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16 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen post mortem duorum filiorum Aaron, quando offerentes ignem alienum interfecti sunt: And the Lord spak to Moises, aftir the deeth of the twei sones of Aaron, whanne thei offriden alien fier, and weren slayn, and comaundide to hym, And the Lord spoke to Moses, after the death of the two sons of Aaron, when they were slain upon their offering strange fire: The Day of Atonement. Lv.16.1-19
2 et præcepit ei, dicens: Loquere ad Aaron fratrem tuum, ne omni tempore ingrediatur sanctuarium, quod est intra velum coram propitiatorio quo tegitur arca, ut non moriatur (quia in nube apparebo super oraculum), and seide, Speke thou to Aaron, thi brother, that he entre not in al tyme in to the seyntuarie, which is with ynne the veil bifor the propiciatorie, bi which the arke is hilid, that he die not; for Y schal appere in a cloude on Goddis answeryng place; And he commanded him, saying, Speak to Aaron thy brother, that he enter not at all into the sanctuary, which is within the veil before the propitiatory, with which the ark is covered, lest he die, (for I will appear in a cloud over the oracle,)  
3 nisi hæc ante fecerit: vitulum pro peccato offeret, et arietem in holocaustum. no but he do these thingis bifore. He schal offer a calf for synne, and a ram in to brent sacrifice; Unless he first do these things: He shall offer a calf for sin, and a ram for a holocaust.  
4 Tunica linea vestietur, feminalibus lineis verenda celabit: accingetur zona linea, cidarim lineam imponet capiti: hæc enim vestimenta sunt sancta: quibus cunctis, cum lotus fuerit, induetur. he schal be clothid with a lynnun coote, he schal hide the schamefast membris with pryuy lynnun clothis; he schal be gird with a lynnun girdil, he schal putte a lynnun mytre on his heed; for these clothis ben hooli, with whiche alle he schal be clothid, whanne he is waischun. He shall be vested with a linen tunick, he shall cover his nakedness with linen breeches: he shall be girded with a linen girdle, and he shall put a linen mitre upon his head: for these are holy vestments: all which he shall put on, after he is washed.  
5 Suscipietque ab universa multitudine filiorum Israël duos hircos pro peccato, et unum arietem in holocaustum. And he schal take of al the multitude of the sones of Israel twei kidis for synne, and o ram in to brent sacrifice; And he shall receive from the whole multitude of the children of Israel two buck goats for sin, and one ram for a holocaust.  
6 Cumque obtulerit vitulum, et oraverit pro se et pro domo sua, and whanne he offrith a calf, and preieth for hym, And when he hath offered the calf and prayed for himself, and for his own house,  
7 duos hircos stare faciet coram Domino in ostio tabernaculi testimonii: and for his hows, he schal make twei buckis of geet to stonde bifor the Lord, in the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng; He shall make the two buck goats to stand before the Lord in the door of the tabernacle of the testimony:  
8 mittensque super utrumque sortem, unam Domino, alteram capro emissario: and he schal sende on euer eithir, o lot to the Lord, and another lot to the goot that schal be sent out. And casting lots upon them both, one to be offered to the Lord, and the other to be the emissary goat:  
9 cujus exierit sors Domino, offeret illum pro peccato: Whos lot goith out to the Lord, he schal offre it for synne; That whose lot fell to be offered to the Lord, he shall offer for sin:  
10 cujus autem in caprum emissarium, statuet eum vivum coram Domino, ut fundat preces super eo, et emittat eum in solitudinem. sotheli whos lot goith out in to goot that schal be sent out, he schal sette hym quyk bifor the Lord, that he sende preyers on hym, and sende hym out in to wildirnesse. But that whose lot was to be the emissary goat, he shall present alive before the Lord, that he may pour out prayers upon him, and let him go into the wilderness.  
11 His rite celebratis, offeret vitulum, et rogans pro se, et pro domo sua, immolabit eum: Whanne these thingis ben doon riytfuli, he schal offre the calf, and he schal preye for hym silf, and for his hows, and schal offre the calf. After these things are duly celebrated, he shall offer the calf, and praying for himself and for his own house, he shall immolate it:  
12 assumptoque thuribulo, quod de prunis altaris impleverit, et hauriens manu compositum thymiama in incensum, ultra velum intrabit in sancta: And whanne he hath take the censeer, which he hath fillid of the coolis of the auter, and he hath take in hond the swete smellynge spicery maad into encense, he schal entre ouer the veil in to the hooli thingis; And taking the censer, which he hath filled with the burning coals of the altar, and taking up with his hand the compounded perfume for incense, he shall go in within the veil into the holy place:  
13 ut, positis super ignem aromatibus, nebula eorum et vapor operiat oraculum quod est supra testimonium, et non moriatur. that whanne swete smellynge spiceries ben put on the fier, the cloude and vapour of tho hile Goddis answeryng place, which is on the witnessyng, and he die not. That when the perfumes are put upon the fire, the cloud and vapour thereof may cover the oracle, which is over the testimony, and he may not die.  
14 Tollet quoque de sanguine vituli, et asperget digito septies contra propitiatorium ad orientem. Also he schal take of the blood of the calf, and he schal sprenge seuensithis with the fyngur ayens the propiciatorie, to the eest. He shall take also of the blood of the calf, and sprinkle with his finger seven times towards the propitiatory to the east.  
15 Cumque mactaverit hircum pro peccato populi, inferet sanguinem ejus intra velum, sicut præceptum est de sanguine vituli, ut aspergat e regione oraculi, And whanne he hath slayn the buk of geet, for synne of the puple, he schal brynge in the blood therof with ynne the veil, as it is comaundid of the blood of the calf, that he sprynge euene ayens Goddis answeryng place, And when he hath killed the buck goat for the sin of the people, he shall carry in the blood thereof within the veil, as he was commanded to do with the blood of the calf, that he may sprinkle it over against the oracle,  
16 et expiet sanctuarium ab immunditiis filiorum Israël, et a prævaricationibus eorum, cunctisque peccatis. Juxta hunc ritum faciet tabernaculo testimonii, quod fixum est inter eos, in medio sordium habitationis eorum. and he schal clense the seyntuarie fro vnclennessis of the sones of Israel, and fro her trespassyngis, and alle synnes. Bi this custom he schal do in the tabernacle of witnessyng, which is set among hem, in the myddis of partis of the abitacioun of hem. And may expiate the sanctuary from the uncleanness of the children of Israel, and from their transgressions, and all their sins. According to this rite shall he do to the tabernacle of the testimony, which is fixed among them in the midst of the filth of their habitation.  
17 Nullus hominum sit in tabernaculo, quando pontifex sanctuarium ingreditur, ut roget pro se, et pro domo sua, et pro universo cœtu Israël, donec egrediatur. No man be in the tabernacle, whanne the bischop schal entre in to the seyntuarie, that he preye for hym silf, and for his hows, and for al the cumpeny of Israel, til he go out of the tabernacle. Let no man be in the tabernacle when the high priest goeth into the sanctuary, to pray for himself and his house, and for the whole congregation of Israel, until he come out.  
18 Cum autem exierit ad altare quod coram Domino est, oret pro se, et sumptum sanguinem vituli atque hirci fundat super cornua ejus per gyrum: Sotheli whanne he hath go out to the auter which is bifor the Lord, preye he for hym silf, and schede he on the hornes therof, bi cumpas, the blood that is takun of the calf, and of the buk of geet; And when he is come out to the altar that is before the Lord, let him pray for himself, and taking the blood of the calf, and of the buck goat, let him pour it upon the horns thereof round about:  
19 aspergensque digito septies, expiet, et sanctificet illud ab immunditiis filiorum Israël. and sprynge he seuensithis with the fyngur, and clense he, and halewe the autir fro vnclennessis of the sones of Israel. And sprinkling with his finger seven times, let him expiate, and sanctify it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel.  
20 Postquam emundaverit sanctuarium, et tabernaculum, et altare, tunc offerat hircum viventem: Aftir that he hath clensid the seyntuarie, and tabernacle, and auter, thanne offre he the lyuynge buc of geet; After he hath cleansed the sanctuary, and the tabernacle, and the altar, then let him offer the living goat: The Scapegoat. Lv.16.20-28
21 et posita utraque manu super caput ejus, confiteatur omnes iniquitates filiorum Israël, et universa delicta atque peccata eorum: quæ imprecans capiti ejus, emittet illum per hominem paratum, in desertum. and whanne euer eithir hond is set on the heed therof, knowleche the preest alle the wickidnessis of the sones of Israel, and alle the trespassis and synnes of hem, whiche the preest schal wische to the heed therof, and schal sende hym out in to deseert bi a man maad redi. And putting both hands upon his head, let him confess all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their offences and sins: and praying that they may light on his head, he shall turn him out by a man ready for it, into the desert.  
22 Cumque portaverit hircus omnes iniquitates eorum in terram solitariam, et dimissus fuerit in deserto, And whanne the buc of geet hath bore alle the wickidnessis of hem in to a deseert lond, And when the goat hath carried all their iniquities into an uninhabited land, and shall be let go into the desert,  
23 revertetur Aaron in tabernaculum testimonii, et depositis vestibus, quibus prius indutus erat, cum intraret sanctuarium, relictisque ibi, and is left in deseert, Aaron schal turn ayen in to the tabernacle of witnessyng; and whanne the clothis ben put of, in whiche he was clothid bifore, whanne he entrid in to the seyntuarie of God, and ben left there, Aaron shall return into the tabernacle of the testimony, and putting off the vestments, which he had on him before when he entered into the sanctuary, and leaving them there,  
24 lavabit carnem suam in loco sancto, indueturque vestibus suis. Et postquam egressus obtulerit holocaustum suum, ac plebis, rogabit tam pro se quam pro populo: he schal waische his fleisch in the hooli place, and he schal be clothid in his owen clothis, and aftir that he hath go out, and hath offrid the brent sacrifice of hym silf, and of the puple, he schal preye as wel for hym silf, as for the puple; He shall wash his flesh in the holy place, and shall put on his own garments. And after that he has come out and hath offered his own holocaust, and that of the people, he shall pray both for himself, and for the people:  
25 et adipem, qui oblatus est pro peccatis, adolebit super altare. and he schal brenne on the auter the innere fatnesse which is offrid for synne. And the fat that is offered for sins, he shall burn upon the altar.  
26 Ille vero, qui dimiserit caprum emissarium, lavabit vestimenta sua, et corpus aqua, et sic ingredietur in castra. Sotheli he that leet go the buk of geet able to be sent out, schal waische hise clothis and bodi with water, and so he schal entre in to the castels. But he that hath let go the emissary goat, shall wash his clothes, and his body with water, and so shall enter into the camp.  
27 Vitulum autem, et hircum, qui pro peccato fuerant immolati, et quorum sanguis illatus est in sanctuarium, ut expiatio compleretur, asportabunt foras castra, et comburent igni tam pelles quam carnes eorum, ac fimum: Forsothe thei schulen bere out of the castels the calf and buk of geet, that weren offrid for synne, and whos blood was brouyt in to the seyntuarie, that the clensyng were fillid; and thei schulen brenne bi fier as well the skynnys, as the fleischis and dung of tho. But the calf and the buck goat, that were sacrificed for sin, and whose blood was carried into the sanctuary, to accomplish the atonement, they shall carry forth without the camp, e and shall burn with fire, their skins and their flesh, and their dung:  
28 et quicumque combusserit ea, lavabit vestimenta sua et carnem aqua, et sic ingredietur in castra. And who euer brenneth tho, schal waische hise clothis and fleisch in watir, and so he schal entre in to the castels. And whosoever burneth them shall wash his clothes, and flesh with water, and so shall enter into the camp.  
29 Eritque vobis hoc legitimum sempiternum: mense septimo, decima die mensis, affligetis animas vestras, nullumque opus facietis, sive indigena, sive advena qui peregrinatur inter vos. And this schal be to you a lawful thing euerlastynge; in the seuenthe monethe, in the tenthe dai of the monethe, ye schulen turment youre soulis, and ye schulen not do ony werk, nethir a man borun in the lond, nether a comelyng which is a pilgrym among you. And this shall be to you an everlasting ordinance: The seventh month, the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and shall do no work, whether it be one of your own country, or a stranger that sojourneth among you. Day of Atonement: observation. Lv.16.29-34
30 In hac die expiatio erit vestri, atque mundatio ab omnibus peccatis vestris: coram Domino mundabimini. The delyueryng fro synne, and the clensyng of you schal be in this dai, ye schulen be clensid bifore the Lord fro alle youre synnes; Upon this day shall be the expiation for you, and the cleansing from all your sins: you shall be cleansed before the Lord.  
31 Sabbatum enim requietionis est, et affligetis animas vestras religione perpetua. for it is sabat of restyng, and ye schulen turment youre soulis bi euerlastynge religioun. For it is a sabbath of rest, and you shall afflict your souls by a perpetual religion.  
32 Expiabit autem sacerdos, qui unctus fuerit, et cujus manus initiatæ sunt ut sacerdotio fungatur pro patre suo: indueturque stola linea et vestibus sanctis, Sotheli the preest schal clense, which is anoyntid, and whos hondis ben halewid, that he be set in preesthod for his fadir; and he schal be clothid in a lynnun stoole, and in hooli clothis, And the priest that is anointed, and whose hands are consecrated to do the office of the priesthood in his father's stead, shall make atonement; and he shall be vested with the linen robe and the holy vestments,  
33 et expiabit sanctuarium et tabernaculum testimonii atque altare, sacerdotes quoque et universum populum. and he schal clense the seyntuarie, and the tabernacle of witnessyng, and the auter, and the preestis, and al the puple. And he shall expiate the sanctuary and the tabernacle of the testimony and the altar, the priest also and all the people.  
34 Eritque vobis hoc legitimum sempiternum, ut oretis pro filiis Israël, et pro cunctis peccatis eorum semel in anno. Fecit igitur sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi. And this schal be to you a lawful thing euerlastynge, that ye preye for the sones of Israel, and for alle the synnes of hem, onys in the yeer. Therfor he dide, as the Lord comaundide to Moises. And this shall be an ordinance for ever, that you pray for the children of Israel, and for all their sins once in a year. He did therefore as the Lord had commanded Moses.