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20 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutusque est Dominus cunctos sermones hos: And the Lord spak alle these wordis, Y am thi Lord God, And the Lord spoke all these words: The Decalogue. Ex.20.1-17
2 Ego sum Dominus Deus tuus, qui eduxi te de terra Ægypti, de domo servitutis. that ladde thee out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hous of seruage. I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.  
3 Non habebis deos alienos coram me. Thou schalt not haue alien goddis bifore me. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.  
4 Non facies tibi sculptile, neque omnem similitudinem quæ est in cælo desuper, et quæ in terra deorsum, nec eorum quæ sunt in aquis sub terra. Thou schalt not make to thee a grauun ymage, nethir ony licnesse of thing which is in heuene aboue, and which is in erthe bynethe, nether of tho thingis, that ben in watris vndur erthe; thou schalt not herie tho, Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth.  
5 Non adorabis ea, neque coles: ego sum Dominus Deus tuus fortis, zelotes, visitans iniquitatem patrum in filios, in tertiam et quartam generationem eorum qui oderunt me: nether thou schalt worschipe; for Y am thi Lord God, a stronge gelouse louyere; and Y visite the wickidnesse of fadris in to the thridde and the fourthe generacioun of hem that haten me, Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me:  
6 et faciens misericordiam in millia his qui diligunt me, et custodiunt præcepta mea. and Y do mercy in to a thousynde, to hem that louen me, and kepen myn heestis. And shewing mercy unto thousands to them that love me, and keep my commandments.  
7 Non assumes nomen Domini Dei tui in vanum: nec enim habebit insontem Dominus eum qui assumpserit nomen Domini Dei sui frustra. Thou schalt not take in veyn the name of thi Lord God, for the Lord schal not haue hym giltles, that takith in veyn the name of his Lord God. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain.  
8 Memento ut diem sabbati sanctifices. Haue thou mynde, that thou halowe the dai of the sabat; Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day.  
9 Sex diebus operaberis, et facies omnia opera tua. in sixe daies thou schalt worche and schalt do alle thi werkis; Six days shalt thou labour, and shalt do all thy works.  
10 Septimo autem die sabbatum Domini Dei tui est: non facies omne opus in eo, tu, et filius tuus et filia tua, servus tuus et ancilla tua, jumentum tuum, et advena qui est intra portas tuas. forsothe in the seuenthe day is the sabat of thi Lord God; thou schalt not do ony werk, thou, and thi sone, and thi douytir, and thi seruaunt, and thin handmaide, thi werk beeste, and the comelyng which is withynne thi yatis; But on the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work on it, thou nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy beast, nor the stranger that is within thy gates.  
11 Sex enim diebus fecit Dominus cælum et terram, et mare, et omnia quæ in eis sunt, et requievit in die septimo: idcirco benedixit Dominus diei sabbati, et sanctificavit eum. for in sixe dayes God made heuene and erthe, the see, and alle thingis that ben in tho, and restide in the seuenthe dai; herfor the Lord blesside the dai of the sabat, and halewide it. For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all things that are in them, and rested on the seventh day: therefore the Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it.  
12 Honora patrem tuum et matrem tuam, ut sis longævus super terram, quam Dominus Deus tuus dabit tibi. Onoure thi fadir and thi moder, that thou be long lyuyng on the lond, which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee. Honour thy father and thy mother, that thou mayest be longlived upon the land which the Lord thy God will give thee.  
13 Non occides. Thou schalt not sle. Thou shalt not kill.  
14 Non mœchaberis. Thou schalt do no letcherie. Thou shalt not commit adultery.  
15 Non furtum facies. Thou schalt do no theft. Thou shalt not steal.  
16 Non loqueris contra proximum tuum falsum testimonium. Thou schalt not speke fals witnessyng ayens thi neiybore. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.  
17 Non concupisces domum proximi tui, nec desiderabis uxorem ejus, non servum, non ancillam, non bovem, non asinum, nec omnia quæ illius sunt. Thou schalt not coueyte the hous of thi neiybore, nether thou schalt desyre his wijf, not seruaunt, not handmaide, not oxe, not asse, nether alle thingis that ben hise. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house: neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his servant, nor his handmaid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is his.  
18 Cunctus autem populus videbat voces et lampades, et sonitum buccinæ, montemque fumantem: et perterriti ac pavore concussi, steterunt procul, Forsothe al the puple herde voices, and siy laumpis, and the sowne of a clarioun, and the hil smokynge; and thei weren afeerd, and schakun with inward drede, and stoden afer, And all the people saw the voices and the flames, and the sound of the trumpet, and the mount smoking: and being terrified and struck with fear, they stood afar off, The people's fear. Ex.20.18-21 | Dt.5.22-33 
19 dicentes Moysi: Loquere tu nobis, et audiemus: non loquatur nobis Dominus, ne forte moriamur. and seiden to Moises, Speke thou to vs, and we schulen here; the Lord speke not to vs, lest perauenture we dien. Saying to Moses: Speak thou to us, and we will hear: let not the Lord speak to us, lest we die.  
20 Et ait Moyses ad populum: Nolite timere: ut enim probaret vos venit Deus, et ut terror illius esset in vobis, et non peccaretis. And Moises seide to the puple, Nyle ye drede, for God cam to proue you, and that his drede schulde be in you, and that ye schulden not do synne. And Moses said to the people: Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that the dread of him might be in you, and you should not sin.  
21 Stetitque populus de longe. Moyses autem accessit ad caliginem in qua erat Deus. And the puple stood afer; forsothe Moises neiyede to the derknesse, wherynne God was. And the people stood afar off. But Moses went to the dark cloud wherein God was.  
22 Dixit præterea Dominus ad Moysen: Hæc dices filiis Israël: Vos vidistis quod de cælo locutus sim vobis. And the Lord seide ferthermore to Moises, Thou schalt seie these thingis to the sones of Israel, Ye seiyen that fro heuene Y spak to you; And the Lord said to Moses: Thus shalt thou say to the children of Israel: You have seen that I have spoken to you from heaven. Laws about Altars. Ex.20.22-26
23 Non facietis deos argenteos, nec deos aureos facietis vobis. ye schulen not make goddis of silver, nethir ye schulen make to you goddis of gold. You shall not make gods of silver, nor shall you make to yourselves gods of gold.  
24 Altare de terra facietis mihi, et offeretis super eo holocausta et pacifica vestra, oves vestras et boves in omni loco in quo memoria fuerit nominis mei: veniam ad te, et benedicam tibi. Ye schulen make an auter of erthe to me, and ye schulen offre theronne youre brent sacrifices, and pesible sacrifices, youre scheep, and oxun, in ech place in which the mynde of my name schal be; Y schal come to thee, and Y schal blesse thee. You shall make an altar of earth unto me, and you shall offer upon it your holocausts and peace offerings, your sheep and oxen, in every place where the memory of my name shall be: I will come to thee, and will bless thee.  
25 Quod si altare lapideum feceris mihi, non ædificabis illud de sectis lapidibus: si enim levaveris cultrum super eo, polluetur. That if thou schalt make an auter of stoon to me, thou schalt not bilde it of stoonys hewun; for if thou schalt reise thi knyif theronne, it schal be polluted, ether defoulid. And if thou make an altar of stone unto me, thou shalt not build it of hewn stones: for if thou lift up a tool upon it, it shall be defiled.  
26 Non ascendes per gradus ad altare meum, ne reveletur turpitudo tua. Thou schalt not stye bi grees to myn auter, lest thi filthe be schewid. Thou shalt not go up by steps unto my altar, lest thy nakedness be discovered.