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31 JOB Job - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Job - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Pepigi fœdus cum oculis meis,
ut ne cogitarem quidem de virgine.
I made couenaunt with myn iyen,
that Y schulde not thenke of a virgyn.
I made a covenant with my eyes,
that I would not so much as think upon a virgin.
2 Quam enim partem haberet in me Deus desuper,
et hæreditatem Omnipotens de excelsis?
For what part schulde God aboue haue in me,
and eritage Almyyti God of hiye thingis?
For what part should God from above have in me,
and what inheritance the Almighty from on high?
3 Numquid non perditio est iniquo,
et alienatio operantibus injustitiam?
Whether perdicioun is not to a wickid man,
and alienacioun of God is to men worchynge wickidnesse?
Is not destruction to the wicked,
and aversion to them that work iniquity?
4 Nonne ipse considerat vias meas,
et cunctos gressus meos dinumerat?
Whether he biholdith not my weies,
and noumbrith alle my goyngis?
Doth not he consider my ways,
and number all my steps?
5 Si ambulavi in vanitate,
et festinavit in dolo pes meus,
If Y yede in vanyte,
and my foot hastide in gile,
If I have walked in vanity,
and my foot hath made haste to deceit:
6 appendat me in statera justa,
et sciat Deus simplicitatem meam.
God weie me in a iust balaunce,
and knowe my symplenesse.
Let him weigh me in a just balance,
and let God know my simplicity.
7 Si declinavit gressus meus de via,
et si secutum est oculos meos cor meum,
et si manibus meis adhæsit macula,
If my step bowide fro the weie;
if myn iye suede myn herte,
and a spotte cleuede to myn hondis;
If my step hath turned out of the way,
and if my heart hath followed my eyes,
and if a spot hath cleaved to my hands:
8 seram, et alius comedat,
et progenies mea eradicetur.
sowe Y, and another ete,
and my generacioun be drawun out bi the root.
Then let me sow and let another eat:
and let my offspring be rooted out.
9 Si deceptum est cor meum super muliere,
et si ad ostium amici mei insidiatus sum,
If myn herte was disseyued on a womman,
and if Y settide aspies at the dore of my frend;
If my heart hath been deceived upon a woman,
and if I have laid wait at my friend's door:
10 scortum alterius sit uxor mea,
et super illam incurventur alii.
my wijf be the hoore of anothir man,
and othir men be bowid doun on hir.
Let my wife be the harlot of another,
and let other men lie with her.
11 Hoc enim nefas est,
et iniquitas maxima.
For this is vnleueful,
and the moost wickidnesse.
For this is a heinous crime,
and a most grievous iniquity.
12 Ignis est usque ad perditionem devorans,
et omnia eradicans genimina.
Fier is deourynge til to wastyng,
and drawynge vp bi the roote alle generaciouns.
It is a fire that devoureth even to destruction,
and rooteth up all things that spring.
13 Si contempsi subire judicium cum servo meo et ancilla mea,
cum disceptarent adversum me:
If Y dispiside to take doom with my seruaunt and myn hand mayde,
whanne thei stryueden ayens me.
If I have despised to abide judgment with my manservant, or my maidservant,
when they had any controversy against me:
14 quid enim faciam cum surrexerit ad judicandum Deus?
et cum quæsierit, quid respondebo illi?
What sotheli schal Y do, whanne God schal rise to deme?
and whanne he schal axe, what schal Y answere to hym?
For what shall I do when God shall rise to judge?
and when he shall examine, what shall I answer him?
15 Numquid non in utero fecit me, qui et illum operatus est,
et formavit me in vulva unus?
Whether he, that wrouyte also hym, made not me in the wombe,
and o God formede me in the wombe?
Did not he that made me in the womb make him also:
and did not one and the same form me in the womb?
16 Si negavi quod volebant pauperibus,
et oculos viduæ expectare feci;
If Y denyede to pore men that, that thei wolden,
and if Y made the iyen of a wydewe to abide;
If I have denied to the poor what they desired,
and have made the eyes of the widow wait:
17 si comedi buccellam meam solus,
et non comedit pupillus ex ea
if Y aloone eet my mussel,
and a faderles child eet not therof;
If I have eaten my morsel alone,
and the fatherless hath not eaten thereof:
18 (quia ab infantia mea crevit mecum miseratio,
et de utero matris meæ egressa est mecum);
for merciful doyng encreesside with me fro my yong childhed,
and yede out of my modris wombe with me;
(For from my infancy mercy grew up with me:
and it came out with me from my mother's womb :)
19 si despexi pereuntem, eo quod non habuerit indumentum,
et absque operimento pauperem;
if Y dispiside a man passynge forth, for he hadde not a cloth,
and a pore man with out hilyng;
If I have despised him that was perishing for want of clothing,
and the poor man that had no covering:
20 si non benedixerunt mihi latera ejus,
et de velleribus ovium mearum calefactus est;
if hise sidis blessiden not me,
and was not maad hoot of the fleeces of my scheep;
If his sides have not blessed me,
and if he were not warmed with the fleece of my sheep:
21 si levavi super pupillum manum meam,
etiam cum viderem me in porta superiorem:
if Y reiside myn hond on a fadirles child,
yhe, whanne Y siy me the hiyere in the yate;
If I have lifted up my hand against the fatherless,
even when I saw myself superior in the gate:
22 humerus meus a junctura sua cadat,
et brachium meum cum suis ossibus confringatur.
my schuldre falle fro his ioynt,
and myn arm with hise boonys be al tobrokun.
Let my shoulder fall from its joint,
and let my arm with its bones be broken.
23 Semper enim quasi tumentes super me fluctus timui Deum,
et pondus ejus ferre non potui.
For euere Y dredde God, as wawis wexynge gret on me;
and Y myyte not bere his birthun.
For I have always feared God as waves swelling over me,
and his weight I was not able to bear.
24 Si putavi aurum robur meum,
et obrizo dixi: Fiducia mea;
If Y gesside gold my strengthe,
and if Y seide to purid gold, Thou art my trist;
If I have thought gold my strength,
and have said to fine gold: My confidence:
25 si lætatus sum super multis divitiis meis,
et quia plurima reperit manus mea;
if Y was glad on my many ritchessis,
and for myn hond foond ful many thingis;
If I have rejoiced over my great riches,
and because my hand had gotten much.
26 si vidi solem cum fulgeret,
et lunam incedentem clare,
if Y siy the sunne, whanne it schynede,
and the moone goynge clereli;
If I beheld the sun when it shined,
and the moon going in brightness:
27 et lætatum est in abscondito cor meum,
et osculatus sum manum meam ore meo:
and if myn herte was glad in priuyte,
and if Y kisside myn hond with my mouth;
And my heart in secret hath rejoiced,
and I have kissed my hand with my mouth:
28 quæ est iniquitas maxima,
et negatio contra Deum altissimum.
which is the moost wickidnesse,
and deniyng ayens hiyeste God;
Which is a very great iniquity,
and a denial against the most high God.
29 Si gavisus sum ad ruinam ejus qui me oderat,
et exsultavi quod invenisset eum malum:
if Y hadde ioye at the fallyng of hym, that hatide me,
and if Y ioide fulli, that yuel hadde founde hym;
If I have been glad at the downfall of him that hated me,
and have rejoiced that evil had found him.
30 non enim dedi ad peccandum guttur meum,
ut expeterem maledicens animam ejus.
for Y yaf not my throte to do synne,
that Y schulde asaile and curse his soule;
For I have not given my mouth to sin,
by wishing a curse to his soul.
31 Si non dixerunt viri tabernaculi mei:
Quis det de carnibus ejus, ut saturemur?
if the men of my tabernacle seiden not,
Who yyueth, that we be fillid of hise fleischis?
If the men of my tabernacle have not said:
Who will give us of his flesh that we may be filled?
32 foris non mansit peregrinus:
ostium meum viatori patuit.
a pilgryme dwellide not with outforth;
my dore was opyn to a weiegoere;
The stranger did not stay without,
my door was open to the traveller.
33 Si abscondi quasi homo peccatum meum,
et celavi in sinu meo iniquitatem meam;
if Y as man hidde my synne,
and helide my wickidnesse in my bosum;
If as a man I have hid my sin,
and have concealed my iniquity in my bosom.
34 si expavi ad multitudinem nimiam,
et despectio propinquorum terruit me:
et non magis tacui, nec egressus sum ostium.
if Y dredde at ful greet multitude,
and if dispisyng of neyyboris made me aferd;
and not more Y was stille, and yede not out of the dore;
If I have been afraid at a very great multitude,
and the contempt of kinsmen hath terrified me:
and I have not rather held my peace, and not gone out of the door.
35 Quis mihi tribuat auditorem,
ut desiderium meum audiat Omnipotens,
et librum scribat ipse qui judicat,
who yyueth an helpere to me,
that Almyyti God here my desire?
that he that demeth, write a book,
Who would grant me a hearer,
that the Almighty may hear my desire;
and that he himself that judgeth would write a book,
36 ut in humero meo portem illum,
et circumdem illum quasi coronam mihi?
that Y bere it in my schuldre,
and cumpasse it as a coroun to me?
That I may carry it on my shoulder,
and put it about me as a crown?
37 Per singulos gradus meos pronuntiabo illum,
et quasi principi offeram eum.
Bi alle my degrees Y schal pronounce it,
and Y schal as offre it to the prynce.
At every step of mine I would pronounce it,
and offer it as to a prince.
38 Si adversum me terra mea clamat,
et cum ipsa sulci ejus deflent:
If my lond crieth ayens me,
and hise forewis wepen with it;
If my land cry against me,
and with it the furrows thereof mourn:
39 si fructus ejus comedi absque pecunia,
et animam agricolarum ejus afflixi:
if Y eet fruytis therof with out money,
and Y turmentide the soule of erthetileris of it;
If I have eaten the fruits thereof without money,
and have afflicted the soul of the tillers thereof:
40 pro frumento oriatur mihi tribulus,
et pro hordeo spina.

Finita sunt verba Job.
a brere growe to me for wheete,
and a thorn for barli.
Let thistles grow up to me instead of wheat, and thorns instead of barley.