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36 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Accesserunt autem et principes familiarum Galaad filii Machir filii Manasse, de stirpe filiorum Joseph: locutique sunt Moysi coram principibus Israël, atque dixerunt: Forsothe and the princes of the meynees of Galaad sone of Machir, sone of Manasses, of the generacioun of the sones of Joseph, neiyiden, and spaken to Moises bifor the princes of Israel, And the princes of the families of Galaad, the son of Machir, the son of Manasses, of the stock Of the children of Joseph, came and spoke to Moses before the princes of Israel, and said: Marriage of heiresses. Nu.36.1-13
2 Tibi domino nostro præcepit Dominus ut terram sorte divideres filiis Israël, et ut filiabus Salphaad fratris nostri dares possessionem debitam patri: and seiden, The Lord comaundide to thee oure lord, that thou schuldist departe the lond bi lot to the sones of Israel, and that thou schuldist yyue to the douytris of Salphaat, oure brothir, possessioun due to the fadir. The Lord hath commanded thee, my lord, that thou shouldst divide the land by lot to the children of Israel, and that thou shouldst give to the daughters of Salphaad our brother the possession due to their father:  
3 quas si alterius tribus homines uxores acceperint, sequetur possessio sua, et translata ad aliam tribum, de nostra hæreditate minuetur. And if men of anothir lynage schulen take to wyues these douytris, her possessioun schal sue, and it schal be translatid to anothir lynage, and schal be decreessid fro oure eritage; Now if men of another tribe take them to wives, their possession will follow them, and being transferred to another tribe, will be a diminishing of our inheritance.  
4 Atque ita fiet, ut cum jubilæus, id est, quinquagesimus annus remissionis advenerit, confundatur sortium distributio, et aliorum possessio ad alios transeat. and so it schal be doon, that whanne the iubilee, that is, the fiftithe yeer of remyssioun, cometh, the departyng of lottis be schent, and that the possessioun of othere men passe to othere men. And so it shall come to pass, that when the jubilee, that is, the fiftieth year of remission, is come, the distribution made by the lots shall be confounded, and the possession of the one shall pass to the others.  
5 Respondit Moyses filiis Israël, et Domino præcipiente ait: Recte tribus filiorum Joseph locuta est. Moises answeride to the sones of Israel, and seide, for the Lord comaundide, The lynage of the sones of Joseph spak riytfuli, Moses answered the children of Israel, and said by the command of the Lord: The tribe of the children of Joseph hath spoken rightly.  
6 Et hæc lex super filiabus Salphaad a Domino promulgata est: nubant quibus volunt, tantum ut suæ tribus hominibus: and this lawe is denounsid of the Lord on the douytris of Salphaat; be thei weddid to whiche men thei wolen, oneli to the men of her lynage; And this is the law promulgated by the Lord touching the daughters of Salphaad: Let them marry to whom they will, only so that it be to men of their own tribe.  
7 ne commisceatur possessio filiorum Israël de tribu in tribum. Omnes enim viri ducent uxores de tribu et cognatione sua: lest the possessioun of the sones of Joseph be meddlid fro lynage in to lynage. For alle men schulen wedde wyues of her lynage and kynrede; Lest the possession of the children of Israel be mingled from tribe to tribe. For all men shall marry wives of their own tribe and kindred:  
8 et cunctæ feminæ de eadem tribu maritos accipient: ut hæreditas permaneat in familiis, and alle wymmen schulen take hosebondis of the same lynage, that the erytage dwelle in meynees, And all women shall take husbands of the same tribe: that the inheritance may remain in the families,  
9 nec sibi misceantur tribus, sed ita maneant and lynagis be not meddlid to hem silf, but dwelle so, And that the tribes be not mingled one with another, but remain so  
10 ut a Domino separatæ sunt. Feceruntque filiæ Salphaad ut fuerat imperatum: as tho ben departid of the Lord. And the douytris of Salphaat diden, as it was comaundid to hem. As they were separated by the Lord. And the daughters of Salphaad did as was commanded:  
11 et nupserunt Maala, et Thersa, et Hegla, et Melcha, et Noa, filiis patrui sui And Maala, and Thersa, and Egla, and Melcha, and Noha, weren weddid to the sones of her fadris brother, And Maala, and Thersa, and Hegla, and Melcha, and Noa were married to the sons of their uncle by their father  
12 de familia Manasse, qui fuit filius Joseph: et possessio, quæ illis fuerat attributa, mansit in tribu et familia patris earum. of the meynee of Manaasses, that was the sone of Joseph, and the possessioun that was youun to hem, dwellide in the lynage and meynee of her fadir. Of the family of Manasses, who was the son of Joseph: and the possession that had been allotted to them, remained in the tribe and family of their father.  
13 Hæc sunt mandata atque judicia, quæ mandavit Dominus per manum Moysi ad filios Israël, in campestribus Moab supra Jordanem contra Jericho. These ben the comaundementis and domes, whiche the Lord comaundide, bi the hond of Moyses, to the sones of Israel, in the feeldi places of Moab, aboue Jordan, ayens Jericho. These are the commandments and judgments, which the Lord commanded by the hand of Moses to the children of Israel, in the plains of Moab upon the Jordan over against Jericho.