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29 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Sed et hoc facies, ut mihi in sacerdotio consecrentur. Tolle vitulum de armento, et arietes duos immaculatos, But also thou schalt do this, that thei be sacrid to me in preesthod; take thou a calf of the droue, and twei rammes with out wem, And thou shalt also do this, that they may be consecrated to me in priesthood. Take a calf from the herd, and two rams without blemish, Aaronic priesthood - ordination. Ex.29.1-37 | Lv.8.1-36 
2 panesque azymos, et crustulam absque fermento, quæ conspersa sit oleo, lagana quoque azyma oleo lita: de simila triticea cuncta facies. and therf looues, and a cake with out sour dow, whiche be spreynt to gidere with oile, and therf paast sodun in watir, bawmed, ether fried, with oile; thou schalt make alle thingis of whete flour, And unleavened bread, and a cake without leaven, tempered with oil, wafers also unleavened anointed with oil: thou shalt make them all of wheaten flour.  
3 Et posita in canistro offeres: vitulum autem et duos arietes. and thou schalt offre tho put in a panyere. Forsothe thou schal presente the calfe, And thou shalt put them in a basket and offer them: and the calf and the two rams.  
4 Et Aaron ac filios ejus applicabis ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii. Cumque laveris patrem cum filiis suis aqua, and twey rammes, and Aaron and his sones, at the dore of tabernacle of witnessyng; and whanne thou hast waische the fadir and the sones in watir, And thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the tabernacle of the testimony. And when thou hast washed the father and his sons with water,  
5 indues Aaron vestimentis suis, id est, linea et tunica, et superhumerali et rationali, quod constringes balteo. thou schalt clothe Aaron with hise clothis, that is, the lynnen cloth, and coote, and the cloth on the schuldris, and the racional, which thou schalt bynde with a girdil. Thou shalt clothe Aaron with his vestments, that is, with the linen garment and the tunick, and the ephod and the rational, which thou shalt gird with the girdle.  
6 Et pones tiaram in capite ejus, et laminam sanctam super tiaram, And thou schalt sette the mytre on his heed, and the hooli plate on the mytre, And thou shalt put the mitre upon his head, and the holy plate upon the mitre,  
7 et oleum unctionis fundes super caput ejus: atque hoc ritu consecrabitur. and thou schalt schede the oile of anoyntyng on his heed; and bi this custom he schal be sacrid. And thou shalt pour the oil of unction upon his head: and by this rite shall he be consecrated.  
8 Filios quoque illius applicabis, et indues tunicis lineis, cingesque balteo, Also thou schalt presente hise sones, and thou schalt clothe with lynnun cootis, Thou shalt bring his sons also and shalt put on them the linen tunicks, and gird them with a girdle:  
9 Aaron scilicet et liberos ejus, et impones eis mitras: eruntque sacerdotes mihi religione perpetua. Postquam initiaveris manus eorum, and thou schalt girde Aaron and hise sones with a girdil; and thou schalt sette mytris on hem; and thei schulen be my preestis bi euerlastynge religioun. After that thou hast halewid the hondis of hem, To wit, Aaron and his children, and thou shalt put mitres upon them: and they shall be priests to me by a perpetual ordinance. After thou shalt have consecrated their hands,  
10 applicabis et vitulum coram tabernaculo testimonii. Imponentque Aaron et filii ejus manus super caput illius, also thou schalt presente the calf bifore the tabernacle of witnessyng; and Aaron and hise sones schulen sette hondis on the heed therof; Thou shalt present also the calf before the tabernacle of the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall lay their hands upon his head,  
11 et mactabis eum in conspectu Domini, juxta ostium tabernaculi testimonii. and thou schalt sle it in the siyt of the Lord, bisidis the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng. And thou shalt kill him in the sight of the Lord, beside the door of the tabernacle of the testimony.  
12 Sumptumque de sanguine vituli, pones super cornua altaris digito tuo, reliquum autem sanguinem fundes juxta basim ejus. And thou schalt take the blood of the calf, and schalt putte with thi fyngur on the corneris of the auter. Forsothe thou schalt schede the tothir blood bisidis the foundement therof. And taking some of the blood of the calf, thou shalt put it upon the horns of the altar with thy finger, and the rest of the blood thou shalt pour at the bottom thereof.  
13 Sumes et adipem totum qui operit intestina, et reticulum jecoris, ac duos renes, et adipem qui super eos est, et offeres incensum super altare: And thou schalt take al the fatnesse that hilith the entrailis, and the calle of the mawe, and twey kidneris, and the fatnesse which is on hem; and thou schalt offere encense on the auter. Thou shalt take also all the fat that covereth the entrails, and the caul of the liver, and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, and shalt offer a burnt offering upon the altar:  
14 carnes vero vituli et corium et fimum combures foris extra castra, eo quod pro peccato sit. Forsothe thou schalt brenne with out the castels the fleischis of the calf, and the skyn, and the dung, for it is for synne. But the flesh of the calf and the hide and the dung, thou shalt burn abroad, without the camp, because it is for sin.  
15 Unum quoque arietem sumes, super cujus caput ponent Aaron et filii ejus manus. Also thou schalt take a ram, on whos heed Aaron and hise sones schulen sette hondis; Thou shalt take also one ram upon the head whereof Aaron and his sons shall lay their hands.  
16 Quem cum mactaveris, tolles de sanguine ejus, et fundes circa altare. and whanne thou hast slayn that ram, thou schalt take of his blood, and schalt schede aboute the auter. And when thou hast killed him, thou shalt take of the blood thereof, and pour round about the altar:  
17 Ipsum autem arietem secabis in frustra: lotaque intestina ejus ac pedes, pones super concisas carnes, et super caput illius. Forsothe thou schalt kitte thilk ram in to smale gobetis, and thou schalt putte hise entrailis waischun, and feet on the fleischis koruun, and on his heed; And thou shalt cut the ram in pieces, and having washed his entrails and feet, thou shalt put them upon the flesh that is cut in pieces, and upon his head.  
18 Et offeres totum arietem in incensum super altare: oblatio est Domino, odor suavissimus victimæ Domini. and thou schalt offre al the ram in to encence on the auter; it is an offryng to the Lord, the swettest odour of the slayn sacrifice of the Lord. And thou shalt offer the whole ram for a burnt offering upon the altar: it is an oblation to the Lord, a most sweet savour of the victim of the Lord.  
19 Tolles quoque arietem alterum, super cujus caput Aaron et filii ejus ponent manus. And thou schalt take the tothir ram, on whos heed Aaron and hise sones schulen sette hondis; Thou shalt take also the other ram, upon whose head Aaron and his sons shall lay their hands.  
20 Quem cum immolaveris, sumes de sanguine ejus, et pones super extremum auriculæ dextræ Aaron et filiorum ejus, et super pollices manus eorum ac pedis dextri, fundesque sanguinem super altare per circuitum. and whanne thou hast offrid that ram, thou schalt take of his blood, and schalt putte on the last part of the riyt eere of Aaron, and of hise sones, and on the thombis of her hond; and of her riyt foot; and thou schalt schede the blood on the auter, bi cumpas. And when thou hast sacrificed him, thou shalt take of his blood, and put upon the tip of the right ear of Aaron and of his sons, and upon the thumbs and great toes of their right hand and foot, and thou shalt pour the blood upon the altar round about.  
21 Cumque tuleris de sanguine qui est super altare, et de oleo unctionis, asperges Aaron et vestes ejus, filios et vestimenta eorum. Consecratisque ipsis et vestib And whanne thou hast take of the blood, which is on the auter, and of oile of anoynting, thou schalt sprenge Aaron and hise clothis, the sones and her clothis. And whanne thei and the clothis ben sacrid, And when thou hast taken of the blood, that is upon the altar, and of the oil of unction, thou shalt sprinkle Aaron and his vesture, his sons and their vestments. And after they and their vestments are consecrated,  
22 tolles adipem de ariete, et caudam et arvinam, quæ operit vitalia, ac reticulum jecoris, et duos tenes, atque adipem, qui super eos est, armumque dextrum, eo quod sit aries consecrationis: thou schalt take the ynnere fatnesse of the ram, and the tayl, and the fatnesse that hilith the entrailis, and the calle of the mawe, and twey kideneris, and the fatnesse that is on tho; and thou schalt take the riyt schuldur, for it is the ram of consecracioun; Thou shalt take the fat of the ram, and the rump, and the fat that covereth the lungs, and the caul of the liver, and the two kidneys, and the fat that is upon them, and the right shoulder, because it is the ram of consecration.  
23 tortamque panis unius, crustulam conspersam oleo, laganum de canistro azymorum, quod positum est in conspectu Domini: and thou schalt take a tendur cake of o loof, spreynd with oile, paast sodun in watir, and after fried in oile, of the panyer of therf looues, which is set in the siyt of the Lord. And one roll of bread, a cake tempered with oil, a wafer out of the basket of unleavened bread, which is set in the sight of the Lord.  
24 ponesque omnia super manus Aaron et filiorum ejus, et sanctificabis eos elevans coram Domino. And thou schalt putte alle thingis on the hondis of Aaron and of hise sones, and schalt halewe hem, and reise bifor the Lord. And thou shalt put all upon the hands of Aaron and of his sons, and shalt sanctify them elevating before the Lord.  
25 Suscipiesque universa de manibus eorum: et incendes super altare in holocaustum, odorem suavissimum in conspectu Domini, quia oblatio ejus est. And thou schalt take alle thingis fro the hondis of hem, and schalt brenne on the autir, in to brent sacrifice, swettist odour in the siyt of the Lord, for it is the offryng of the Lord. And thou shalt take all from their hands, and shalt burn them upon the altar for a holocaust, a most sweet savour in the sight of the Lord, because it is his oblation.  
26 Sumes quoque pectusculum de ariete, quo initiatus est Aaron, sanctificabisque illud elevatum coram Domino, et cedet in partem tuam. Also thou schalt take the brest of the ram, bi which Aaron was halewid, and thou schalt halewe it reisid bifor the Lord; and it schal turne in to thi part. Thou shalt take also the breast of the ram, wherewith Aaron was consecrated, and elevating it thou shalt sanctify it before the Lord, and it shall fall to thy share.  
27 Sanctificabisque et pectusculum consecratum, et armum quem de ariete separasti, And thou schalt halewe also the brest sacrid, and the schuldur which thou departidist fro the ram, And thou shalt sanctify both the consecrated breast, and the shoulder that thou didst separate of the ram,  
28 quo initiatus est Aaron et filii ejus, cedentque in partem Aaron et filiorum ejus jure perpetuo a filiis Israël: quia primitiva sunt et initia de victimis eorum pacificis quæ offerunt Domino. bi which Aaron was halewid, and hise sones; and tho schulen turne in to the part of Aaron, and of hise sones, bi euerlastinge riyt, of the sones of Israel; for tho ben the firste thingis, and the bigynnyngis of the pesible sacrifices of hem, whiche thei offren to the Lord. Wherewith Aaron was consecrated and his sons, and they shall fall to Aarons share and his sons' by a perpetual right from the children of Israel: because they are the choicest and the beginnings of their peace victims which they offer to the Lord.  
29 Vestem autem sanctam, qua utetur Aaron, habebunt filii ejus post eum, ut ungantur in ea, et consecrantur manus eorum. Forsothe the sones of Aaron schulen haue aftir hym the hooli cloth, which Aaron schal vse, that thei be anoyntid ther ynne, and her hondis be sacrid. And the holy vesture, which Aaron shall use, his sons shall have after him, that they may be anointed, and their hands consecrated to it.  
30 Septem diebus utetur illa qui pontifex pro eo fuerit constitutus de filiis ejus, et qui ingredietur tabernaculum testimonii ut ministret in sanctuario. Thilke, that of hise sones schal be maad bischop for hym, schal vse that cloth seuene daies, and which sone schal entre in to the tabernacle of witnessyng, that he mynystre in the seyntuarie. He of his sons that shall be appointed high priest in his stead, and that shall enter into the tabernacle of the testimony to minister in the sanctuary, shall wear it seven days.  
31 Arietem autem consecrationis tolles, et coques carnes ejus in loco sancto: Sotheli thou schalt take the ram of consecracioun, and thou schalt sethe hise fleischis in the hooli place, And thou shalt take the ram of the consecration, and shalt boil the flesh thereof in the holy place:  
32 quibus vescetur Aaron et filii ejus. Panes quoque, qui sunt in canistro, in vestibulo tabernaculi testimonii comedent, whiche fleischis Aaron and his sones schulen ete, and thei schulen ete the looues, that ben in the panyere, in the porche of the tabernacle of witnessyng, And Aaron and his sons shall eat it. The loaves also, that are in the basket, they shall eat in the entry of the tabernacle of the testimony,  
33 ut sit placabile sacrificium, et sanctificentur offerentium manus. Alienigena non vescetur ex eis, quia sancti sunt. that it be a pleasaunt sacrifice, and that the hondis of the offreris be halewid. An alien schal not ete of tho, for tho ben hooli. That it may be an atoning sacrifice, and the hands of the offerers may be sanctified. A stranger shall not eat of them, because they are holy.  
34 Quod si remanserit de carnibus consecratis, sive de panibus usque mane, combures reliquias igni: non comedentur, quia sanctificata sunt. That if ony thing leeueth of the fleischis halewid, ether of the looues, til the morewtid, thou schalt brenne the relifs by fier, thou schulen not be etun, for tho ben halewid. And if there remain of the consecrated flash, or of the bread till the morning, thou shalt burn the remainder with fire: they shall not be eaten, because they are sanctified.  
35 Omnia, quæ præcepi tibi, facies super Aaron et filiis ejus. Septem diebus consecrabis manus eorum: Thou schalt do on Aaron, and hise sones, alle thingis whiche I comaunde to thee. Seuene daies thou schalt sacre the hondis of hem, All that I have commanded thee, thou shalt do unto Aaron and his sons. Seven days shalt thou consecrate their hands:  
36 et vitulum pro peccato offeres per singulos dies ad expiandum. Mundabisque altare cum immolaveris expiationis hostiam, et unges illud in sanctificationem. and thou schalt offre a calf for synne bi ech day to clense; and thou schalt clense the auter, whanne thou hast offrid the sacrifice of clensyng, and thou schalt anoynte the auter in to halewyng. And thou shalt offer a calf for sin every day for expiation. And thou shalt cleanse the altar when thou hast offered the victim of expiation, and shalt anoint it to sanctify it.  
37 Septem diebus expiabis altare, et sanctificabis, et erit Sanctum sanctorum: omnis, qui tetigerit illud, sanctificabitur. Seuene daies thou shalt clense and halewe the auter, and it schal be the hooli of hooli thingis; ech man that schal touche it schal be halewid. Seven days shalt thou expiate the altar and sanctify it, and it shall be most holy. Every one that shall touch it shall be holy.  
38 Hoc est quod facies in altari: agnos anniculos duos per singulos dies jugiter, This it is, that thou schalt do in the auter, twei lambren of o yeer contynueli bi ech dai, This is what thou shalt sacrifice upon the altar: Two lambs of a year old every day continually. The daily offering. Ex.29.38-46 | Nu.28.1-8 
39 unum agnum mane, et alterum vespere, o lomb in the morewtid, and the tothir in the euentid; One lamb in the morning and another in the evening.  
40 decimam partem similæ conspersæ oleo tuso, quod habeat mensuram quartam partem hin, et vinum ad libandum ejusdem mensuræ in agno uno. thou schalt do in o lomb the tenthe part of flour spreynt with oyle, powned, that schal haue a mesure, the fourthe part of hyn, and wyn of the same mesure, to make sacrifice. With one lamb a tenth part of flour tempered with beaten oil, of the fourth part of a hin, and wine for libation of the same measure.  
41 Alterum vero agnum offeres ad vesperam juxta ritum matutinæ oblationis, et juxta ea quæ diximus, in odorem suavitatis: Sotheli thou schalt offre the tother lomb at euentid, bi the custom of the offryng at the morewtid, and bi tho thingis, whiche we seiden, in to the odour of swetnesse; And the other lamb thou shalt offer in the evening, according to the rite of the morning oblation, and according to what we have said, for a savour of sweetness:  
42 sacrificium est Domino, oblatione perpetua in generationes vestras, ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii coram Domino, ubi constituam ut loquar ad te. it is a sacrifice to the Lord bi euerlastynge offryng in to youre generaciouns, at the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng bifor the Lord, where Y schal ordeyne that Y speke to thee; It is a sacrifice to the Lord, by perpetual oblation unto your generations, at the door of the tabernacle of the testimony before the Lord, where I will appoint to speak unto thee.  
43 Ibique præcipiam filiis Israël, et sanctificabitur altare in gloria mea. And there will I command the children of Israel, and the altar shall be sanctified by my glory.  
44 Sanctificabo et tabernaculum testimonii cum altari, et Aaron cum filiis suis, ut sacerdotio fungantur mihi. and there Y schal comaunde to the sones of Israel; and the auter schal be halewid in my glorie. Y schal halewe also the tabernacle of witnessyng with the auter, and Aaron with hise sones, that thei be set in presthod to me. I will sanctify also the tabernacle of the testimony with the altar, and Aaron with his sons, to do the office of priesthood unto me.  
45 Et habitabo in medio filiorum Israël, eroque eis Deus, And Y schal dwelle in the myddis of the sones of Israel, and Y schal be God to hem; And I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel, and will be their God:  
46 et scient quia ego Dominus Deus eorum, qui eduxi eos de terra Ægypti, ut manerem inter illos, ego Dominus Deus ipsorum. and thei schulen wite, that Y am her Lord God, which ledde hem out of the lond of Egipt, that Y schulde dwelle among hem; for Y am her Lord God. And they shall know that I am the Lord their God, who have brought them out of the land of Egypt, that I might abide among them, I the Lord their God.