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30 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Cum ergo venerint super te omnes sermones isti, benedictio sive maledictio, quam proposui in conspectu tuo: et ductus pœnitudine cordis tui in universis gentibus, in quas disperserit te Dominus Deustuus, Therfor whanne alle these wordis comen on thee, blessyng ether cursing, which Y settide forth in thi siyt, and thou art led bi repentaunce of thin herte among alle folkis, in to whiche thi Lord God hath scaterid thee, Now when all these things shall be come upon thee, the blessing or the curse, which I have set forth before thee, and thou shalt be touched with repentance of thy heart among all the nations, into which the Lord thy God shall have scattered thee, Conditions for restoration and blessing. Dt.30.1-20
2 et reversus fueris ad eum, et obedieris ejus imperiis, sicut ego hodie præcipio tibi, cum filiis tuis, in toto corde tuo, et in tota anima tua: and turnest ayen to hym, and obeiest to hise comaundementis, as Y comaundide to thee to dai, with thi sones, in al thin herte and in al thi soule, And shalt return to him, and obey his commandments, as I command thee this day, thou and thy children, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul:  
3 reducet Dominus Deus tuus captivitatem tuam, ac miserebitur tui, et rursum congregabit te de cunctis populis, in quos te ante dispersit. thi Lord God schal lede thee ayen fro thi caitifte, and schal haue mercy on thee, and eft he schal gadre thee from alle puplis, in to whiche he scateride the bifore. The Lord thy God will bring back again thy captivity, and will have mercy on thee, and gather thee again out of all the nations, into which he scattered thee before.  
4 Si ad cardines cæli fueris dissipatus, inde te retrahet Dominus Deus tuus, If thou art scaterid to the endis of heuene, fro thennus thi Lord God schal withdrawe thee; If thou be driven as far as the poles of heaven, the Lord thy God will fetch thee back from thence,  
5 et assumet, atque introducet in terram, quam possederunt patres tui, et obtinebis eam: et benedicens tibi, majoris numeri te esse faciat quam fuerunt patres tui. and he schal take and schal bringe thee in to the lond which thi fadris weldiden; and thou schalt holde it, and he schal blesse thee, and schal make thee to be of more noumbre than thi fadris weren. And will take thee to himself, and bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it: and blessing thee, he will make thee more numerous than were thy fathers.  
6 Circumcidet Dominus Deus tuus cor tuum, et cor seminis tui, ut diligas Dominum Deum tuum in toto corde tuo, et in tota anima tua, ut possis vivere. Thi Lord God schal circumcide thin herte, and the herte of thi seed, that thou loue thi Lord God in al thin herte and in al thi soule, and maist liue. The Lord thy God will circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed: that then mayst love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, that thou mayst live.  
7 Omnes autem maledictiones has convertet super inimicos tuos, et eos qui oderunt te et persequuntur. Forsothe the Lord schal turne alle these cursyngis on thin enemyes, and on hem that haten and pursuen thee. And he will turn all these curses upon thy enemies, and upon them that hate and persecute thee.  
8 Tu autem reverteris, et audies vocem Domini Dei tui, faciesque universa mandata quæ ego præcipio tibi hodie: Sotheli thou schalt turne ayen, and schalt here the vois of thi Lord God, and schalt do alle the heestis whiche Y comaunde to thee to dai; But thou shalt return, and hear the voice of the Lord thy God, and shalt do all the commandments which I command thee this day:  
9 et abundare te faciet Dominus Deus tuus in cunctis operibus manuum tuarum, in sobole uteri tui, et in fructu jumentorum tuorum, in ubertate terræ tuæ, et in rerum omnium largitate. Revertetur enim Dominus, ut gaudeat super te in omnibus bonis, sicut gavisus est in patribus tuis: and thi Lord God schal make thee to be plenteuouse, in alle the workis of thin hondis, in the children of thi wombe, and in the fruyt of thi beestis, in abundaunce of thi lond, and in largenesse of alle thingis. For the Lord schal turne ayen, that he haue ioye on thee in alle goodis, as he ioyede in thi fadris; And the Lord thy God will make thee abound in all the works of thy hands, in the fruit of thy womb, and in the fruit of thy cattle, in the fruitfulness of thy land, and in the plenty of all things. For the Lord will return to rejoice over thee in all good things, as he rejoiced in thy fathers:  
10 si tamen audieris vocem Domini Dei tui, et custodieris præcepta ejus et cæremonias, quæ in hac lege conscripta sunt: et revertaris ad Dominum Deum tuum in toto corde tuo, et in tota anima tua. if netheles thou herist the voys of thi Lord God, and kepist hise heestis and cerymonys, that ben writun in this lawe, and thou turne ayen to thi Lord God in al thin herte, and in al thi soule. Yet so if thou hear the voice of the Lord thy God, and keep his precepts and ceremonies, which are written in this law: and return to the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul.  
11 Mandatum hoc, quod ego præcipio tibi hodie, non supra te est, neque procul positum, This comaundement whiche Y comaunde to thee to day, This commandment, that I command thee this day is not above thee, nor far off from thee:  
12 nec in cælo situm, ut possis dicere: Quis nostrum valet ad cælum ascendere, ut deferat illud ad nos, et audiamus atque opere compleamus? is not aboue thee, nethir is set fer, nethir is set in heuene, that thou maist seie, Who of vs may stie to heuene, that he brynge it to vs, and we here, and fille in werk? Nor is it in heaven, that thou shouldst say: Which of us can go up to heaven to bring it unto us, and we may hear and fulfil it in work?  
13 neque trans mare positum: ut causeris, et dicas: Quis ex nobis poterit transfretare mare, et illud ad nos usque deferre, ut possimus audire et facere quod præceptum est? nether it is set biyende the see, that thou pleyne, and seye, Who of vs may passe ouer the see, and brynge it til to vs, that we moun here and do that that is comaundid? Nor is it beyond the sea: that thou mayst excuse thyself, and say: Which of us can cross the sea, and bring it unto us: that we may hear, and do that which is commanded?  
14 sed juxta te est sermo valde, in ore tuo, et in corde tuo, ut facias illum. But the word is ful nyy thee, in thi mouth and in thin herte, that thou do it. But the word is very nigh unto thee, in thy mouth and in thy heart, that thou mayst do it.  
15 Considera quod hodie proposuerim in conspectu tuo, vitam et bonum, et e contrario mortem et malum: Biholde thou, that to day Y haue set forth in thi siyt lijf and good, and ayenward deeth and yuel; Consider that I have set before thee this day life and good, and on the other hand death and evil:  
16 ut diligas Dominum Deum tuum, et ambules in viis ejus, et custodias mandata illius ac cæremonias atque judicia: et vivas, atque multiplicet te, benedicatque tibi in terra, ad quam ingredieris possidendam. that thou loue thi Lord God, and go in hise weies, and kepe hise heestis, and cerymonyes, and domes; and that thou lyue, and he multiplie thee, and blesse thee in the lond to which thou schalt entre to welde. That thou mayst love the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways, and keep his commandments and ceremonies and judgments, and thou mayst live, and he may multiply thee, and bless thee in the land, which thou shalt go in to possess.  
17 Si autem aversum fuerit cor tuum, et audire nolueris, atque errore deceptus adoraveris deos alienos, et servieris eis: But if thin herte is turned awey, and thou nylt here, and thou art disseyued bi errour, and worschipist alien goddis, But if thy heart be turned away, so that thou wilt not hear, and being deceived with error thou adore strange gods, and serve them:  
18 prædico tibi hodie quod pereas, et parvo tempore moreris in terra, ad quam, Jordane transmisso, ingredieris possidendam. and seruest hem, Y biforseie to thee to dai, that thou schalt perische, and schalt dwelle litil tyme in the lond to which thou schalt entre to welde, whanne thou schalt passe Jordan. I foretell thee this day that thou shalt perish, and shalt remain but a short time in the land, to which thou shalt pass over the Jordan, and shalt go in to possess it.  
19 Testes invoco hodie cælum et terram, quod proposuerim vobis vitam et mortem, benedictionem et maledictionem. Elige ergo vitam, ut et tu vivas, et semen tuum: Y clepe to day heuene and erthe witnesses, that is, aungels and men, that Y haue set forth to you lijf and deeth, good and yuel, blessyng and cursyng; therfor chese thou lijf, that bothe thou lyue and thi seed, I call heaven and earth to witness this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose therefore life, that both thou and thy seed may live:  
20 et diligas Dominum Deum tuum, atque obedias voci ejus, et illi adhæreas (ipse est enim vita tua, et longitudo dierum tuorum), ut habites in terra, pro qua juravit Dominus patribus tuis, Abraham, Isaac, et Jacob, ut daret eam illis. and that thou loue thi Lord God, and obeie to his vois, and cleue to hym, for he is thi lijf, and the lengthe of thi daies; that thou dwelle in the lond, for which the Lord swoor to thi fadris, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that he schulde yyue it to hem. And that thou mayst love the Lord thy God, and obey his voice, and adhere to him (for he is thy life, and the length of thy days,) that thou mayst dwell in the land, for which the Lord swore to thy fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that he would give it them.