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7 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Cum introduxerit te Dominus Deus tuus in terram, quam possessurus ingredieris, et deleverit gentes multas coram te, Hethæum, et Gergezæum, et Amorrhæum, Chananæum, et Pherezæum, et Hevæum, et Jebusæum, septem gentes multo majoris numeri quam tu es, et robustiores te: Whanne thi Lord God hath lad thee in to the lond, in to which thou schalt entre to welde, and hath do awey many folkis bifor thee, Ethei, and Gergesei, and Ammorrey, Canenei, and Pherezei, Euey, and Jebusei; seuene folkis, of myche gretter noumbre than thou art, and strengere than thou; When the Lord thy God shall have brought thee into the land, which thou art going in to possess, and shall have destroyed many nations before thee, the Hethite, and the Gergezite, and the Amorrhite, and the Chanaanite, and the Pherezite, and the Hevite, and the Jebusite, seven nations much more numerous than thou art, and stronger than thou: Evils of idolatry. Dt.7.1-11 | Ex.34.11-16 
2 tradideritque eas Dominus Deus tuus tibi, percuties eas usque ad internecionem. Non inibis cum eis fœdus, nec misereberis earum, and thi Lord God hath bitake hem to thee, thou schalt smyte hem til to deeth, thou schalt not make with hem a boond of pees, nether thou schalt haue merci on hem, And the Lord thy God shall have delivered them to thee, thou shalt utterly destroy them. Thou shalt make no league with them, nor shew mercy to them:  
3 neque sociabis cum eis conjugia. Filiam tuam non dabis filio ejus, nec filiam illius accipies filio tuo: nether thou schalt felowschipe mariagis with him; thou schalt not yyue thi douyter to the sone of hym, nether thou schalt take his douytir to thi sone; Neither shalt thou make marriages with them. Thou shalt not give thy daughter to his son, nor take his daughter for thy son:  
4 quia seducet filium tuum, ne sequatur me, et ut magis serviat diis alienis: irasceturque furor Domini, et delebit te cito. for sche schal disceyue thi sone, that he sue not me, and that he serue more alien goddis; and the strong veniaunce of the Lord schal be wrooth, and schal do awei thee soone. For she will turn away thy son from following me, that he may rather serve strange gods, and the wrath of the Lord will be kindled, and will quickly destroy thee.  
5 Quin potius hæc facietis eis: aras eorum subvertite, et confringite statuas, lucosque succidite, et sculptilia comburite: But rather thou schalt do these thingis to hem; destrie ye the auteris of hem, and breke ye ymagis of metal, and kitte ye doun wodis, and brenne ye grauun ymagis. But thus rather shall you deal with them: Destroy their altars, and break their statues, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven things.  
6 quia populus sanctus es Domino Deo tuo. Te elegit Dominus Deus tuus, ut sis ei populus peculiaris de cunctis populis, qui sunt super terram. For thou art an hooli puple to thi Lord God; thi Lord God chees thee, that thou be a special puple to hym, of alle puplis that ben on erthe. Because thou art a holy people to the Lord thy God. The Lord thy God hath chosen thee, to be his peculiar people of all peoples that are upon the earth.  
7 Non quia cunctas gentes numero vincebatis, vobis junctus est Dominus, et elegit vos, cum omnibus sitis populis pauciores: Not for ye ouercamen in noumbre alle folkis, the Lord is ioyned to you, and chees yow, sithen ye ben fewere than alle puplis; Not because you surpass all nations in number, is the Lord joined unto you, and hath chosen you, for you are the fewest of any people:  
8 sed quia dilexit vos Dominus, et custodivit juramentum, quod juravit patribus vestris: eduxitque vos in manu forti, et redemit de domo servitutis, de manu Pharaonis regis Ægypti. but for the Lord louede you, and kepte the ooth which he swoor to youre fadris; and he ledde you out in strong hond, and ayen bouyte you fro the hows of seruage, fro the hows of Farao, kyng of Egipt. But because the Lord hath loved you, and hath kept his oath, which he swore to your fathers: and hath brought you out with a strong hand, and redeemed you from the house of bondage, out of the hand of Pharao the king of Egypt.  
9 Et scies, quia Dominus Deus tuus, ipse est Deus fortis et fidelis, custodiens pactum et misericordiam diligentibus se, et his qui custodiunt præcepta ejus in mille generationes: And thou schalt wite, that thi Lord God hym silf is a strong God, and feithful, and kepith couenaunt and mersi to hem that louen hym, and to hem that kepen hise comaundementis, in to a thousynde generaciouns; And thou shalt know that the Lord thy God, he is a strong and faithful God, keeping his covenant and mercy to them that love him, and to them that keep his commandments, unto a thousand generations:  
10 et reddens odientibus se statim, ita ut disperdat eos, et ultra non differat, protinus eis restituens quod merentur. and yeldith anoon to hem that haten hym, so that he destrie hem, and differr no lengere; restorynge anoon to hem that that thei disseruen. And repaying forthwith them that hate him, so as to destroy them, without further delay immediately rendering to them what they deserve.  
11 Custodi ergo præcepta et cæremonias atque judicia, quæ ego mando tibi hodie ut facias. Therfor kepe thou the comaundementis, and cerymonyes, and domes, whiche Y comaunde to thee to dai, that thou do. 11Keep therefore the precepts and ceremonies and judgments, which I command thee this day to do.  
12 Si postquam audieris hæc judicia, custodieris ea, et feceris, custodiet et Dominus Deus tuus pactum tibi, et misericordiam quam juravit patribus tuis: If aftir that thou herist these domes, thou kepist, and doist tho, thi Lord God schal kepe to thee couenaunt, and mersi, which he swoor to thi fadris. If after thou hast heard these judgments, thou keep and do them, the Lord thy God will also keep his covenant to thee, and the mercy which he swore to thy fathers: Blessings of obedience. Dt.7.12-26 | Dt.28.1-14 
13 et diliget te, ac multiplicabit, benedicetque fructui ventris tui, et fructui terræ tuæ, frumento tuo, atque vindemiæ, oleo, et armentis, gregibus ovium tuarum super terram, pro qua juravit patribus tuis utdaret eam tibi. And he schal loue thee, and schal multiplie thee, and he schal blesse the fruyt of thi wombe, and the fruyt of thi lond, thi wheete, and vindage, oile, and droues of beestis, and the flockis of thi scheep, on the lond for which he swoor to thi fadris, that he schulde yyue it to thee. And he will love thee and multiply thee, and will bless the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy land, thy corn, and thy vintage, thy oil, and thy herds, and the flocks of thy sheep upon the land, for which he swore to thy fathers that he would give it thee.  
14 Benedictus eris inter omnes populos. Non erit apud te sterilis utriusque sexus, tam in hominibus quam in gregibus tuis. Thou schalt be blessid among alle puplis; noon bareyn of euer eithir kynde schal be at thee, as well in men, as in thi flockis. Blessed shalt thou be among all people. No one shall be barren among you of either sex, neither of men nor cattle.  
15 Auferet Dominus a te omnem languorem: et infirmitates Ægypti pessimas, quas novisti, non inferet tibi, sed cunctis hostibus tuis. The Lord schal do awei fro thee all ache, ether sorewe; and he schal not brynge to thee the worste siknessis of Egipt, whiche thou knewist, but to alle thin enemyes. The Lord will take away from thee all sickness: and the grievous infirmities of Egypt, which thou knowest, he will not bring upon thee, but upon thy enemies.  
16 Devorabis omnes populos, quos Dominus Deus tuus daturus est tibi. Non parcet eis oculus tuus, nec servies diis eorum, ne sint in ruinam tui. And thou schalt deuoure, that is, distrie, alle puplis, whiche thi Lord God schal yyue to thee; thin iye schal not spare hem, nethir thou schalt serue the goddis of hem, lest thei ben in to the fallyng of thee. Thou shalt consume all the people, which the Lord thy God will deliver to thee. Thy eye shall not spare them, neither shalt thou serve their gods, lest they be thy ruin.  
17 Si dixeris in corde tuo: Plures sunt gentes istæ quam ego: quomodo potero delere eas? If thou seist in thin herte, These folkis ben mo than Y, hou may Y do awei hem? If thou say in thy heart: These nations are more than I, how shall I be able to destroy them?  
18 noli metuere, sed recordare quæ fecerit Dominus Deus tuus Pharaoni, et cunctis Ægyptiis, nyle thou drede, but haue thou mynde, what thingis thi Lord God dide to Farao, and alle Egipcians; Fear not, but remember what the Lord thy God did to Pharao and to all the Egyptians,  
19 plagas maximas, quas viderunt oculi tui, et signa atque portenta, manumque robustam, et extentum brachium, ut educeret te Dominus Deus tuus: sic faciet cunctis populis, quos metuis. he dide the gretteste veniaunces, whiche thin iyen sien, and miraclis and grete wondris, and the strong hond, and arm holdun forth, that thi Lord God schulde lede thee out; so he schal do to alle puplis whiche thou dredist. The exceeding great plagues, which thy eyes saw, and the signs and wonders, and the strong hand, and the stretched out arm, with which the Lord thy God brought thee out: so will he do to all the people, whom thou fearest.  
20 Insuper et crabrones mittet Dominus Deus tuus in eos, donec deleat omnes atque disperdat qui te fugerint, et latere potuerint. Ferthermore and thi Lord God schal sende venemouse flies in to hem, til he do awei, and destrye alle men, that fledden thee, and thei schulen not mowe be hid. Moreover the Lord thy God will send also hornets among them, until he destroy and consume all that have escaped thee, and could hide themselves.  
21 Non timebis eos, quia Dominus Deus tuus in medio tui est, Deus magnus et terribilis: Thou schalt not drede hem, for thi Lord is in the myddis of thee, grete God, and ferdful. Thou shalt not fear them, because the Lord thy God is in the midst of thee, a God mighty and terrible:  
22 ipse consumet nationes has in conspectu tuo paulatim atque per partes. Non poteris eas delere pariter: ne forte multiplicentur contra te bestiæ terræ. He hym silf schal waste these naciouns in thi siyt, litil and litil, and bi partis; thou schalt not mow do awey tho naciouns togidere, lest peraventure beestis of erthe be multiplied ayens thee; He will consume these nations in thy sight by little and little and by degrees. Thou wilt not be able to destroy them altogether: lest perhaps the beasts of the earth should increase upon thee.  
23 Dabitque eos Dominus Deus tuus in conspectu tuo: et interficiet illos, donec penitus deleantur. and thi Lord God schal yyue hem in thi siyt, and he schal sle hem, til thei be doon awey outerly. But the Lord thy God shall deliver them in thy sight: and shall slay them until they be utterly destroyed.  
24 Tradetque reges eorum in manus tuas, et disperdes nomina eorum sub cælo: nullus poterit resistere tibi, donec conteras eos. And he schal bitake the kyngis of hem in to thin hondis, and thou schalt destrie the names of hem vndur heuene; noon schal mow ayenstonde thee, til thou al tobreke hem. And he shall deliver their kings into thy hands, and thou shalt destroy their names from under Heaven: no man shall be able to resist thee, until thou destroy them.  
25 Sculptilia eorum igne combures: non concupisces argentum et aurum, de quibus facta sunt, neque assumes ex eis tibi quidquam, ne offendas, propterea quia abominatio est Domini tui: Thou schalt brenne in fier the grauun ymagis of hem; thou schalt not coueite the siluer and gold, of whiche tho ymagis ben maad, nether thou schalt take of tho ony thing to thee, lest thou offende therfor, for it is abhominacioun of thi Lord God. Their graven things thou shalt burn with fire: thou shalt not covet the silver and gold of which they are made, neither shalt thou take to thee any thing thereof, lest thou offend, because it is an abomination to the Lord thy God.  
26 nec inferes quippiam ex idolo in domum tuam, ne fias anathema, sicut et illud est. Quasi spurcitiam detestaberis, et velut inquinamentum ac sordes abominationi habebis, quia anathema est. Nether thou schalt brynge ony thing of the idol in to thin hous, lest thou be maad cursid, as also that idol is; thou schalt wlate it as filthe, and thou schalt haue it as defoulyng, and filthis of abhomynacioun, for it is cursid. Neither shalt thou bring any thing of the idol into thy house, lest thou become an anathema, like it. Thou shalt detest it as dung, and shalt utterly abhor it as uncleanness and filth, because it is an anathema.