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33 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Hæ sunt mansiones filiorum Israël, qui egressi sunt de Ægypto per turmas suas in manu Moysi et Aaron, These ben the dwellyngis of the sones of Israel, that yeden out of the lond of Egipt, bi her cumpenyes, in the hond of Moises and of Aaron; These are the mansions of the children of Israel, who went out of Egypt by their troops under the conduct of Moses and Aaron, The camplist. Nu.33.1-49
2 quas descripsit Moyses juxta castrorum loca, quæ Domini jussione mutabant. whiche dwellyngis Moises discriuede bi the places of tentis, that weren chaungid bi comaundement of the Lord. Which Moses wrote down according to the places of their encamping, which they changed by the commandment of the Lord.  
3 Profecti igitur de Ramesse mense primo, quintadecima die mensis primi, altera die Phase, filii Israël in manu excelsa, videntibus cunctis Ægyptiis, Therfor the sones of Israel yeden forth in an hiy hond fro Ramesses, in the firste monethe, in the fiftenthe dai of the firste monethe, in the tother dai of pask, while alle Egipcians sien, Now the children of Israel departed from Ramesses the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month, the day after the phase, with a mighty hand, in the eight of all the Egyptians,  
4 et sepelientibus primogenitos, quos percusserat Dominus (nam et in diis eorum exercuerat ultionem), and birieden the firste gendrid children, whiche the Lord hadde slayn; for the Lord hadde take veniaunce also on the goddis of hem. Who were burying their firstborn, whom the Lord had slain (upon their gods also he had executed vengeance,)  
5 castrametati sunt in Soccoth. The sones of Israel settiden tentis in Socoth, And they camped in Soccoth.  
6 Et de Soccoth venerunt in Etham, quæ est in extremis finibus solitudinis. and fro Sochoth thei camen into Etham, which is in the laste coostis of the wildirnesse; fro thennus thei yeden out, And from Soccoth they came into Etham, which is in the uttermost borders of the wilderness.  
7 Inde egressi venerunt contra Phihahiroth, quæ respicit Beelsephon, et castrametati sunt ante Magdalum. and camen ayens Phiayroth, whiche biholdith Beelsephon, and settiden tentis bifor Magdalun. Departing from thence they came over against Phihahiroth, which looketh towards Beelsephon, and they camped before Magdalum.  
8 Profectique de Phihahiroth, transierunt per medium mare in solitudinem: et ambulantes tribus diebus per desertum Etham, castrametati sunt in Mara. And thei yeden forth fro Phiairoth, and passiden bi the myddil see in to the wildirnesse, and thei yeden thre daies bi the deseert of Ethan, and settiden tentis in Mara. And departing from Phihahiroth, they passed through the midst of the sea into the wilderness: and having marched three days through the desert of Etham, they camped in Mara.  
9 Profectique de Mara, venerunt in Elim, ubi erant duodecim fontes aquarum, et palmæ septuaginta: ibique castrametati sunt. And thei yeden forth fro Mara, and camen in to Helym, where weren twelue wellis of watir, and seuenti palm trees; and there thei settiden tentis. And departing from Mara, they came into Elim, where there were twelve fountains of waters, and seventy palm trees: and there they camped.  
10 Sed et inde egressi, fixerunt tentoria super mare Rubrum. Profectique de mari Rubro, But also thei yeden out fro thennus, and settiden tentis on the Reed See. And thei yeden forth fro the Reed See, But departing from thence also, they pitched their tents by the Red Sea. And departing from the Red Sea,  
11 castrametati sunt in deserto Sin. and settiden tentis in the deseert of Syn, They camped in the desert of Sin.  
12 Unde egressi, venerunt in Daphca. fro whennus thei yeden out, and camen in to Depheca. And they removed from thence, and came to Daphca.  
13 Profectique de Daphca, castrametati sunt in Alus. And thei yeden forth fro Depheca, and settiden tentis in Haluys. And departing from Daphca, they camped in Alus.  
14 Egressique de Alus, in Raphidim fixere tentoria, ubi populo defuit aqua ad bibendum. And thei yeden forth fro Haluys, and settiden tentis in Raphidyn, where watir failide to the puple to drinke. And departing from Alus, they pitched their tents in Raphidim, where the people wanted water to drink.  
15 Profectique de Raphidim, castrametati sunt in deserto Sinai. And thei yeden forth fro Raphidyn, and settiden tentis in the deseert of Synai. And departing from Raphidim, they camped in the desert of Sinai.  
16 Sed et de solitudine Sinai egressi, venerunt ad sepulchra concupiscentiæ. But also thei yeden out of the wildirnesse of Synay, and camen to the Sepulcris of Coueitise. But departing also from the desert of Sinai, they came to the graves of lust.  
17 Profectique de sepulchris concupiscentiæ, castrametati sunt in Haseroth. And thei yeden forth fro the Sepulcris of Coueytise, and settiden tentis in Asseroth. And departing from the graves of lust, they camped in Haseroth.  
18 Et de Haseroth venerunt in Rethma. And fro Asseroth thei camen in to Rethma. And from Haseroth they came to Rethma.  
19 Profectique de Rethma, castrametati sunt in Remmomphares. And thei yeden forth fro Rethma, and settiden tentis in Remon Phares; And departing from Rethma, they camped in Remmomphares.  
20 Unde egressi venerunt in Lebna. fro whennus thei yeden forth, and camen in to Lemphna. And they departed from thence and came to Lebna.  
21 De Lebna castrametati sunt in Ressa. And fro Lemphna thei settiden tentis in Ressa. Removing from Lebna they camped in Ressa.  
22 Egressique de Ressa, venerunt in Ceelatha. And thei yeden out fro Ressa, and camen into Celatha; And departing from Ressa, they came to Ceelatha.  
23 Unde profecti, castrametati sunt in monte Sepher. fro whennus thei yeden forth, and settiden tentis in the hil of Sepher. And they removed from thence and camped in the mountain Sepher.  
24 Egressi de monte Sepher, venerunt in Arada. Thei yeden out fro the hil of Sepher, and camen in to Arada; Departing from the mountain Sepher, they came to Arada.  
25 Inde proficiscentes, castrametati sunt in Maceloth. fro thennus thei yeden forth, and settiden tentis in Maceloth. From thence they went and camped in Maceloth.  
26 Profectique de Maceloth, venerunt in Thahath. And thei yeden forth fro Maceloth, and camen in to Caath. And departing from Maceloth, they came to Thahath.  
27 De Thahath, castrametati sunt in Thare. Fro Caath thei settiden tentis in Thare; Removing from Thahath they camped in Thare.  
28 Unde egressi, fixere tentoria in Methca. fro whennus thei yeden out, and settiden tentis in Methcha. And they departed from thence, and pitched their tents in Methca.  
29 Et de Methca, castrametati sunt in Hesmona. And fro Methcha thei settiden tentis in Esmona. And removing from Methca, they camped in Hesmona.  
30 Profectique de Hesmona, venerunt in Moseroth. And thei yeden forth fro Asmona, and camen in to Moseroth; And departing from Hesmona, they came to Moseroth.  
31 Et de Moseroth, castrametati sunt in Benejaacan. and fro Moseroth thei settiden tentis in Benalachan. And removing from Moseroth, they camped in Benejaacan.  
32 Profectique de Benejaacan, venerunt in montem Gadgad. And thei yeden forth fro Benalachan, and camen in to the hil of Galgad; And departing from Benejaacan, they came to mount Gadgad.  
33 Unde profecti, castrametati sunt in Jetebatha. fro whennus thei yeden forth, and settiden tentis in Jethebacha. From thence they went and camped in Jetebatha.  
34 Et de Jetebatha venerunt in Hebrona. And fro Jethebacha thei camen in to Ebrona. And from Jetebatha they came to Hebrona.  
35 Egressique de Hebrona, castrametati sunt in Asiongaber. And thei yeden out fro Ebrona, and settiden tentis in Asiongaber; And departing from Hebrona, they camped in Asiongaber.  
36 Inde profecti, venerunt in desertum Sin, hæc est Cades. fro thennus thei yeden forth, and camen in to deseert of Syn; this is Cades. They removed from thence and came into the desert of Sin, which is Cades.  
37 Egressique de Cades, castrametati sunt in monte Hor, in extremis finibus terræ Edom. And thei yeden fro Cades, and thei settiden tentis in the hil of Hor, in the laste coostis of the lond of Edom. And departing from Cades, they camped in mount Her, in the uttermost borders of the land of Edom.  
38 Ascenditque Aaron sacerdos in montem Hor jubente Domino: et ibi mortuus est anno quadragesimo egressionis filiorum Israël ex Ægypto, mense quinto, prima die mensis, And Aaron, the preest, stiede in to the hil of Hor, for the Lord comaundide, and there he was deed, in the fourti yeer of the goyng out of the sones of Israel fro Egipt, in the fyuethe monethe, in the firste dai of the monethe; And Aaron the priest went up into mount Hor at the commandment of the Lord: and there he died in the fortieth year of the coming forth of the children of Israel out of Egypt, W the fifth month, the first day of the month,  
39 cum esset annorum centum viginti trium. whanne he was of an hundrid and thre and twenti yeer. When he was a hundred and twenty-three years old.  
40 Audivitque Chananæus rex Arad, qui habitabat ad meridiem, in terram Chanaan venisse filios Israël. And Chanaan, kyng of Arad, that dwellide at the south, in the lond of Canaan, herde that the sones of Israel camen. And king Arad the Chanaanite, who dwelt towards the south, heard that the children of Israel were come to the land of Chanaan.  
41 Et profecti de monte Hor, castrametati sunt in Salmona. And thei yeden forth fro the hil of Hor, and settiden tentis in Salmona; And they departed from mount Her, and camped in Salmona.  
42 Unde egressi, venerunt in Phunon. fro thennus thei yeden forth, and camen in to Phynon. From whence they removed and came to Phunon.  
43 Profectique de Phunon, castrametati sunt in Oboth. And thei yeden forth fro Phynon, and settiden tentis in Oboth. And departing from Phunon, they camped in Oboth.  
44 Et de Oboth venerunt in Ijeabarim, quæ est in finibus Moabitarum. And fro Oboth thei camen in to Neabarym, that is, into the wildirnesse of Abarym, which is in the endis of Moabitis. And from Oboth they came to Ijeabarim, which is in the borders of the Moabites.  
45 Profectique de Ijeabarim, fixere tentoria in Dibongad. And thei yeden forth fro Neabarym, and thei settiden tentis in Dibon of Gad; And departing from Ijeabarim they pitched their tents in Dibongab.  
46 Unde egressi, castrametati sunt in Helmondeblathaim. fro whennus thei yeden forth, and settiden tentis in Helmon of Deblathaym. From thence they went and camped in Helmondeblathaim.  
47 Egressique de Helmondeblathaim, venerunt ad montes Abarim contra Nabo. And thei yeden out fro Helmon of Deblathaym, and camen to the hillis of Abarym, ayens Nabo. And departing from Helmondeblathaim, they came to the mountains of Abarim over against Nabo.  
48 Profectique de montibus Abarim, transierunt ad campestria Moab, supra Jordanem, contra Jericho. And thei yeden forth fro the hillis of Abarym, and passiden to the feeldi places of Moab, ouer Jordan, ayens Jericho. And departing from the mountains of Abarim, they passed to the plains of Moab, by the Jordan, over against Jericho.  
49 Ibique castrametati sunt de Bethsimoth usque ad Abelsatim in planioribus locis Moabitarum. And there thei settiden tentis, fro Bethsymon til to Belsathym, in the pleynere places of Moabitis, And there they camped from Bethsi moth even to Ablesatim in the plains of the Moabites,  
50 Ubi locutus est Dominus ad Moysen: where the Lord spak to Moises, Where the Lord said to Moses: Instructions before crossing the Jordan. Nu.33.50-56
51 Præcipe filiis Israël, et dic ad eos: Quando transieritis Jordanem, intrantes terram Chanaan, Comaunde thou to the sones of Israel, and seie thou to hem, Whanne ye han passid Jordan, and han entrid in to the lond of Canaan, Command the children of Israel, and say to them: When you shall have passed over the Jordan, entering into the land of Chanaan,  
52 disperdite cunctos habitatores terræ illius: confringite titulos, et statuas comminuite, atque omnia excelsa vastate, distrie ye alle the dwelleris of that cuntrey; breke ye the titlis, that is, auteris, and dryue ye to poudre the ymagis, and distrie ye alle heiy thingis, Destroy all the inhabitants of that land: beat down their pillars, and break in pieces their statues, and waste all their high places,  
53 mundantes terram, et habitantes in ea. Ego enim dedi vobis illam in possessionem, and clense ye the lond, and alle men dwellynge thereynne. For Y yaf to Cleansing the land, and dwelling in it. For I have given it you for a possession.  
54 quam dividetis vobis sorte. Pluribus dabitis latiorem, et paucis angustiorem. Singulis ut sors ceciderit, ita tribuetur hæreditas. Per tribus et familias possessio dividetur. you that lond into possessioun whiche ye schulen departe to you bi lot; to mo men ye schulen yyue largere lond, and to fewere men streytere lond, as lot fallith to alle men, so eritage schal be youun; possessioun schal be departid bi lynagis and meynees. And you shall divide it among you by lot. To the more you shall give a larger part, and to the fewer a lesser. To every one as the lot shall fall, so shall the inheritance be given. The possession shall be divided by the tribes and the families.  
55 Sin autem nolueritis interficere habitatores terræ: qui remanserint, erunt vobis quasi clavi in oculis, et lanceæ in lateribus, et adversabuntur vobis in terra habitationis vestræ: But if ye nylen sle the dwelleris of the lond, thei, that abiden, schulen be to you as nailes in the iyen, and speris in the sidis, that is, deedli aduersaries; and thei schulen be aduersaries to you in the lond of youre abitacioun; But if you will not kill the inhabitants of the land: they that remain, shall be unto you as nails in your eyes, and spears in your sides, and they shall be your adversaries in the land of your habitation.  
56 et quidquid illis cogitaveram facere, vobis faciam. and what euer thing Y thouyte to do to hem, Y schal do to you. And whatsoever I had thought to do to them, I will do to you.