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5 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Comaunde thou to the sones of Israel, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: The unclean are expelled. Nu.5.1-4
2 Præcipe filiis Israël, ut ejiciant de castris omnem leprosum, et qui semine fluit, pollutusque est super mortuo: that thei caste out of the castels ech leprouse man, and that fletith out seed, and is defoulid on a deed bodi; caste ye out of the castels, Command the children of Israel, that they cast out of the camp every leper, and whosoever hath an issue of seed, or is defiled by the dead:  
3 tam masculum quam feminam ejicite de castris, ne contaminent ea cum habitaverint vobiscum. as wel a male as a female, lest thei defoulen tho, whanne thei dwellen with you. Whether it be man or woman, cast ye them out of the camp, lest they defile it when I shall dwell with you.  
4 Feceruntque ita filii Israël, et ejecerunt eos extra castra, sicut locutus erat Dominus Moysi. And the sones of Israel diden so; and thei castiden hem out of the castels, as the Lord spak to Moises. And the children of Israel did so, and they cast them forth without the camp, as the Lord had spoken to Moses.  
5 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Restitution. Nu.5.5-10
6 Loquere ad filios Israël: Vir, sive mulier, cum fecerint ex omnibus peccatis, quæ solent hominibus accidere, et per negligentiam transgressi fuerint mandatum Domini, atque deliquerint, and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel, Whanne a man ethir a womman han do of alle synnes that ben wont to falle to men, and han broke bi necgligence the comaundement of the Lord, Say to the children of Israel: When a man or woman shall have committed any of all the sins that men are wont to commit, and by negligence shall have transgressed the commandment of the Lord, and offended,  
7 confitebuntur peccatum suum, et reddent ipsum caput, quintamque partem desuper, ei in quem peccaverint. and han trespassid, thei schulen knowleche her synne, and thei schulen yelde thilke heed, and the fyuethe part aboue, to hym ayens whom thei synneden. They shall confess their sin, and restore the principal itself, and the fifth part over and above, to him against whom they have sinned.  
8 Sin autem non fuerit qui recipiat, dabunt Domino, et erit sacerdotis, excepto ariete, qui offertur pro expiatione, ut sit placabilis hostia. But if noon is that schal resseyue thei schulen yyue to the Lord, and it schal be the preestis part, outakun the ram which is offrid for clensyng, that it be a quemeful sacrifice. But if there be no one to receive it, they shall give it to the Lord, and it shall be the priest's, besides the ram that is offered for expiation, to be an atoning sacrifice.  
9 Omnes quoque primitiæ, quas offerunt filii Israël, ad sacerdotem pertinent: Also alle the firste fruytis, whiche the sones of Israel offren, perteynen to the preest; an the firstfruits also, which the children of Israel offer, belong to the priest:  
10 et quidquid in sanctuarium offertur a singulis, et traditur manibus sacerdotis, ipsius erit. and what euer thing is offrid of ech man in the seyntuarie, and is youun to the hondis of the preest, it schal be the preestis part. And whatsoever is offered into the sanctuary by every one, and is delivered into the hands of the priest, it shall be his.  
11 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Jealousy. Nu.5.11-31
12 Loquere ad filios Israël, et dices ad eos: Vir cujus uxor erraverit, maritumque contemnens and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel, and thou schalt seie to hem, If the wijf of a man hath errid, and hath dispisid the hosebonde, Speak to the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: The man whose wife shall have gone astray, and contemning her husband,  
13 dormierit cum altero viro, et hoc maritus deprehendere non quiverit, sed latet adulterium, et testibus argui non potest, quia non est inventa in stupro: and hath slept with another man, and the hosebonde may not take ether preue this, but the auowtrye is hid, and may not be preuyd bi witnessis, for sche is not foundun in leccherie; Shall have slept with another man, and her husband cannot discover it, but the adultery is secret, and cannot be proved by witnesses, because she was not found in the adultery:  
14 si spiritus zelotypiæ concitaverit virum contra uxorem suam, quæ vel polluta est, vel falsa suspicione appetitur: if the spirit of gelousie stirith the housebonde ayens his wijf, which is ether defoulid, ethir is apechid bi fals suspecioun, If the spirit of jealousy stir up the husband against his wife, who either is defiled, or is charged with false suspicion,  
15 adducet eam ad sacerdotem, et offeret oblationem pro illa, decimam partem sati farinæ hordeaceæ: non fundet super eam oleum, nec imponet thus: quia sacrificium zelotypiæ est, et oblatio investigans adulterium. the man schal brynge hir to the preest, and he schal offre an offryng for hir the tenthe part of a mesure clepid satum of barli meele; he schal not schede oyle ther onne, nethir he schal putte encense, for it is the sacrifice of gelousie, and an offryng enquerynge auowtrye. He shall bring her to the priest, and shall offer an oblation for her, the tenth part of a measure of barley meal: he shall not pour oil thereon, nor put frank- incense upon it: because it is a sacrifice of jealousy, and an oblation searching out adultery.  
16 Offeret igitur eam sacerdos, et statuet coram Domino, Therfor the preest schal offre hir, and schal sette bifore the Lord; The priest therefore shall offer it, and set it before the Lord.  
17 assumetque aquam sanctam in vase fictili, et pauxillum terræ de pavimento tabernaculi mittet in eam. and he schal take holi watir in a vessel of erthe, and he schal putte in to it a litil of the erthe of the pawment of the tabernacle. And he shall take holy water in an earthen vessel, and he shall cast a little earth of the pavement of the tabernacle into it.  
18 Cumque steterit mulier in conspectu Domini, discooperiet caput ejus, et ponet super manus illius sacrificium recordationis, et oblationem zelotypiæ: ipse autem tenebit aquas amarissimas, in quibus cum execratione maledicta congessit. And whanne the womman stondith in the siyt of the Lord, he schal diskyuere hir heed, and he schal putte on the hondis of hir the sacrifice of remembryng, and the offryng of gelousie. Sotheli he schal holde moost bittir watris, in whiche he gaderide togidere cursis with cursyng. And when the woman shall stand before the Lord, he shall uncover her head, and shall, put on her hands the sacrifice of remembrance, and the oblation of jealousy: and he himself shall hold the most bitter waters, whereon he hath heaped curses with execration.  
19 Adjurabitque eam, et dicet: Si non dormivit vir alienus tecum, et si non polluta es deserto mariti thoro, non te nocebunt aquæ istæ amarissimæ, in quas maledicta congessi. And he schal conioure hir, and schal seie, If an alien man slepte not with thee, and if thou art not defoulid in the forsakyng the bed of the hosebonde, these bittereste watris schulen not anoye thee, in to whiche Y haue gaderid togidere cursis; And he shall adjure her, and shall say: If another man hath not slept with thee, and if thou be not defiled by forsaking thy husband's bed, these most bitter waters, on which I have heaped curses, shall not hurt thee.  
20 Sin autem declinasti a viro tuo, atque polluta es, et concubuisti cum altero viro: ellis if thou bowidst awei fro thin hosebonde, and art defoulid, and hast leyn with another man, But if thou hast gone aside from thy husband, and art defiled, and hast lain with another man:  
21 his maledictionibus subjacebis: det te Dominus in maledictionem, exemplumque cunctorum in populo suo: putrescere faciat femur tuum, et tumens uterus tuus disrumpatur. thou schalt be suget to these cursyngys; the Lord yyue thee in to cursyng, and in to ensaumple of alle men in his puple; the Lord make thin hipe to wexe rotun, and thi wombe swelle, and be brokun; These curses shall light upon thee: The Lord make thee a curse, and an example for all among his people: may he make thy thigh to rot, and may thy belly swell and burst asunder.  
22 Ingrediantur aquæ maledictæ in ventrem tuum, et utero tumescente putrescat femur. Et respondebit mulier: Amen, amen. cursid watris entre in to thi wombe, and while the wombe swellith, thin hipe wexe rotun. And the womman schal answere, Amen! amen! Let the cursed waters enter into thy belly, and may thy womb swell and thy thigh rot. And the woman shall answer, Amen, amen.  
23 Scribetque sacerdos in libello ista maledicta, et delebit ea aquis amarissimis, in quas maledicta congessit, And the preest schal write thes cursis in a litil book, and he schal do awey tho cursis with bittereste watris, in to whiche he gaderide cursis, And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and shall wash them out with the most bitter waters, upon which he hath heaped the curses,  
24 et dabit ei bibere. Quas cum exhauserit, and he schal yyue to hir to drynke. And whanne sche hath drunke tho watris, And he shall give them her to drink. And when she hath drunk them up,  
25 tollet sacerdos de manu ejus sacrificium zelotypiæ, et elevabit illud coram Domino, imponetque illud super altare, ita dumtaxat ut prius: the preest schal take of hir hond the sacrifice of gelousie, and he schal reise it bifor the Lord, and he schal putte on the auter; The priest shall take from her hand the sacrifice of jealousy, and shall elevate it before the Lord, and shall put it upon the altar: yet so as first,  
26 pugillum sacrificii tollat de eo, quod offertur, et incendat super altare: et sic potum det mulieri aquas amarissimas. so oneli that he take bifore an handful of sacrifice of that that is offrid, and brenne on the auter, and so yyue drynke to the womman the moost bittere watris. To take a handful of the sacrifice of that which is offered, and burn it upon the altar: and so give the most bitter waters to the woman to drink.  
27 Quas cum biberit, si polluta est, et contempto viro adulterii rea, pertransibunt eam aquæ maledictionis, et inflato ventre, computrescet femur: eritque mulier in maledictionem, et in exemplum omni populo. And whanne sche hath drunke tho watris, if sche is defoulid, and is gilti of auowtrie, for the hosebonde is dispisid, the watris of cursyng schulen passe thorouy hir, and while the wombe is bolnyd, the hipe schal wexe rotun, and the womman schal be in to cursyng and in to ensaumple to al the puple. And when she hath drunk them, if she be defiled, and having despised her husband be guilty of adultery, the malediction shall go through her, and her belly swelling, her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse, and an example to all the people.  
28 Quod si polluta non fuerit, erit innoxia, et faciet liberos. That if sche is not pollutid, sche schal be harmeles, and schal brynge forth fre children. But if she be not defiled, she shall not be hurt, and shall bear children.  
29 Ista est lex zelotypiæ. Si declinaverit mulier a viro suo, et si polluta fuerit, This is the lawe of gelousie, if a womman bowith awei fro hir hosebonde, and is defoulid, This is the law of jealousy. If a woman hath gone aside from her husband, and be defiled,  
30 maritusque zelotypiæ spiritu concitatus adduxerit eam in conspectu Domini, et fecerit ei sacerdos juxta omnia quæ scripta sunt: and the hosebonde is stirid with the spirit of gelousye, and bryngith hir in to the siyt of the Lord, and the preest doith to hir bi alle thingis that ben writun, the hosebonde schal be with out synne, And the husband stirred up by the spirit of jealousy bring her before the Lord, and the priest do to her according to all things that are here written:  
31 maritus absque culpa erit, et illa recipiet iniquitatem suam. and sche schal resseyue hir wickidnesse. The husband shall be blameless, and she shall bear her iniquity.