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1 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Hæc sunt verba quæ locutus est Moyses ad omnem Israël trans Jordanem in solitudine campestri, contra mare Rubrum, inter Pharan et Tophel et Laban et Haseroth, ubi auri est plurimum: These ben the wordis whiche Moyses spak to al Israel ouer Jordan, in the wildirnesse of the feeld, ayens the reed see, bitwix Pharan and Tophel and Laban and Asseroth, where is ful myche gold, These are the words, which Moses spoke to all Israel beyond the Jordan, in the plain wilderness, over against the Red Sea, between Pharan and Thophel and Laban and Haseroth, where there is very much gold: DEUTERONOMY. Introduction Dt.1.1-8
2 undecim diebus de Horeb per viam montis Seir usque ad Cadesbarne. by enleuene daies fro Oreb bi the weie of the hil of Seir, til to Cades Barne. Eleven days' journey from Horeb by the way of Mount Seir to Cadesbarne.  
3 Quadragesimo anno, undecimo mense, prima die mensis, locutus est Moyses ad filios Israël omnia quæ præceperat illi Dominus, ut diceret eis, In the fortithe yeer, in the enleuenth monethe, in the firste dai of the monethe, Moises spak to the sones of Israel alle thingis whiche the Lord commandide to hym that he schulde seie to hem, In the fortieth year, the eleventh month, the first day of the month, Moses spoke to the children of Israel all that the Lord had commanded him to say to them:  
4 postquam percussit Sehon regem Amorrhæorum, qui habitabat in Hesebon, et Og regem Basan, qui mansit in Astaroth, et in Edrai, after that he smoot Seon, kyng of Ammorreis, that dwellide in Esebon, and Og, the kyng of Basan, that dwelide in Asseroth and in Edray, ouer Jordan, in the lond of Moab. After that he had slain Sehon king of the Amorrhites, who dwelt in Hesebon: and Og king of Basan who abode in Astaroth, and in Edrai,  
5 trans Jordanem in terra Moab. Cœpitque Moyses explanare legem, et dicere: And Moyses bigan to declare the lawe, and to seie, Beyond the Jordan in the land of Moab. And Moses began to expound the law, and to say:  
6 Dominus Deus noster locutus est ad nos in Horeb, dicens: Sufficit vobis quod in hoc monte mansistis: Oure Lord God spak to vs in Oreb, and seide, It suffisith to you that ye han dwellid in this hil; The Lord our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: You have stayed long enough in this mountain:  
7 revertimini, et venite ad montem Amorrhæorum, et ad cetera quæ ei proxima sunt campestria atque montana et humiliora loca contra meridiem, et juxta littus maris, terram Chananæorum, et Libani usque ad flumen magnum Euphraten. turne ye ayen, and come ye to the hil of Amorreis, and to othere placis that ben next it; to places of feeldis, and of hillis, and to lowere places ayens the south, and bisidis the brenke of the see, to the lond of Cananeys, and of Liban, til to the greet flood Eufrates. Turn you, and come to the mountain of the Amorrhites, and to the other places that are next to it, the plains and the hills and the vales towards the south, and by the sea shore, the land of the Chanaanites, and of Libanus, as far as the great river Euphrates.  
8 En, inquit, tradidi vobis: ingredimini et possidete eam, super qua juravit Dominus patribus vestris Abraham, Isaac, et Jacob, ut daret illam eis, et semini eorum post eos. Lo, he seith, Y haue youe to you; entre ye, and welde ye that lond on which the Lord swoor to youre fadrys, Abraham, Ysaac, and Jacob, that he schulde yyue it to hem, and to her seed after hem. Behold, said he, I have delivered it to you: go in and possess it, concerning which the Lord swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that he would give it to them, and to their seed after them.  
9 Dixique vobis illo in tempore: And Y seide to you in that time, Y may not aloone susteyne you, for youre Lord God hath multiplied you, And I said to you at that time: Appointment of Judges. Dt.1.9-18 | Ex.18.13-27 
10 Non possum solus sustinere vos: quia Dominus Deus vester multiplicavit vos, et estis hodie sicut stellæ cæli, plurimi. and ye ben ful many to dai, as the sterris of heuene; I alone am not able to bear you: for the Lord your God hath multiplied you, and you are this day as the stars of heaven, for multitude.  
11 (Dominus Deus patrum vestrorum addat ad hunc numerum multa millia, et benedicat vobis sicut locutus est.) the Lord God of youre fadris adde to this noumbre many thousyndis, and blesse you, as he spak. (The Lord God of your fathers add to this number many thousands, and bless you as he hath spoken.)  
12 Non valeo solus negotia vestra sustinere, et pondus ac jurgia. Y may not aloone susteyne youre causis, and birthun, and stryues; yyue ye of you men wise in dyuyn thingis, I alone am not able to bear your business, and the charge of you and your differences.  
13 Date ex vobis viros sapientes et gnaros, et quorum conversatio sit probata in tribubus vestris, ut ponam eos vobis principes. and witti in mennus thingis worthi to be don, whose conuersacioun is preued in youre lynagis, that Y sette hem princes to you. Let me have from among you wise and understanding men, and such whose conversation is approved among your tribes, that I may appoint them your rulers.  
14 Tunc respondistis mihi: Bona res est, quam vis facere. Thanne ye answeriden to me, The thing is good which thou wolt do. Then you answered me: The thing is good which thou meanest to do.  
15 Tulique de tribubus vestris viros sapientes et nobiles, et constitui eos principes, tribunos, et centuriones, et quinquagenarios ac decanos, qui docerent vos singula. And Y took of youre lynagis men wise and noble, in vertues and kyn; and Y ordeynede hem princis, tribunes, and centuryouns, and quynquagenaries, and denys, whiche schulden teche you all thingis. And I took out of your tribes men wise and honourable, and appointed them rulers, tribunes, and centurions, and officers over fifties, and over tens, who might teach you all things.  
16 Præcepique eis, dicens: Audite illos, et quod justum est judicate: sive civis sit ille, sive peregrinus. And Y comaundide to hem, and seide, Here ye hem, and deme ye that that is iust, whether he be a citeseyn, whether a pilgrym. And I commanded them, saying: Hear them, and judge that which is just: whether he be one of your country, or a stranger.  
17 Nulla erit distantia personarum: ita parvum audietis ut magnum, nec accipietis cujusquam personam, quia Dei judicium est. Quod si difficile vobis visum aliquid fuerit, referte ad me, et egoaudiam. No difference schal be of persones; ye schulen here so a litil man, that is, pore, as a greet man, nether ye schulen take the persoone of ony man, for it is the doom of God. That if ony thing semeth hard to you, telle ye to me, and Y schal here. There shall be no difference of persons, you shall hear the little as well as the great: neither shall you respect any man's person, because it is the judgment of God. And if any thing seem hard to you, refer it to me, and I will hear it.  
18 Præcepique omnia quæ facere deberetis. And Y comaundide alle thingis whiche ye ouyten to do. And I commanded you all things that you were to do.  
19 Profecti autem de Horeb, transivimus per eremum terribilem et maximam, quam vidistis, per viam montis Amorrhæi, sicut præceperat Dominus Deus noster nobis. Cumque venissemus in Cadesbarne, Forsothe we yeden forth fro Oreb, and passiden bi a feerdful deseert, and grettiste wildirnesse, which ye sien, bi the weye of the hil of Ammorrey, as oure Lord God comaundide to vs. And whanne we hadden come in to Cades Barne, And departing from Horeb, we passed through the terrible and vast wilderness, which you saw, by the way of the mountain of the Amorrhite, as the Lord our God had commanded us. And when we were come into Cadesbarne, KADESH BARNEA: report of the spies. Dt.1.19-33 | Nu.13.1-33 
20 dixi vobis: Venistis ad montem Amorrhæi, quem Dominus Deus noster daturus est nobis: Y seide to you, Ye ben comen to the hil of Ammorrey, which youre Lord God schal yyue to you; I said to you: You are come to the mountain of the Amorrhite, which the Lord our God will give to us.  
21 vide terram, quam Dominus Deus tuus dat tibi: ascende et posside eam, sicut locutus est Dominus Deus noster patribus tuis: noli timere, nec quidquam paveas. se thou the lond which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee; stie thou, and welde it, as oure Lord God spak to thi fadris; nyle thou drede, nether drede thou in herte ony thing. See the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee: go up and possess it, as the Lord our God hath spoken to thy fathers: fear not, nor be any way discouraged.  
22 Et accessistis ad me omnes, atque dixistis: Mittamus viros qui considerent terram: et renuntient per quod iter debeamus ascendere, et ad quas pergere civitates. And alle ye neiyiden to me, and ye seiden, Sende we men, that schulen biholde the lond, and telle to vs bi what weye we owen stie, and to whiche citees we owen to go. And you came all to me, and said: Let us send men who may view the land, and bring us word what way we shall go up, and to what cities we shall go.  
23 Cumque mihi sermo placuisset, misi ex vobis duodecim viros, singulos de tribubus suis. And whanne the word pleside to me, Y sente of you twelue men, of ech lynage oon. And because the saying pleased me, I sent of you twelve men, one of every tribe:  
24 Qui cum perrexissent, et ascendissent in montana, venerunt usque ad Vallem botri: et considerata terra, And whanne thei hadden go, and hadden stied in to the hilli places, thei camen til to the valei of Clustre; and whanne thei hadden biholde the lond, Who, when they had set forward and had gone up to the mountains, came as far as the valley of the cluster: and having viewed the land,  
25 sumentes de fructibus ejus, ut ostenderent ubertatem, attulerunt ad nos, atque dixerunt: Bona est terra, quam Dominus Deus noster daturus est nobis. thei token of the fruytis therof, to schewe the plentee, and brouyten to vs, and seiden, The lond is good which oure Lord God schal yyue to vs. Taking of the fruits thereof, to shew its fertility, they brought them to us, and said: The land is good, which the Lord our God will give us.  
26 Et noluistis ascendere, sed increduli ad sermonem Domini Dei nostri, And ye nolden stie, but ye weren vnbileueful to the word of oure Lord God. And you would not go up, but being incredulous to the word of the Lord our God,  
27 murmurastis in tabernaculis vestris, atque dixistis: Odit nos Dominus, et idcirco eduxit nos de terra Ægypti, ut traderet nos in manu Amorrhæi, atque deleret. And ye grutchiden in youre tabernaclis, and ye seiden, The Lord hatith vs, and herfor he ledde vs out of the lond of Egipt, that he schulde bitake vs in the hond of Ammorey, and schulde do awei vs. You murmured in your tents, and said: The Lord hateth us, and therefore he hath brought us out of the land of Egypt, that he might deliver us into the hand of the Amorrhite, and destroy us.  
28 Quo ascendemus? nuntii terruerunt cor nostrum, dicentes: Maxima multitudo est, et nobis statura procerior; urbes magnæ, et ad cælum usque munitæ: filios Enacim vidimus ibi. Whidur schulen we stie? the messangeris maden aferd oure herte, and seiden, A grettiste multitude is, and largere in stature than we; the citees ben greete, and wallid til to the heuene; we sien there the sones of Enachym, that is, giauntis. Whither shall we go up? the messengers have terrified our hearts, saying: The multitude is very great, and taller than we: the cities are great, and walled up td the sky, we have seen the sons of the Enacims there.  
29 Et dixi vobis: Nolite metuere, nec timeatis eos: And Y seide to you, Nyle ye drede with ynne, nether drede withoutforth; the Lord God hym silf, And I said to you: Fear not, neither be ye afraid of them:  
30 Dominus Deus, qui ductor est vester, pro vobis ipse pugnabit, sicut fecit in Ægypto cunctis videntibus. which is youre ledere, schal fiyte for you, as he dide in Egipt, while alle men sien. The Lord God, who is your leader, himself will fight for you, as he did in Egypt in the sight of all.  
31 Et in solitudine (ipse vidisti) portavit te Dominus Deus tuus, ut solet homo gestare parvulum filium suum, in omni via per quam ambulastis, donec veniretis ad locum istum. And ye sien in the wildirnesse, thi Lord God bar thee, as a man is wont to bere his litil sone, in al the weie bi which ye yeden til ye camen to this place. And in the wilderness (as thou hast seen) the Lord thy God hath carried thee, as a man is wont to carry his little son, all the way that you have come, until you came to this place.  
32 Et nec sic quidem credidistis Domino Deo vestro, And sotheli nether so ye bileueden to youre Lord God, that yede bifor you in the weie, And yet for all this you did not believe the Lord your God,  
33 qui præcessit vos in via, et metatus est locum in quo tentoria figere deberetis, nocte ostendens vobis iter per ignem, et die per columnam nubis. and mesuride the place in which ye ouyten to sette tentis, and schewide in nyyt the weie to you bi fier, and in dai bi a piler of cloude. Who went before you in the way, and marked out the place, wherein you should pitch your tents, in the night shewing you the way by fire, and in the day by the pillar of a cloud.  
34 Cumque audisset Dominus vocem sermonum vestrorum, iratus juravit, et ait: And whanne the Lord hadde herd the vois of youre wordis, he was wrooth, And when the Lord had heard the voice of your words, he was angry and swore, and said: Israel punished. Dt.1.34-45 | Nu.14.20-45 
35 Non videbit quispiam de hominibus generationis hujus pessimæ terram bonam, quam sub juramento pollicitus sum patribus vestris, and swoor, and seide, Noon of the men of this werste generacioun schal se the good lond, which Y bihiyte vndur an ooth to youre fadris, Not one of the men of this wicked generation shall see the good land, which I promised with an oath to your fathers:  
36 præter Caleb filium Jephone: ipse enim videbit eam, et ipsi dabo terram, quam calcavit, et filiis ejus, quia secutus est Dominum. outakun Caleph, the sone of Jephone; for he schal se it, and Y schal yyue to hym the lond on which he trad, and to hise sones, for he suede the Lord. Except Caleb the son of Jephone: for he shall see it, and to him I will give the land that he hath trodden upon, and to his children, because he hath followed the Lord.  
37 Nec miranda indignatio in populum, cum mihi quoque iratus Dominus propter vos dixerit: Nec tu ingredieris illuc: Nether the indignacioun ayens the puple is wondirful, sithen the Lord was wrooth also to me for you, and seide, Neither is his indignation against the people to be wondered at, since the Lord was angry with me also on your account, and said: Neither shalt thou go in thither.  
38 sed Josue filius Nun minister tuus, ipse intrabit pro te. Hunc exhortare et robora, et ipse sorte terram dividet Israëli. Nether thou schalt entre thidur, but Josue, the sone of Nun, thi mynystre, he schal entre for thee; excyte and strengthe thou him, and he schal departe the lond bi lot to Israel. But Josue the son of Nun, thy minister, he shall go in for thee: exhort and encourage him, and he shall divide the land by lot to Israel.  
39 Parvuli vestri, de quibus dixistis quod captivi ducerentur, et filii qui hodie boni ac mali ignorant distantiam, ipsi ingredientur: et ipsis dabo terram, et possidebunt eam. Youre litle children, of whiche ye seiden, that thei schulden be led prisoneris, and the sones that kunnen not to dai the diuersite of good and of yuel, thei schulen entre; and Y schal yyue to hem the lond, and thei schulen welde it. Your children, of whom you said that they should be led away captives, and your sons who know not this day the difference of good and evil, they shall go in: and to them I will give the land, and they shall possess it.  
40 Vos autem revertimini, et abite in solitudinem per viam maris Rubri. Sotheli turne ye ayen, and go ye in to the wildirnesse, bi the weie of the Reed See. But return you and go into the wilderness by the way of the Red Sea.  
41 Et respondistis mihi: Peccavimus Domino: ascendemus et pugnabimus, sicut præcepit Dominus Deus noster. Cumque instructi armis pergeretis in montem, And ye answeriden to me, We synneden to the Lord; we schulen stie, and we schulen fiyte, as oure Lord God comaundide. And whanne ye weren arayed with armeris, and yeden into the hil, the Lord seide to me,  
42 ait mihi Dominus: Dic ad eos: Nolite ascendere, neque pugnetis: non enim sum vobiscum: ne cadatis coram inimicis vestris. Seie thou to hem, Nyle ye stye, nether fiyte ye, for Y am not with you, lest ye fallen bifor youre enemyes. The Lord said to me: Say to them: Go not up, and fight not, for I am not with you: lest you fall before your enemies.  
43 Locutus sum, et non audistis: sed adversantes imperio Domini, et tumentes superbia, ascendistis in montem. Y spak, and ye herden not; but ye weren aduersaries to the comaundement of the Lord, and bolnden with prijde, and stieden in to the hil. I spoke, and you hearkened not: but resisting the commandment of the Lord, and swelling with pride, you went up into the mountain.  
44 Itaque egressus Amorrhæus, qui habitabat in montibus, et obviam veniens, persecutus est vos, sicut solent apes persequi: et cecidit de Seir usque Horma. Therfor Ammorrey yede out, that dwellide in the hillis, and he cam ayens you, and pursuede you, as bees ben wont to pursue, and killide fro Seir til Horma. And whanne ye turneden ayen, And the Amorrhite that dwelt in the mountains coming out, and meeting you, chased you, as bees do: and made slaughter of you from Seir as far as Horma.  
45 Cumque reversi ploraretis coram Domino, non audivit vos, nec voci vestræ voluit acquiescere. and wepten bifor the Lord, he herde not you, nether wolde asente to youre vois; And when you returned and wept before the Lord, he heard you not, neither would he yield to ;your voice.  
46 Sedistis ergo in Cadesbarne multo tempore. therfor ye saten in Cades Barne bi myche tyme. So you abode in Cadesbarne a long time. The years in the wilderness. Dt.1.46-2.25