyme.
For I know not how long I shall continue,
and whether after a while my Maker may take me away.