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5 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Si peccaverit anima, et audierit vocem jurantis, testisque fuerit quod aut ipse vidit, aut conscius est: nisi indicaverit, portabit iniquitatem suam. If a soule synneth, and hereth the vois of a swerere, and is witnesse, for ether he siy, ether is witynge, if he schewith not, he schal bere his synne. If any one sin, and hear the voice of one swearing, and is a witness either because he himself hath seen, or is privy to it: if he do not utter it, he shall bear his iniquity. Sin-offerings. Lv.5.1-13
2 Anima quæ tetigerit aliquid immundum, sive quod occisum a bestia est, aut per se mortuum, aut quodlibet aliud reptile: et oblita fuerit immunditiæ suæ, rea est, et deliquit: A persone that touchith ony vnclene thing, ether which is slayn of a beeste, ether is deed bi it silf, ether touchith ony other crepynge beeste, and foryetith his vnclennesse, he is gilti, and trespassith. Whosoever toucheth any unclean thing, either that which hath been killed by a beast, or died of itself, or any other creeping thing: and forgetteth his uncleanness, he is guilty, and hath offended:  
3 et si tetigerit quidquam de immunditia hominis juxta omnem impuritatem, qua pollui solet, oblitaque cognoverit postea, subjacebit delicto. And if he touchith ony thing of the vnclennesse of man, bi al the vnclennesse bi which he is wont to be defoulid, and he foryetith, and knowith afterward, he schal be suget to trespas. And if he touch any thing of the uncleanness of man, according to any uncleanness wherewith he is wont to be defiled, and having forgotten it, come afterwards to know it, he shall be guilty of an offence.  
4 Anima, quæ juraverit, et protulerit labiis suis, ut vel male quid faceret, vel bene, et idipsum juramento et sermone firmaverit, oblitaque postea intellexerit delictum suum, A soule that swerith, and bryngith forth with hise lippis, that it schulde do ether yuel, ether wel, and doith not, and confermeth the same thing with an ooth, ethir with a word, and foryetith, and aftirward vndirstondith his trespas, do it penaunce for synne, The person that sweareth, and uttereth with his lips, that he would do either evil or good, and bindeth the same with an oath, and his word, and having forgotten it afterwards understandeth his offence,  
5 agat pœnitentiam pro peccato, and offre it of the flockis a femal lomb, ethir a goet; Let him do penance for his sin,  
6 et offerat de gregibus agnam sive capram, orabitque pro ea sacerdos et pro peccato ejus. and the preest schal preie for hym, and for his synne. And offer of the flocks an ewe lamb, or a she goat, and the priest shall pray for him and for his sin:  
7 Sin autem non potuerit offerre pecus, offerat duos turtures, vel duos pullos columbarum Domino, unum pro peccato, et alterum in holocaustum, But if he may not offre a beeste, offre he twei turtlis, ethir briddis of culuers to the Lord, oon for synne, and the tother in to brent sacrifice. But if he be not able to offer a beast, let him offer two turtles, or two young pigeons to the Lord, one for sin, and the other for a holocaust,  
8 dabitque eos sacerdoti: qui primum offerens pro peccato, retorquebit caput ejus ad pennulas, ita ut collo hæreat, et non penitus abrumpatur. And he schal yyue tho to the preest, which schal offre the firste for synne, and schal folde ayen the heed therof to the wengis, so that it cleue to the necke, and be not brokyn outirli. And he shall give them to the priest: who shall offer the first for sin, and twist back the head of it to the little pinions, so that it stick to the neck, and be not altogether broken off.  
9 Et asperget de sanguine ejus parietem altaris; quidquid autem reliquum fuerit, faciet distillare ad fundamentum ejus, quia pro peccato est. And the preest schal sprynge the wal of the auter, of the blood therof; sotheli what euer is residue, he schal make to droppe doun at the foundement of the auter, for it is for synne. And of its blood he shall sprinkle the side of the altar, and whatsoever is left, he shall let it drop at the bottom thereof, because it is for sin.  
10 Alterum vero adolebit in holocaustum, ut fieri solet: rogabitque pro eo sacerdos et pro peccato ejus, et dimittetur ei. Sotheli he schal brenne the tother brid in to brent sacrifice, as it is wont to be doon; and the preest schal preie for hym, and for his synne, and it schal be foryouun to hym. And the other he shall burn for a holocaust, as is wont to be done: and the priest shall pray for him, and for his sin, and it shall be forgiven him.  
11 Quod si non quiverit manus ejus duos offerre turtures, aut duos pullos columbarum, offeret pro peccato suo similæ partem ephi decimam: non mittet in eam oleum, nec thuris aliquid imponet, quia pro peccato est. That if his hond mai not offre twei turtlis, ethir twei briddis of culueris, he schal offre for his synne the tenthe part of ephi of wheete flour; he schal not putte oile in to it, nether he schal putte ony thing of encense, for it is for synne. And if his hand be not able to offer two turtles, or two young pigeons, he shall offer for his sin the tenth part of an ephi of flour. He shall not put oil upon it, nor put any frankincense thereon, because it is for sin:  
12 Tradetque eam sacerdoti: qui plenum ex ea pugillum hauriens, cremabit super altare in monimentum ejus qui obtulerit, And he schal yyue it to the preest, which preest schal take vp an handful therof, and schal brenne on the auter, in to mynde of hym that offeride, And he shall deliver it to the priest: who shall take a handful thereof, and shall burn it upon the altar for a memorial of him that offered it:  
13 rogans pro illo et expians: reliquam vero partem ipse habebit in munere. and the preest schal preie for hym, and schal clense; forsothe he schal have the tother part in yifte. Praying for him and making atonement: but the part that is left, he himself shall have for a gift.  
14 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Tythe offerings. Lv.5.14-6.7
15 Anima si prævaricans cæremonias, per errorem, in his quæ Domino sunt sanctificata, peccaverit, offeret pro delicto suo arietem immaculatum de gregibus, qui emi potest duobus siclis, juxta pondus sanctuarii: and seide, If a soule brekith cerymonyes bi errour, and synneth in these thingis that ben halewid to the Lord, it schal offre for his trespas a ram without wem of the flockis, that may be bouyt for twey siclis, bi the weiyte of the seyntuarie. If any one shall sin through mistake, transgressing the ceremonies in those things that are sacrificed to the Lord, he shall offer for his offence a ram without blemish out of the flocks, that may be bought for two sicles, according to the weight of the sanctuary:  
16 ipsumque quod intulit damni restituet, et quintam partem ponet supra, tradens sacerdoti, qui rogabit pro eo offerens arietem, et dimittetur ei. And he schal restore that harm that he dide, and he schal putte the fyuethe part aboue, and schal yyue to the preest, which preest schal preye for hym, and offre the ram, and it schal be foryouun to hym. And he shall make good the damage itself which he hath done, and shall add the fifth part besides, delivering it to the priest, who shall pray for him, offering the ram, and it shall be forgiven him.  
17 Anima si peccaverit per ignorantiam, feceritque unum ex his quæ Domini lege prohibentur, et peccati rea intellexerit iniquitatem suam, A soule that synneth bi ignoraunce, and doith oon of these thingis that ben forbodun in the lawe of the Lord, and is gilti of synne, and vndirstondith his wickidnesse, If any one sin through ignorance, and do one of those things which by the law of the Lord are forbidden, and being guilty of sin, understand his iniquity,  
18 offeret arietem immaculatum de gregibus sacerdoti, juxta mensuram æstimationemque peccati: qui orabit pro eo, quia nesciens fecerit: et dimittetur ei, it schal offre to the preest a ram without wem of the flockis, bi the mesure of estymacioun of synne; and the preest schal preye for hym, for he dide vnwytynge, and it schal be foryouun to him, He shall offer of the hocks a ram without blemish to the priest, according to the measure and estimation of the sin: and the priest shall pray for him, because he did it ignorantly: and it shall be forgiven him,  
19 quia per errorem deliquit in Dominum. for by errour he trespasside ayens the Lord. Because by mistake he trespassed against the Lord.