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17 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Et locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Speke thou to the sones of Israel, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Aaron's rod. Nu.17.1-13
2 Loquere ad filios Israël, et accipe ab eis virgas singulas per cognationes suas, a cunctis principibus tribuum, virgas duodecim, et uniuscujusque nomen superscribes virgæ suæ. and take thou yerdis, bi her kynredis, bi ech kynrede o yeerde, take thou of alle the princes of the lynagis twelue yerdis; and thou schalt write the name of each lynage aboue his yerde; Speak to the children of Israel, and take of every one of them a rod by their kindreds, of all the princes of the tribes, twelve rods, and write the name of every man upon his rod.  
3 Nomen autem Aaron erit in tribu Levi, et una virga cunctas seorsum familias continebit: forsothe the name of Aaron schal be in the lynage of Leuy, and o yerde schal conteyne alle the meynees of hem. And the name of Aaron shall be for the tribe of Levi, and one rod shall contain all their families:  
4 ponesque eas in tabernaculo fœderis coram testimonio, ubi loquar ad te. And thou schalt putte tho yerdis in the tabernacle of boond of pees, bifor the witnessyng, where Y schal speke to thee; the yerde of hym schal buriowne, whom Y schal chese of hem; And thou shalt lay them up in the tabernacle of the covenant before the testimony, where I will speak to thee.  
5 Quem ex his elegero, germinabit virga ejus: et cohibebo a me querimonias filiorum Israël, quibus contra vos murmurant. and Y schal refreyne fro me the playnyngis of the sones of Israel, bi whiche thei grutchen ayens you. Whomsoever of these I shall choose, his rod shall blossom: and I will make to cease from me the murmurings of the children of Israel, wherewith they murmur against you.  
6 Locutusque est Moyses ad filios Israël: et dederunt ei omnes principes virgas per singulas tribus: fueruntque virgæ duodecim absque virga Aaron. And Moyses spak to the sones of Israel; and alle princes yauen to hym yerdis, bi alle lynagis; and the yerdis weren twelue, without the yerde of Aaron. And Moses spoke to the children of Israel: and all the princes gave him rods one for every tribe: and there were twelve rods besides the rod of Aaron.  
7 Quas cum posuisset Moyses coram Domino in tabernaculo testimonii, And whanne Moises hadde put tho yerdis bifor the Lord, in the tabernacle of witnessyng, he yede ayen in the day suynge, And when Moses had laid them up before the Lord in the tabernacle of the testimony:  
8 sequenti die regressus invenit germinasse virgam Aaron in domo Levi: et turgentibus gemmis eruperant flores, qui, foliis dilatatis, in amygdalas deformati sunt. and founde that the yerde of Aaron, in the hows of Leuy, buriounnede; and whanne knoppis weren greet, the blossoms hadden broke out, whiche weren alargid in leeuys, and weren fourmed in to alemaundis. He returned on the following day, and found that the rod of Aaron for the house of Levi, was budded: and that the buds swelling it had bloomed blossoms, which spreading the leaves, were formed into almonds.  
9 Protulit ergo Moyses omnes virgas de conspectu Domini ad cunctos filios Israël: videruntque, et receperunt singuli virgas suas. Therfor Moyses brouyte forth alle the yerdis fro the siyt of the Lord to al the sones of Israel; and thei sien, and resseyueden ech his yerde. Moses therefore brought out all the rods from before the Lord to all the children of Israel: and they saw, and every one received their rods.  
10 Dixitque Dominus ad Moysen: Refer virgam Aaron in tabernaculum testimonii, ut servetur ibi in signum rebellium filiorum Israël, et quiescant querelæ eorum a me, ne moriantur. And the Lord seide to Moises, Bere ayen the yerde of Aaron in to the tabernacle of witnessyng, that it be kept there in to the signe of the rebel sones of Israel, and that her playntis reste fro me, lest thei dien. And the Lord said to Moses: Carry back the rod of Aaron into the tabernacle of the testimony, that it may be kept there for a token of the rebellious children of Israel, and that their complaints may cease from me lest they die.  
11 Fecitque Moyses sicut præceperat Dominus. And Moises dide, as the Lord comaundide. And Moses did as the Lord had commanded.  
12 Dixerunt autem filii Israël ad Moysen: Ecce consumpti sumus, omnes perivimus. Forsothe the sones of Israel seiden to Moises, Lo! we ben wastid, alle we perischiden; And the children of Israel said to Moses: Behold we are consumed, we all perish.  
13 Quicumque accedit ad tabernaculum Domini, moritur. Num usque ad internecionem cuncti delendi sumus? who euer neiyeth to the tabernacle of the Lord, he dieth; whethir we schulen be doon awei alle til to deeth? Whosoever approacheth to the tabernacle of the Lord, he dieth. Are we all to a man to be utterly destroyed?