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2 Maccabees

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2 Maccabees by Passage Psg Reference
MACCABEES 2. A letter to the Jews in Egypt.2Mace.1.1-9
A LETTER TO ARISTOBULUS. Death of king Antiochus.2Mace.1.10-17
Fire consumes Nehemiah's sacrifice.2Mace.1.18-23
Nehemiah's prayer.2Mace.1.24-29
The Persian emperor hears about the fire.2Mace.1.30-36
Jeremiah hides the tent of the LORD's presence.2Mace.2.1-8
Nehemiah's library.2Mace.2.13-15
An invitation to celebrate the festival.2Mace.2.16-18
Author's Preface.2Mace.2.19-32
The augument between Onias & Simon.2Mace.3.1-6
Heliodorus sent to Jerusalem.2Mace.3.7-12
Heliodorus plans to enter the temple.2Mace.3.13-21
The LORD protects his temple.2Mace.3.22-28
Onias prays for the recovery of Heliodorus.2Mace.3.29-34
Heliodorus praises the LORD.2Mace.3.35-40
Simon accused Onias.2Mace.4.1-6
Jason introduces Greek customs.2Mace.4.7-17
Jerusalem under Seleucid influence.2Mace.4.18-22
Menelaus becomes High Priest.2Mace.4.23-29
Murder of Onias.2Mace.4.30-34
Punishment of Andronicus.2Mace.4.35-38
Lysimachus killed.2Mace.4.39-42
Menelaus brought to trial.2Mace.4.43-50
Visions of battle.2Mace.5.1-4
Jason attacks Jerusalem.2Mace.5.5-10
Antiochus attacks Jerusalem.2Mace.5.11-20 1Mace.1.20-63
Another attack against Jerusalem.2Mace.5.21-27
Persecution of the Jews.2Mace.6.1-11
The LORD punishes & shows mercy.2Mace.6.12-17
Eleazor dies a martyr.2Mace.6.18-31
A mother & her sons martyred.2Mace.7.1-42
Revolt of Judas Maccabaeus.2Mace.8.1-7 1Mace.3.1-26
Ptolemy sends Nicanor to attack Judas.2Mace.8.8-11 1Mace.3.38-41
Judas learns of Nicanor's plans.2Mace.8.12-20 1Mace.3.42-54
Judas defeats Nicanor.2Mace.8.21-29 1Mace.3.55-4.27
Judas defeats Timothy & Bacchides.2Mace.8.30-36
The LORD punishes Antiochus.2Mace.9.1-10 1Mace.6.1-7 | 2Mace.1.11-17
Antiochus makes a promis to God.2Mace.9.11-17
Antiochus' letter.2Mace.9.18-29
Rededication of the temple.2Mace.10.1-8 1Mace.4.36-61
Ptolemy Macron commits suicide.2Mace.10.9-13
Judas Maccabaeus defeats the Idumeans.2Mace.10.14-23 1Mace.5.1-8
Jusad defeats Timothy.2Mace.10.24-38
Judas Maccabaeus defeats Lysias.2Mace.11.1-12 1Mace.4.26-35
Lysias makes peace with the Jews.2Mace.11.13-15 1Mace.6.56-61
Letter: Lycias to the Jews.2Mace.11.16-21
Letter: Antiochus IV Epiphanes to Lycias. (164 BCE)2Mace.11.26
Letter: Antiochus IV Epiphanes to the Jews. (164 BCE)2Mace.11.27-33
Letter: Quintus Memmius & Titus Manius to the Jews. (164 BCE)2Mace.11.34-38
Jews of Joppa murdered.2Mace.12.1-9
Judas' victory at Jamnia.2Mace.12.10-16 1Mace.5.9-54
Judas defeats Timothy.2Mace.12.17-25 1Mace.5.37-44
Judas' other victories.2Mace.12.26-31 1Mace.5.45-54
Judas defeats Gorgias.2Mace.12.32-37
Prayers for men killed in battle.2Mace.12.38-45
Manelaus put to death. (163 BCE)2Mace.13.1-8
Battle near Modein.2Mace.13.9-17
Antiochus V Eupator's treaty with the Jews.2Mace.13.18-26 1Mace.6.48-63
Alcimus speaks against Judas.2Mace.14.1-10 1Mace.7.1-21
Demetrius sends Nicanor to attack Judas.2Mace.14.11-25
Nicanor turns against Judas.2Mace.14.26-36
Death of Razis.2Mace.14.37-46
Nicanor's cruel plan.2Mace.15.1-5
Judas prepares for battle.2Mace.15.6-19
Defeat & death of Nicanor.2Mace.15.20-36
Concluding words.2Mace.15.37-39

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