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20 JOB Job - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Job - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Respondens autem Sophar Naamathites, dixit: Forsothe Sophar Naamathites answeride, and seide, Then Sophar the Naamathite answered, and said: Zophar. Jb.20.1-29
2 Idcirco cogitationes meæ variæ succedunt sibi,
et mens in diversa rapitur.
Therfor my thouytis dyuerse comen oon aftir anothir;
and the mynde is rauyischid in to dyuerse thingis.
Therefore various thoughts succeed one another in me,
and my mind is hurried away to different things.
3 Doctrinam qua me arguis audiam,
et spiritus intelligentiæ meæ respondebit mihi.
Y schal here the techyng, bi which thou repreuest me;
and the spirit of myn vndurstondyng schal answere me.
The doctrine with which thou reprovest me, I will hear,
and the spirit of my understanding shall answer for me.
4 Hoc scio a principio,
ex quo positus est homo super terram,
Y woot this fro the bigynnyng,
sithen man was set on erthe,
This I know from the beginning,
since man was placed upon the earth,
5 quod laus impiorum brevis sit,
et gaudium hypocritæ ad instar puncti.
that the preisyng of wickid men is schort,
and the ioie of an ypocrite is at the licnesse of a poynt.
that the praise of the wicked is short,
and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment.
6 Si ascenderit usque ad cælum superbia ejus,
et caput ejus nubes tetigerit,
Thouy his pride stieth in to heuene,
and his heed touchith the cloudis,
If his pride mount up even to heaven,
and his head touch the clouds:
7 quasi sterquilinium in fine perdetur,
et qui eum viderant, dicent: Ubi est?
he schal be lost in the ende, as a dunghil;
and, thei that sien hym, schulen seie, Where is he?
In the end he shall be destroyed like a dunghill,
and they that has seen him shall say: Where is he?
8 Velut somnium avolans non invenietur:
transiet sicut visio nocturna.
As a dreem fleynge awei he schal not be foundun;
he schal passe as a nyytis siyt.
As a dream that fleeth away he shall not be found,
he shall pass as a vision of the night:
9 Oculus qui eum viderat non videbit,
neque ultra intuebitur eum locus suus.
The iye that siy hym schal not se;
and his place schal no more biholde him.
The eyes that had seen him, shall see him no more,
neither shall his place any more behold him.
10 Filii ejus atterentur egestate,
et manus illius reddent ei dolorem suum.
Hise sones schulen be al tobrokun with nedynesse;
and hise hondis schulen yelde to hym his sorewe.
His children shall be oppressed with want,
and his hands shall render him his sorrow.
11 Ossa ejus implebuntur vitiis adolescentiæ ejus,
et cum eo in pulvere dormient.
Hise boonys schulen be fillid with the vices of his yong wexynge age;
and schulen slepe with hym in dust.
His bones shall be filled with the vices of his youth,
and they shall sleep with him in the dust.
12 Cum enim dulce fuerit in ore ejus malum,
abscondet illud sub lingua sua.
For whanne yuel was swete in his mouth,
he hidde it vndur his tunge.
For when evil shall be sweet in his mouth,
he will hide it under his tongue.
13 Parcet illi, et non derelinquet illud,
et celabit in gutture suo.
He schal spare it, and schal not forsake it;
and schal hide in his throte.
He will spare it, and not leave it,
and will hide it in his throat.
14 Panis ejus in utero illius vertetur in fel aspidum intrinsecus. His breed in his wombe schal be turned in to galle of snakis withynne. His bread in his belly shall be turned into the gall of asps within him.  
15 Divitias quas devoravit evomet,
et de ventre illius extrahet eas Deus.
He schal spue out the richessis,
whiche he deuouride;
and God schal drawe tho ritchessis out of his wombe.
The riches which he hath swallowed; he shall vomit up,
and God shall draw them out of his belly.
16 Caput aspidum suget,
et occidet eum lingua viperæ.
He schal souke the heed of snakis;
and the tunge of an addre schal sle hym.
He shall suck the head of asps,
and the viper's tongue shall kill him.
17 (Non videat rivulos fluminis,
torrentes mellis et butyri.)
Se he not the stremys of the flood of the stronde,
of hony, and of botere.
(Let him not see the streams of the river,
the brooks of honey and of butter.)
18 Luet quæ fecit omnia, nec tamen consumetur:
juxta multitudinem adinventionum suarum, sic et sustinebit.
He schal suffre peyne for alle thingis whiche he hath do, netheles he schal not be wastid;
aftir the multitude of his fyndyngis, so and he schal suffre.
He shall be punished for all that he did, and yet shall not be consumed:
according to the multitude of his devices so also shall he suffer.
19 Quoniam confringens nudavit pauperes:
domum rapuit, et non ædificavit eam.
For he brake, and made nakid the hows of a pore man;
he rauyschide, and bildide it not.
Because he broke in and stripped the poor:
he hath violently taken away a house which he did not build.
20 Nec est satiatus venter ejus:
et cum habuerit quæ concupierat, possidere non poterit.
And his wombe was not fillid;
and whanne he hath that, that he couetide,
he may not holde in possessioun.
And yet his belly was not filled:
and when he hath the things he coveted,
he shall not be able to possess them.
21 Non remansit de cibo ejus,
et propterea nihil permanebit de bonis ejus.
No thing lefte of his mete;
and therfor no thing schal dwelle of his goodis.
There was nothing left of his meat,
and therefore nothing shall continue of his goods:
22 Cum satiatus fuerit, arctabitur:
æstuabit, et omnis dolor irruet super eum.
Whanne he is fillid, he schal be maad streit;
he schal be hoot, and alle sorewe schal falle in on hym.
When he shall be filled, he shall be straitened,
he shall burn, and every sorrow shall fall upon him.
23 Utinam impleatur venter ejus,
ut emittat in eum iram furoris sui,
et pluat super illum bellum suum.
Y wolde, that his wombe be fillid,
that he sende out in to hym the ire of his strong veniaunce,
and reyne his batel on hym.
May his belly be filled,
that God may send forth the wrath of his indignation upon him,
and rain down his war upon him.
24 Fugiet arma ferrea,
et irruet in arcum æreum.
He schal fle yrun armuris,
and he schal falle in to a brasun boowe.
He shall flee from weapons of iron,
and shall fall upon a bow of brass.
25 Eductus, et egrediens de vagina sua,
et fulgurans in amaritudine sua:
vadent et venient super eum horribiles.
Led out, and goynge out of his schethe, and schynynge,
ether smytinge with leit, in to his bittirnesse;
orrible fendis schulen go, and schulen come on hym.
The sword is drawn out, and cometh forth from its scabbard,
and glittereth in his bitterness:
the terrible ones shall go and come upon him.
26 Omnes tenebræ absconditæ sunt in occultis ejus;
devorabit eum ignis qui non succenditur:
affligetur relictus in tabernaculo suo.
Alle derknessis ben hid in hise priuytees; fier,
which is not teendid, schal deuoure hym;
he schal be turmentid left in his tabernacle.
All darkness is hid in his secret places:
a fire that is not kindled shall devour him,
he shall be afflicted when left in his tabernacle.
27 Revelabunt cæli iniquitatem ejus,
et terra consurget adversus eum.
Heuenes schulen schewe his wickidnesse;
and erthe schal rise togidere ayens hym.
The heavens shall reveal his iniquity,
and the earth shall rise up against him.
28 Apertum erit germen domus illius:
detrahetur in die furoris Dei.
The seed of his hows schal be opyn;
it schal be drawun doun in the dai of the strong veniaunce of the Lord.
The offspring of his house shall be exposed,
he shall be pulled down in the day of God's wrath.
29 Hæc est pars hominis impii a Deo,
et hæreditas verborum ejus a Domino.
This is the part of a wickid man, which part is youun of God,
and the eritage of hise wordis of the Lord.
This is the portion of a wicked man from God,
and the inheritance of his doings from the Lord.