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13 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Si surrexerit in medio tui prophetes, aut qui somnium vidisse se dicat, et prædixerit signum atque portentum, If a prophete risith in the myddis of thee, ethir he that seith hym silf to haue seyn a dreem, and he biforseith a signe and a wondur to comynge aftir, If there rise in the midst of thee a prophet or one that saith he hath dreamed a dream, and he foretell a sign and a wonder, Idolatry. Dt.13.1-18
2 et evenerit quod locutus est, et dixerit tibi: Eamus, et sequamur deos alienos quos ignoras, et serviamus eis: and this that he spak bifallith, and he seith to thee, Go we, and sue alien goddis, whiche thou knowist not, and serue we hem, And that come to pass which he spoke, and he say to thee: Let us go and follow strange gods, which thou knowest not, and let us serve them:  
3 non audies verba prophetæ illius aut somniatoris: quia tentat vos Dominus Deus vester, ut palam fiat utrum diligatis eum an non, in toto corde, et in tota anima vestra. thou schalt not here the wordis of that prophete, ether of dremere; for youre Lord God assaieth you, that he wite opynli whether ye louen hym ether nay, in al youre herte, and in al youre soule. Thou shalt not hear the words of that prophet or dreamer: for the Lord your God trieth you, that it may appear whether you love him with all your heart, and with all your soul, or not.  
4 Dominum Deum vestrum sequimini, et ipsum timete, et mandata illius custodite, et audite vocem ejus: ipsi servietis, et ipsi adhærebitis. Sue ye youre Lord, and drede ye hym; kepe ye his comaundementis, and here ye the vois of hym; ye schulen serue hym, and ye schulen cleue to hym. Follow the Lord your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and hear his voice: him you shall serve, and to him you shall cleave.  
5 Propheta autem ille aut fictor somniorum interficietur: quia locutus est ut vos averteret a Domino Deo vestro, qui eduxit vos de terra Ægypti, et redemit vos de domo servitutis: ut errare te faceret de via, quam tibi præcepit Dominus Deus tuus: et auferes malum de medio tui. Forsothe thilke prophete, ether the feynere of dremes, schal be slayn; for he spak that he schulde turne you awei fro youre Lord God, that ladde you out of the lond of Egipt, and ayenbouyte you fro the hous of seruage, that thilke prophete schulde make thee to erre fro the weie which thi Lord God comaundide to thee; and thou schalt do awey yuel fro the myddis of thee. And that prophet or forger of dreams shall be slain: because he spoke to draw you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you from the house of bondage: to make thee go out of the way, which the Lord thy God commanded thee: and thou shalt take away the evil out of the midst of thee.  
6 Si tibi voluerit persuadere frater tuus filius matris tuæ, aut filius tuus vel filia, sive uxor quæ est in sinu tuo, aut amicus, quem diligis ut animam tuam, clam dicens: Eamus, et serviamus diis alienis, quos ignoras tu, et patres tui, If thi brothir, the sone of thi modir, ether thi sone, ethir thi douyter, ether the wijf which is in thi bosum, ethir thi freend whom thou louest as thi soule, wole counsele thee, and seith priueli, Go we and serue alien goddis, whiche thou knowist not, If thy brother the son of thy mother, or thy son, or daughter, or thy wife that is in thy bosom, or thy friend, whom thou lovest as thy own soul, would persuade thee secretly, saying: Let us go, and serve strange gods, which thou knowest not, nor thy fathers,  
7 cunctarum in circuitu gentium, quæ juxta vel procul sunt, ab initio usque ad finem terræ, and thi fadris, of alle the folkis in cumpas, that ben niy ether fer, fro the bigynnyng til to the ende of the lond, Of all the nations round about, that are near or afar off, from one end of the earth to the other,  
8 non acquiescas ei, nec audias, neque parcat ei oculus tuus ut miserearis et occultes eum, assente thou not to hym, nether here thou, nether thin iyen spare hym, that thou haue mercy, Consent not to him, hear him not, neither let thy eye spare him to pity and conceal him,  
9 sed statim interficies: sit primum manus tua super eum, et postea omnis populus mittat manum. and hide hym, but anoon thou schalt sle hym. Thin hond be fyrst on him and aftir thee al the puple putte to hond. But thou shalt presently put him to death. It Let thy hand be first upon him, and afterwards the hands of all the people.  
10 Lapidibus obrutus necabitur: quia voluit te abstrahere a Domino Deo tuo, qui eduxit te de terra Ægypti, de domo servitutis: He schal be oppressid with stoonus, and schal be slayn; for he wolde drawe thee awei fro thi Lord God, that ledde thee out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hous of seruage, With stones shall he be stoned to death: because he would have withdrawn thee from the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage:  
11 ut omnis Israël audiens timeat, et nequaquam ultra faciat quippiam hujus rei simile. that al Israel here and drede, and do no more ony thing lijk this thing. That all Israel hearing may fear, and may do no more any thing like this.  
12 Si audieris in una urbium tuarum, quas Dominus Deus tuus dabit tibi ad habitandum, dicentes aliquos: If thou herist ony men seiynge in oon of thi citees, whiche thi Lord God schal yyue to thee to enhabite, If in one of thy cities, which the Lord thy God shall give thee to dwell in, thou hear some say:  
13 Egressi sunt filii Belial de medio tui, et averterunt habitatores urbis suæ, atque dixerunt: Eamus, et serviamus diis alienis quos ignoratis: The sones of Belial yeden out fro the myddis of thee, and turneden awei the dwelleris of the citee, and seiden, Go we, and serue alien goddis whiche ye knowen not, Children of Belial are gone out of the midst of thee, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, and have said: Let us go, and serve strange gods which you know not:  
14 quare sollicite et diligenter, rei veritate perspecta, si inveneris certum esse quod dicitur, et abominationem hanc opere perpetratam, enquere thou bisili, and whanne the treuthe of the thing is biholdun diligentli, if thou fyndist that this thing is certeyn, which is seid, and that this abhominacioun is doon in werk, Inquire carefully and diligently, the truth of the thing by looking well into it, and if thou find that which is said to be certain, and that this abomination hath been really committed,  
15 statim percuties habitatores urbis illius in ore gladii, et delebis eam ac omnia quæ in illa sunt, usque ad pecora. anoon thou schalt smyte the dwelleris of that citee bi the scharpnesse of swerd, and thou schalt do it awey, and alle thingis that ben ther ynne, til to beestis. Thou shalt forthwith kill the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, and shalt destroy it and all things that are in it, even the cattle.  
16 Quidquid etiam supellectilis fuerit, congregabis in medio platearum ejus, et cum ipsa civitate succendes, ita ut universa consumas Domino Deo tuo, et sit tumulus sempiternus. Non ædificabitur amplius, Also what euer thing of purtenaunce of houshold is, thou schalt gadere in the myddis of the stretis therof, and thou schalt brenne with that citee, so that thou waste alle thingis to thi Lord God, and it be a biriel euerlastynge; it schal no more be bildid. And all the household goods that are there, thou shalt gather together in the midst of the streets thereof, and shalt burn them with the city itself, so as to consume all for the Lord thy God, and that it be a heap for ever: it shall be built no more.  
17 et non adhærebit de illo anathemate quidquam in manu tua: ut avertatur Dominus ab ira furoris sui, et misereatur tui, multiplicetque te sicut juravit patribus tuis, And no thing of that cursyng schal cleue in thin hond, that the Lord be turned awei fro the yre of his strong veniaunce, and haue mercy on thee, and multiplie thee, as he swoor to thi fadris. And there shall nothing of that anathema stick to thy hand: that the Lord may turn from the wrath of his fury, and may have mercy on thee, and multiply thee as he swore to thy fathers,  
18 quando audieris vocem Domini Dei tui custodiens omnia præcepta ejus, quæ ego præcipio tibi hodie, ut facias quod placitum est in conspectu Domini Dei tui. Whanne thou hast herd the vois of thi Lord God, thou schalt kepe alle hise heestis whiche Y comaunde to thee to day, that thou do that that is plesaunt in the siyt of thi Lord God. When thou shalt hear the voice of the Lord thy God, keeping all his precepts, which I command thee this day, that thou mayst do what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord thy God.