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30 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Narravitque Moyses filiis Israël omnia quæ ei Dominus imperarat. And Moises telde to the sones of Israel alle thingis whiche the Lord comaundide to hym. And Moses told the children of Israel all that the Lord had commanded him :  
2 Et locutus est ad principes tribuum filiorum Israël: Iste est sermo quem præcepit Dominus: And he spak to the princes of the lynagis of the sones of Israel, This is the word, which the Lord comaundide, If ony of men makith a vowe to the Lord, And he said to the princes of the tribes of the children of Israel: This is the word that the Lord hath commanded: Vows. Nu.30.1-16
3 Si quis virorum votum Domino voverit, aut se constrinxerit juramento: non faciet irritum verbum suum, sed omne quod promisit, implebit. ethir byndith hym silf bi an ooth, he schal not make voide his word, but he schal fille al thing which he bihiyte. If any man make a vow to the Lord, or bind himself by an oath: he shall not make his word void but shall fulfil all that he promised.  
4 Mulier si quippiam voverit, et se constrinxerit juramento, quæ est in domo patris sui, et in ætate adhuc puellari: si cognoverit pater votum quod pollicita est, et juramentum quo obligavit animam suam, et tacuerit, voti rea erit: If a womman which is in the hows of hir fadir, and is yit in the age of a damysel, that is, not yit weddid, avowith ony thing, ethir byndith hir silf bi an ooth, if the fadir knowith the avow, which sche bihiyte, and the ooth bi which sche boond hir soule, and he is stille, sche schal be gilti of the ooth, that is, boundun bi the ooth; If a woman vow any thing, and bind herself by an oath, being in her father's house, and but yet a girl in age: if her father knew the vow that she hath promised, and the oath wherewith she hath bound her soul, and held his peace, she shall be bound by the vow:  
5 quidquid pollicita est, et juravit, opere complebit. what euer thing sche bihiyte and swoor, sche schall fille in werk. Whatsoever she promised and swore, she shall fulfil in deed.  
6 Sin autem statim ut audierit, contradixerit pater: et vota et juramenta ejus irrita erunt, nec obnoxia tenebitur sponsioni, eo quod contradixerit pater. Forsothe if the fadir ayenseide anoon as he herde, bothe the vowis and oothis of hir schulen be voide, and sche schal not be holdun boundun to the biheeste, for the fadir ayenseide. But if her father, immediately as soon as he heard it, gainsaid it, both her vows and her oaths shall be void, neither shall she be bound to what she promised, because her father hath gainsaid it.  
7 Si maritum habuerit, et voverit aliquid, et semel de ore ejus verbum egrediens animam ejus obligaverit juramento: If sche hath an hosebonde, and avowith ony thing, and a word goynge out of hir mouth onys byndith hir soule with an ooth, If she have a husband, and shall vow any thing, and the word once going out of her mouth shall bind her soul by an oath:  
8 quo die audierit vir, et non contradixerit, voti rea erit, reddetque quodcumque promiserat. in what dai the hosebonde herith, and ayenseith not, sche schal be gilti of avow; sche schal yelde, what euer thing sche bihiyte. The day that her husband shall hear it, and not gainsay it, she shall be bound to the vow, and shall give whatsoever she promised.  
9 Sin autem audiens statim contradixerit, et irritas fecerit pollicitationes ejus, verbaque quibus obstrinxerat animam suam, propitius erit ei Dominus. But if the hosebonde herith, and anoon ayenseith, and makith void alle hir biheestis, and wordis bi whiche sche boond hir soule, the Lord schal be merciful to hir. But if as soon as he heareth he gainsay it, and make her promises and the words wherewith she had bound her soul of no effect : the Lord will forgive her.  
10 Vidua et repudiata quidquid voverint, reddent. A widewe, and a womman forsakun of hir hosebonde, schulen yelde, what euer thing thei avowen. The widow, and she that is divorced, shall fulfil whatsoever they vow.  
11 Uxor in domo viri cum se voto constrinxerit et juramento, Whanne a wijf in the hous of hir hosebonde byndith hir silf bi a vow and an ooth, If the wife in the house of her husband, hath bound herself by vow and by oath,  
12 si audierit vir, et tacuerit, nec contradixerit sponsioni, reddet quodcumque promiserat. if the hosebonde herith, and is stille and ayenseith not the biheest, sche schal yelde, what euer thing sche bihiyte. If her husband hear, and hold his peace, and doth not disallow the promise, she shall accomplish whatsoever she had promised.  
13 Sin autem extemplo contradixerit, non tenebitur promissionis rea: quia maritus contradixit, et Dominus ei propitius erit. Sotheli if the hosebonde ayenseide anoon, sche schal not be holdun gilti of biheest, for the hosebonde ayenseide, and the Lord schal be merciful to hir. But if forthwith he gainsay it, she shall not be bound by the promise: because her husband gainsaid it, and the Lord will be merciful to her.  
14 Si voverit, et juramento se constrinxerit, ut per jejunium, vel ceterarum rerum abstinentiam affligat animam suam, in arbitrio viri erit ut faciat, sive non faciat. If sche avowith, and byndith hir silf bi an ooth, that sche turmente hir soule bi fastyng, ethir bi abstynence of othere thingis, it schal be in the doom of the hosebonde, that sche do, ether do not. If she vow and bind herself by oath, to afflict her soul by fasting, or abstinence from other things, it shall depend on the will of her husband, whether she shall do it, or not do it.  
15 Quod si audiens vir tacuerit, et in alteram diem distulerit sententiam, quidquid voverat atque promiserat, reddet: quia statim ut audivit, tacuit. That if the hosebonde herith, and is stille, and delaieth the sentence in the tother dai, sche schal yelde what euer thing sche avowide and bihiyte, for he was stille, anoon as he herde. But if the husband hearing it hold his peace, and defer the declaring his mind till another day: whatsoever she had vowed and promised, she shall fulfil: because immediately as he heard it, he held his peace.  
16 Sin autem contradixerit postquam rescivit, portabit ipse iniquitatem ejus. Forsothe if the hosebonde ayenseide aftir that he wiste, he schal bere his wickidnesse. These ben the lawis, which the Lord ordeynede to Moyses bitwixe the hosebonde and the wijf, bitwixe the fadir and the douytir, which is yit in the age of a damysel, that is, not yit maried, ether which dwellith in the hows of the fadir. But if he gainsay it after that he knew it, he shall bear her iniquity.  
17 Istæ sunt leges, quas constituit Dominus Moysi inter virum et uxorem, inter patrem et filiam, quæ in puellari adhuc ætate est, vel quæ manet in parentis domo. These are the laws which the Lord appointed to Moses between the husband and the wife, between the father and the daughter that is as yet but a girl in age, or that abideth in her father's house.