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1 Maccabees

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1 Maccabees by Passage Psg Reference
MACCABEES 1. Alexander the Great.1Mace.1.1-9
Antiochus IV Epiphanes & the renegade Jews. (175 BCE)1Mace.1.10-15 2Mace.4.7-17
Antiochus attacks Egypt.1Mace.1.16-19
Antiochus persecutes the Jews. (169 BCE)1Mace.1.20-64
Mattathias' guerrilla warfare.1Mace.2.27-48
Death of Mattathias.1Mace.2.49-70
Judas Maccabaeus - early victories.1Mace.3.1-26 2Mace.8.1-7
Antiochus appoints Lysias as Governor of the Levant.1Mace.3.27-37
Victories of Judas Maccabaeus.1Mace.3.38-4.25 2Mace.8.8-29 | 2Mace.8.34-36
Victory over Lysias.1Mace.4.26-35 2Mace.11.1-12
Purification of the temple.1Mace.4.36-61 2Mace.10.1-8
Wars with neighbouring nations.1Mace.5.1-68 2Mace.10.14-33 | 2Mace.12.10-45
Death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes.1Mace.6.1-17 2Mace.1.11-17 | 2Mace.9.1-29 | 2Mace.10.9-11
The campaign of Antiochus V Eupator & Lysias.1Mace.6.18-63 2Mace.13.1-26 | 2Mace.11.22-26
The high priest Alcimus & the campaign of Nicanor. (161 BCE)1Mace.7.1-50 2Mace.14.1-36 | 2Mace.15.1-36
The treaty with the Romans.1Mace.8.1-32
Death of Judas Maccabaeus.1Mace.9.1-22
Jonathan succeeds Judas.1Mace.9.23-31
The campaigns of Jonathan.1Mace.9.32-73
Alexander Epiphanes (Balas) makes Jonathan High Priest. (152 BCE)1Mace.10.1-21
Jonathan supports Alexander Epiphanes.1Mace.10.22-66
Jonathan's victory over Apollonius. (147 BCE)1Mace.10.67-89
The fall of Alexander Epiphanes.1Mace.11.1-19
Jonathan wins the Favour of Demetrius II (Nicator).1Mace.11.20-37
Jonathan helps Demetrius II.1Mace.11.38-53
Jonathan supports Antiochus VI (Epiphanes).1Mace.11.54-74
Alliances with Rome & Sparta.1Mace.12.1-23
Campaigns of Jonathan & Simon.1Mace.12.24-38
Trypho captures Jonathan.1Mace.12.39-53
Simon Maccabaeus leads the Jews.1Mace.13.1-53
In praise of Simon.1Mace.14.1-49
Antiochus VII (Euergetes) asks for Simon's support..1Mace.15.1-14
Rome supports the Jews.1Mace.15.15-24
Antiochus VII breaks with Simon.1Mace.15.25-36
John's victory over Cendebeus.1Mace.15.37-16.10
The murder of Simon.1Mace.16.11-23

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