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23 NUMERI Numbers - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Numbers - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Dixitque Balaam ad Balac: Ædifica mihi hic septem aras, et para totidem vitulos, ejusdemque numeri arietes. And Balaam seide to Balaach, Bilde thou here to me seuene auteris, and make redi so many caluys, and rammes of the same noumbre. And Balaam said to Balac: Build me here seven altars, and prepare as many calves, and the same number of rams.  
2 Cumque fecisset juxta sermonem Balaam, imposuerunt simul vitulum et arietem super aram. And whanne he hadde do bi the word of Balaam, thei puttiden a calf and a ram to gidere on the auter. And when he had done according to the word of Balaam, they laid together a calf and a ram upon every altar.  
3 Dixitque Balaam ad Balac: Sta paulisper juxta holocaustum tuum, donec vadam, si forte occurrat mihi Dominus, et quodcumque imperaverit, loquar tibi. And Balaam seide to Balaach, Stond thou a litil while bisidis thi brent sacrifice, while Y go, if in hap the Lord meete me; and Y schal speke to thee what euer thing he schal comaunde. And Balaam said to Balac: Stand a while by thy burnt offering, until I go, to see if perhaps the Lord will meet me, and whatsoever he shall command, I will speak to thee.  
4 Cumque abiisset velociter, occurrit illi Deus. Locutusque ad eum Balaam: Septem, inquit, aras erexi, et imposui vitulum et arietem desuper. And whanne he hadde go swiftli, God cam to hym; and Balaam spak to hym, and seide, Y reiside seuene auteris, and Y puttide a calf and a ram aboue. And when he was gone with speed, God met him. And Balaam speaking to him, said: I have erected seven altars, and have laid on everyone a calf and a ram.  
5 Dominus autem posuit verbum in ore ejus, et ait: Revertere ad Balac, et hæc loqueris. Forsothe the Lord puttide a word in his mouth, and seide, Turne ayen to Balaach, and thou schalt speke these thingis. And the Lord put the word in his mouth, and said: Return to Balac, and thus shalt thou speak.  
6 Reversus invenit stantem Balac juxta holocaustum suum, et omnes principes Moabitarum: He turnede ayen, and fond Balach stondynge bisidis his brent sacrifice, and alle the princes of Moabitis. Returning he found Balac standing by his burnt offering, with all the princes of the Moabites:  
7 assumptaque parabola sua, dixit:
De Aram adduxit me Balac rex Moabitarum,
de montibus orientis:
Veni, inquit, et maledic Jacob;
propera, et detestare Israël.
And whanne his parable was takun, he seide,
Balaach, the kyng of Moabitis,
brouyte me fro Aran,
fro the hillis of the eest;
and he seide, Come thou and curse Jacob;
haaste thou, and greetli curse thou Israel.
And taking up his parable, he said:
Balac king of the Moabites hath brought me from Aram,
from the mountains of the east:
Come, said he, and curse Jacob:
make haste and detest Israel.
8 Quomodo maledicam, cui non maledixit Deus?
qua ratione detester, quem Dominus non detestatur?
How schal Y curse whom God cursid not?
bi what resoun schal Y haue abhomynable whom God hath not abhomynable?
How shall I curse him, whom God hath not cursed?
By what means should I detest him, whom the Lord detesteth not?
9 De summis silicibus videbo eum,
et de collibus considerabo illum.
Populus solus habitabit,
et inter gentes non reputabitur.
Fro the hiyeste flyntis Y schal se hym,
and fro litle hillis Y schal biholde hym;
the puple schal dwelle aloone,
and it schal not be arettid among hethene men.
I shall see him from the tops of the rocks,
and shall consider him from the hills.
This people shall dwell alone,
and shall not be reckoned among the nations.
10 Quis dinumerare possit pulverem Jacob,
et nosse numerum stirpis Israël?
Moriatur anima mea morte justorum,
et fiant novissima mea horum similia.
Who may noumbre the dust, that is, kynrede, of Jacob,
and knowe the noumbre of the generacioun of Israel?
My lijf die in the deeth of iust men,
and my laste thingis be maad lijk hem!
Who can count the dust of Jacob,
and know the number of the stock of Israel?
Let my soul die the death of the just,
and my last end be like to them.
11 Dixitque Balac ad Balaam: Quid est hoc quod agis? ut malediceres inimicis meis vocavi te, et tu e contrario benedicis eis. And Balaach seide to Balaam, What is this that thou doist? Y clepide thee, that thou schuldist curse myn enemyes, and ayenward thou blessist hem. And Balac said to Balaam: What is this that thou dost? I sent for thee to curse my enemies: and thou contrariwise blessest them.  
12 Cui ille respondit: Num aliud possum loqui, nisi quod jusserit Dominus? To whom Balaam answeride, Whether Y may speke othir thing no but that that the Lord comaundith? He answered him: Call I speak any thing else but what the Lord commandeth?  
13 Dixit ergo Balac: Veni mecum in alterum locum unde partem Israël videas, et totum videre non possis: inde maledicito ei. Therfor Balaach seide to Balaam, Come with me in to anothir place, fro whennus thou se a part of Israel, and mayst not se al; fro thennus curse thou hym. Balac therefore said: Come with me to another place from whence thou mayest see part of Israel, and canst not see them all: curse them from thence. Balaam's second prophecy. Nu.23.13-26
14 Cumque duxisset eum in locum sublimem, super verticem montis Phasga, ædificavit Balaam septem aras, et impositis supra vitulo atque ariete, And whanne he hadde led Balaam in to an hiy place, on the cop of the hil of Phasga, he bildide seuene auteris to Balaam, and whanne calues and rammes weren put aboue, And when he had brought him to a high place, upon the top of mount Phasga, Balaam built seven altars, and laying on every one a calf and a ram,  
15 dixit ad Balac: Sta hic juxta holocaustum tuum, donec ego obvius pergam. he seide to Balaach, Stonde here bisidis thi brent sacrifice, while Y go. He said to Balac: Stand here by thy burnt offering while I go to meet him.  
16 Cui cum Dominus occurrisset, posuissetque verbum in ore ejus, ait: Revertere ad Balac, et hæc loqueris ei. And whanne the Lord hadde come to him, and hadde put a word in his mouth, he seide, Turne ayen to Balach, and thou schalt seie these thingis to hym. And when the Lord had met him, and had put the word in his mouth, he said: Return to Balac, and thus shalt thou say to him.  
17 Reversus invenit eum stantem juxta holocaustum suum, et principes Moabitarum cum eo. Ad quem Balac: Quid, inquit, locutus est Dominus? He turnyde ayen, and foond Balach stondynge bisidis his brent sacrifice, and the princis of Moabitis with hym. To whom Balach seide, What spak the Lord? Returning he found him standing by his burnt sacrifice, and the princes of the Moabites with him. And Balac said to him: What hath the Lord spoken?  
18 At ille, assumpta parabola sua, ait:
Sta, Balac, et ausculta;
audi, fili Sephor:
And whanne his parable was takun, he seide,
Stonde, Balach, and herkene;
here, thou sone of Sephor. God is not as a man,
But he taking up his parable, said:
Stand, O Balac, and give ear:
hear, thou son of Sephor:
19 non est Deus quasi homo, ut mentiatur, nec ut filius hominis, ut mutetur.
Dixit ergo, et non faciet?
locutus est, et non implebit?
that he lye, nethir he is as the sone of a man, that he be chaungid;
therfor he seide, and schal he not do?
he spak, and schal he not fulfille?
God is not a man, that he should lie, nor as the son of man, that he should be changed.
Hath he said then, and will he not do?
hath he spoken, and will he not fulfil?
20 Ad benedicendum adductus sum: benedictionem prohibere non valeo. Y am brouyt to blesse,
Y may not forbede blessyng.
I was brought to bless,
the blessing I am not able to hinder.
21 Non est idolum in Jacob,
nec videtur simulacrum in Israël.
Dominus Deus ejus cum eo est,
et clangor victoriæ regis in illo.
Noon idol is in Jacob,
nethir symylacre is seyn in Israel;
his Lord God is with hym,
and the sown of victorie of kyng is in hym.
There is no idol in Jacob,
neither is there an image god to be seen in Israel.
The Lord his God is with him,
and the sound of the victory of the king in him.
22 Deus eduxit illum de Ægypto,
cujus fortitudo similis est rhinocerotis.
The Lord God ledde hym out of Egipt,
whos strengthe is lijk an vnicorn;
God hath brought him out of Egypt,
whose strength is like to the rhinoceros.
23 Non est augurium in Jacob,
nec divinatio in Israël:
temporibus suis dicetur Jacob et Israëli
quid operatus sit Deus.
fals tellyng bi chiteryng of bryddis, ethir idolatrie, is not in Jacob,
nethir fals dyuynyng is in Israel.
In his tymes it schal be seide to Jacob and Israel,
What the Lord hath wrought!
There is no soothsaying in Jacob,
nor divination in Israel.
In their times it shall be told to Jacob and to Israel
what God hath wrought.
24 Ecce populus ut leæna consurget,
et quasi leo erigetur:
non accubabit donec devoret prædam,
et occisorum sanguinem bibat.
Lo! the puple schal rise to gidere as a lionesse,
and schal be reisid as a lioun;
the lioun schal not reste,
til he deuoure prey,
and drynke the blood of hem that ben slayn.
Behold the people shall rise up as a lioness,
and shall lift itself up as a lion:
it shall not lie down till it devour the prey,
and drink the blood of the slain.
25 Dixitque Balac ad Balaam: Nec maledicas ei, nec benedicas. And Balach seide to Balaam, Nether curse thou, nether blesse thou hym. And Balac said to Balaam: Neither curse, nor bless him.  
26 Et ille ait: Nonne dixi tibi quod quidquid mihi Deus imperaret, hoc facerem? And he seide, Whether Y seide not to thee, that what euer thing that God comaundide to me, Y wolde do this? And he said: Did I not tell thee, that whatsoever God should command me, that I would do?  
27 Et ait Balac ad eum: Veni, et ducam te ad alium locum: si forte placeat Deo ut inde maledicas eis. And Balach seide to hym, Come, and Y schal lede thee to an other place, if in hap it plesith God that fro thennus thou curse hym. And Balac said to him: Come and I will bring thee to another place; if peradventure it please God that thou mayest curse them from thence. Balaam's third prophecy. Nu.23.27-24.13
28 Cumque duxisset eum super verticem montis Phogor, qui respicit solitudinem, And whanne Balaach hadde led hym out on the cop of the hil of Phegor, that biholdith the wildirnesse, And when he had brought him upon the top of mount Phogor, which looketh towards the wilderness,  
29 dixit ei Balaam: Ædifica mihi hic septem aras, et para totidem vitulos, ejusdemque numeri arietes. Balaam seide to hym, Bilde here seuene auteris to me, and make redi so many caluys, and rammes of the same noumbre. Balaam said to him: Build me here seven altars, and prepare as many calves, and the same number of rams.  
30 Fecit Balac ut Balaam dixerat: imposuitque vitulos et arietes per singulas aras. Balaach dide as Balaam seide, and he puttide caluys and rammes, bi alle auteris. Balac did as Balaam had said: and he laid on every altar, a calf and a ram.