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23 DEUTERONOMIUM Deuteronomy - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Deuteronomy - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Non intravit eunuchus, attritis vel amputatis testiculis et abscisso veretro, ecclesiam Domini. A geldyng whanne hise stoonys ben brokun, ethir kit awey, and his yerde is kit awei, schal not entre in to the chirche of the Lord. An eunuch, whose testicles are broken or cut away, or yard cut off, shall not enter into the church of the Lord. Exclusions from the Lord's people. Dt.23.1-8
2 Non ingredietur mamzer, hoc est, de scorto natus, in ecclesiam Domini, usque ad decimam generationem. A child borun of hordom schal not entre in to the chirche of the Lord, til to the tenthe generacioun. A mamzer, that is to say, one born of a prostitute, shall not enter into the church of the Lord, until the tenth generation.  
3 Ammonites et Moabites etiam post decimam generationem non intrabunt ecclesiam Domini in æternum: Ammonytis and Moabitis, yhe aftir the tenthe generacioun, schulen not entre into the chirche of the Lord with outen ende; The Ammonite and the Moabite, even after the tenth generation shall not enter into the church of the Lord for ever:  
4 quia noluerunt vobis occurrere cum pane et aqua in via quando egressi estis de Ægypto: et quia conduxerunt contra te Balaam filium Beor de Mesopotamia Syriæ, ut malediceret tibi: for thei nolden come to you with breed and watir in the weie, whanne ye yeden out of Egipt; and for thei hireden ayens thee Balaam, the sone of Beor, fro Mesopotanye of Sirye, that he schulde curse thee; Because they would not meet you with bread and water in the way, when you came out of Egypt: hand because they hired against thee Balaam, the son of Beer, from Mesopotamia in Syria, to curse thee.  
5 et noluit Dominus Deus tuus audire Balaam, vertitque maledictionem ejus in benedictionem tuam, eo quod diligeret te. and thi Lord God nolde here Balaam, and God turnede the cursyng of Balaam in to thi blessyng, for he louyde thee. And the Lord thy God would not hear Balaam, and he turned his cursing into thy blessing, because he loved thee.  
6 Non facies cum eis pacem, nec quæras eis bona cunctis diebus vitæ tuæ in sempiternum. Thou schalt not make pees with hem, nethir thou schalt seke goodis to hem, in alle the daies of thi lijf in to with outen ende. Thou shalt not make peace with them, neither shalt thou seek their prosperity all the days of thy life for ever.  
7 Non abominaberis Idumæum, quia frater tuus est: nec Ægyptium, quia advena fuisti in terra ejus. Thou schalt not haue abhomynacioun of a man of Ydumye, for he is thi brothir, nethir of a man of Egipt, for thou were a comelyng in the lond of hym. Thou shalt not abhor the Edomite, because he is thy brother: nor the Egyptian, because thou wast a stranger in his land.  
8 Qui nati fuerint ex eis, tertia generatione intrabunt in ecclesiam Domini. Thei that ben borun of hem, schulen entre in the thridde generacioun in to the chirche of the Lord. They that are born of them, in the third generation shall enter into the church of the Lord.  
9 Quando egressus fueris adversus hostes tuos in pugnam, custodies te ab omni re mala. Whanne thou schalt go out in to batel ayens thin enemyes, thou schalt kepe thee fro al yuel thing. When thou goest out to war against thy enemies, thou shalt keep thyself from every evil thing. Camp sanitation. Dt.23.9-14
10 Si fuerit inter vos homo, qui nocturno pollutus sit somnio, egredietur extra castra, If a man is among you, which is defoulid in sleep of nyyt, he schal go out of the castels; If there be among you any man, that is defiled in a dream by night, he shall go forth out of the camp.  
11 et non revertetur, priusquam ad vesperam lavetur aqua: et post solis occasum regredietur in castra. and he schal not turne ayen bifore that he be waischun in watir at euentid, and aftir the goyng doun of the sunne he schal go ayen in to the castels. And shall not return, before he be washed with water in the evening: and after sunset he shall return into the camp.  
12 Habebis locum extra castra, ad quem egrediaris ad requisita naturæ, Thou schalt haue a place without the castels, to which thou schalt go out to nedeful thingis of kynde; Thou shalt have a place without the camp, to which thou mayst go for the necessities of nature,  
13 gerens paxillum in balteo: cumque sederis, fodies per circuitum, et egesta humo operies and thou schalt bere a litil stake in the girdil; and whanne thou hast sete, thou schalt digge bi cumpas, and thou schalt hile with erthe thingis defied out, Carrying a paddle at thy girdle. And when thou sittest down, thou shalt dig round about, and with the earth that is dug up thou shalt cover  
14 quo revelatus es: Dominus enim Deus tuus ambulat in medio castrorum, ut eruat te, et tradat tibi inimicos tuos: et sint castra tua sancta, et nihil in eis appareat fœditatis, ne derelinquat te. where thou art releuyd. For thi Lord God goeth in the myddis of castels, that he diliuere thee, and bitake thin enemyes to thee, that thi castels be hooli, and no thing of filthe appere in tho, lest he forsake thee. That which thou art eased of: (for the Lord thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thy enemies to thee:) and let thy camp be holy, and let no uncleanness appear therein, lest he go away from thee.  
15 Non trades servum domino suo, qui ad te confugerit. Thou schalt not bitake a seruaunt to his lord, which seruaunt fleeth to thee; Thou shalt not deliver to his master the servant that is fled to thee. Incidental laws. Dt.23.15-25
16 Habitabit tecum in loco, qui ei placuerit, et in una urbium tuarum requiescet: ne contristes eum. he schal dwelle with thee in the place that plesith hym, and he schal reste in oon of thi citees; and make thou not hym sori. He shall dwell with thee ill the place that shall please him, and shall rest, in one of thy cities: give him no trouble.  
17 Non erit meretrix de filiabus Israël, nec scortator de filiis Israël. Noon hoore schal be of the douytris of Israel, nether a letchour of the sones of Israel. There shall be no whore among the daughters of Israel, nor whoremonger among the sons of Israel.  
18 Non offeres mercedem prostibuli, nec pretium canis in domo Domini Dei tui, quidquid illud est quod voveris: quia abominatio est utrumque apud Dominum Deum tuum. Thou schalt not offre the hire of an hoore hows, nether the prijs of a dogge, in the hows of thi Lord God, what euer thing it is that thou hast avowid; for euer eithir is abhomynacioun bifor thi Lord God. Thou shalt not offer the hire of a strumpet, nor the price of a dog, in the house of the Lord thy God, whatsoever it be that thou hast vowed: because both these are an abomination to the Lord thy God.  
19 Non fœnerabis fratri tuo ad usuram pecuniam, nec fruges, nec quamlibet aliam rem: Thou schalt not leene to thi brothir to vsure money, neither fruytis, Thou shalt not lend to thy brother money to usury, nor corn, nor any other thing:  
20 sed alieno. Fratri autem tuo absque usura id quo indiget, commodabis: ut benedicat tibi Dominus Deus tuus in omni opere tuo in terra, ad quam ingredieris possidendam. nethir ony othir thing, but to an alien. Forsothe thou schalt leene to thi brothir without vsure that that he nedith, that thi Lord God blesse thee in al thi werk, in the lond to which thou schalt entre to welde. But to the stranger. To thy brother thou shalt lend that which he wanteth, without usury: that the Lord thy God may bless thee in all thy works in the land, which thou shalt go in to possess.  
21 Cum votum voveris Domino Deo tuo, non tardabis reddere: quia requiret illud Dominus Deus tuus, et si moratus fueris, reputabitur tibi in peccatum. Whanne thou makist auow to thi Lord God, thou schalt not tarie to yelde, for thi Lord God schal requyre, ether axe, that; and if thou tariest, it schal be arretid to thee in to synne. When thou hast made a vow to the Lord thy God, thou shalt not delay to pay it: because the Lord thy God will require it. And if thou delay, it shall be imputed to thee for a sin.  
22 Si nolueris polliceri, absque peccato eris. If thou nylt bihete, thou schalt be with out synne. If thou wilt not promise, thou shalt be without sin.  
23 Quod autem semel egressum est de labiis tuis, observabis, et facies sicut promisisti Domino Deo tuo, et propria voluntate et ore tuo locutus es. Forsothe thou schalt kepe, and do that that yede out onys of thi lippis, as thou bihiytist to thi Lord God, and hast spoke with thin owne wille and thi mouth. But that which is once gone out of thy lips, thou shalt observe, and shalt do as thou hast promised to the Lord thy God, and hast spoken with thy own will and with thy own mouth.  
24 Ingressus vineam proximi tui, comede uvas, quantum tibi placuerit: foras autem ne efferas tecum. If thou entrist in to the vynere of thi neiybore, ete thou grapis, as myche as plesith thee; but bere thou not out with thee. Going into thy neighbour's vineyard, thou mayst eat as many grapes as thou pleasest: but must carry none out with thee:  
25 Si intraveris in segetem amici tui, franges spicas, et manu conteres: falce autem non metes. If thou entrist in to the corn of thi freend, thou schalt breke eeris of corn, and frote togidere with the hond; but thou schalt not repe with a sikil. If thou go into thy friend's corn, thou mayst break the ears, and rub them in thy hand: but not reap them with a sickle.