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14 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, This is the custom of a leprouse man, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Skin deseases: purification after cure. Lv.14.1-32
2 Hic est ritus leprosi, quando mundandus est. Adducetur ad sacerdotem: whanne he schal be clensid. He schal be brouyt to the preest, This is the rite of a leper, when he is to be cleansed: he shall be brought to the priest:  
3 qui egressus de castris, cum invenerit lepram esse mundatam, which preest schal go out of the castels, and whanne he schal fynde that the lepre is clensid, Who going out of the camp when he shall And that the leprosy is cleansed,  
4 præcipiet ei, qui purificatur, ut offerat duos passeres vivos pro se, quibus vesci licitum est, et lignum cedrinum, vermiculumque et hyssopum. he schal comaunde to the man which is clensid, that he offre for hym silf twei quyke sparewis, whiche it is leueful to ete, and a tree of cedre, and vermylyoun, and isope. Shall command him that is to be purified, to offer for himself two living sparrows, which it is lawful to eat, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop.  
5 Et unum ex passeribus immolari jubebit in vase fictili super aquas viventes: And the preest schal comaunde that oon of the sparewes be offrid in a vessel of erthe, And he shall command one of the sparrows to be immolated in an earthen vessel over living waters:  
6 alium autem vivum cum ligno cedrino, et cocco et hyssopo, tinget in sanguine passeris immolati, on quyke watris; sotheli he schal dippe the tother sparewe quyk with the tre of cedre, and with a reed threed and ysope, in the blood of the sparewe offrid, But the other that is alive he shall dip, with the cedar wood, and the scarlet and the hyssop, in the blood of the sparrow that is immolated:  
7 quo asperget illum, qui mundandus est, septies, ut jure purgetur: et dimittet passerem vivum, ut in agrum avolet. with which he schal sprenge seuensithis hym that schal be clensid, that he be purgid riytfuli; and he schal delyuere the quyk sparewe, that it fle in to the feeld. Wherewith he shall sprinkle him that is to be cleansed seven times, that he may be rightly purified: and he shall let go the living sparrow, that it may fly into the field.  
8 Cumque laverit homo vestimenta sua, radet omnes pilos corporis, et lavabitur aqua: purificatusque ingredietur castra, ita dumtaxat ut maneat extra tabernaculum suum septem diebus, And whanne the man hath waische hise clothis, he schal schaue alle the heeris of the bodi, and he schal be waischun in watir, and he schal be clensid, and he schal entre in to the castels; so oneli that he dwelle without his tabernacle bi seuene daies; And when the man hath washed his clothes, he shall shave all the hair of his body, and shall be washed with water: and being purified, he shall enter into the camp, yet so that he tarry without his own tent seven days:  
9 et die septimo radet capillos capitis, barbamque et supercilia, ac totius corporis pilos. Et lotis rursum vestibus et corpore, and that in the seuenthe dai he schaue the heeris of the heed, and the beerd, and brewis, and the heeris of al the bodi. And whanne the clothis and bodi ben waischun, And on the seventh day he shall shave the hair of his head, and his beard and his eyebrows, and the hair of all his body. And having washed again his clothes, and his body,  
10 die octavo assumet duos agnos immaculatos, et ovem anniculam absque macula, et tres decimas similæ in sacrificium, quæ conspersa sit oleo, et seorsum olei sextarium. eft in the eiyetithe dai he schal take twei lambren without wem, and a scheep of o yeer without wem, and thre dymes of wheete flour, in to sacrifice, which be spreynte with oile, and bi it silf a sextarie of oyle. On the eighth day he shall take two lambs without blemish, and an ewe of a year old without blemish, and three tenths of flour tempered with oil for a sacrifice, and a sextary of oil apart.  
11 Cumque sacerdos purificans hominem, statuerit eum, et hæc omnia coram Domino in ostio tabernaculi testimonii, And whanne the preest, that purgith the man, hath set hym and alle hise thingis bifor the Lord, in the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng, he schal take a lomb, And when the priest that purifieth the man, hath presented him, and all these things before the Lord, at the door of the tabernacle of the testimony,  
12 tollet agnum et offeret eum pro delicto, oleique sextarium: et oblatis ante Dominum omnibus, and schal offre it for trespas, and schal offre the sextarie of oyle; and whanne alle thingis ben offrid bifor the Lord, He shall take a. lamb, and offer it for a trespass offering with the sextary of oil: and having offered all before the Lord,  
13 immolabit agnum, ubi solet immolari hostia pro peccato, et holocaustum, id est, in loco sancto. Sicut enim pro peccato, ita et pro delicto ad sacerdotem pertinet hostia: Sancta sanctorum est. he schal offre the lomb, where the sacrifice for synne and the brent sacrifice is wont to be offrid, that is, in the hooli place; for as for synne so and for trespas the offryng perteyneth to the preest; it is hooli of the noumbre of hooli thingis. He shall immolate the lamb, where the victim for sin is wont to be immolated, and the holocaust, that is, in the holy place: for as that which is for sin, so also the victim for a trespass offering pertaineth to the priest: it is holy of holies.  
14 Assumensque sacerdos de sanguine hostiæ, quæ immolata est pro delicto, ponet super extremum auriculæ dextræ ejus qui mundatur, et super pollices manus dextræ et pedis: And the preest schal take of the blood of sacrifice which is offrid for trespas, and schal putte on the laste part of the riyt eere of hym which is clensid, and on the thumbis of the riyt hond and foot. And the priest taking of the blood of the victim that was immolated for trespass, shall put it upon the tip of the right ear of him that is cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right hand and the great toe of his right foot:  
15 et de olei sextario mittet in manum suam sinistram, And he schal putte of the sextarie of oyle in to his left hond, And he shall pour of the sextary of oil into his own left. hand,  
16 tingetque digitum dextrum in eo, et asperget coram Domino septies. and he schal dippe the riyt fyngur therynne, and schal sprynge seuensithis bifor the Lord. And shall dip his right finger in it, and sprinkle it before the Lord seven times.  
17 Quod autem reliquum est olei in læva manu, fundet super extremum auriculæ dextræ ejus qui mundatur, et super pollices manus ac pedis dextri, et super sanguinem qui effusus est pro delicto, Sotheli he schal schede that that is residue of the oile in the left hond, on the laste part of the riyt eere of hym which is clensid, and on the thombis of the riyt hond and foot, and on the blood which is sched for trespas, And the rest of the oil in his left band, he shall pour upon the tip of the right ear of him that is cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right hand and the great toe of his right foot, and upon the blood that was shed for trespass,  
18 et super caput ejus. and on the heed of hym. And upon his head.  
19 Rogabitque pro eo coram Domino, et faciet sacrificium pro peccato: tunc immolabit holocaustum, And the preest schal preye for hym bifor the Lord, and schal make sacrifice for synne; thanne he schal offre brent sacrifice, And he shall pray for him before the Lord, and shall offer the sacrifice for sin: then shall he immolate the holocaust,  
20 et ponet illud in altari cum libamentis suis, et homo rite mundabitur. and schal putte it in the auter with hise fletynge sacrifices, and the man schal be clensid riytfuli. And put it on the altar with the libations thereof, and the man shall be rightly cleansed.  
21 Quod si pauper est, et non potest manus ejus invenire quæ dicta sunt pro delicto, assumet agnum ad oblationem, ut roget pro eo sacerdos, decimamque partem similæ conspersæ oleo in sacrificium, et olei sextarium, That if he is pore, and his hoond may not fynde tho thingis that ben seid, he schal take for trespas a lomb to offryng, that the preest preie for him, and the tenthe part of wheete flour spreynt togidire with oile in to sacrifice, and a sextarie of oile, But if he be poor, and his hand cannot find the things aforesaid: he shall take a lamb for an offering for trespass, that the priest may pray for him, and a tenth part of hour tempered with oil for a sacrifice, and a sextary of oil,  
22 duosque turtures sive duos pullos columbæ, quorum unus sit pro peccato, et alter in holocaustum: and twei turtlis, ethir twei briddis of culueris, of whiche oon be for synne, and the tothir in to brent sacrifice; And two turtles or two young pigeons, of which one may be for sin, and the other for a holocaust:  
23 offeretque ea die octavo purificationis suæ sacerdoti, ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii coram Domino. and he schal offre tho in the eiytthe dai of his clensyng to the preest, at the dore of tabernacle of witnessyng bifor the Lord. And he shall offer them on the eighth day of his purification to the priest, at the door of the tabernacle of the testimony before the Lord.  
24 Qui suscipiens agnum pro delicto et sextarium olei, levabit simul: And the preest schal take the lomb for trespas, and the sextarie of oile, and schal reise togidere; And the priest receiving the lamb for trespass, and the sextary of oil, shall elevate them together.  
25 immolatoque agno, de sanguine ejus ponet super extremum auriculæ dextræ illius qui mundatur, et super pollices manus ejus ac pedis dextri: and whanne the lomb is offrid, he schal putte of the blood therof on the laste part of the riyt eere of hym that is clensid, and on the thumbis of his riyt hond and foot. And the lamb being immolated, he shall put of the blood thereof upon the tip of the right ear of him that is cleansed, and upon the thumb of his right hand, and the great toe of his right foot:  
26 olei vero partem mittet in manum suam sinistram, Sotheli the preest putte the part of oile in to his left hond, But he shall pour part of the oil into his own left hand,  
27 in quo tingens digitum dextræ manus asperget septies coram Domino: in which he schal dippe the fyngur of the riyt hond, and schal sprynge seuensithes ayens the Lord; And dipping the finger of his right hand in it, he shall sprinkle it seven times before the Lord:  
28 tangetque extremum dextræ auriculæ illius qui mundatur, et pollices manus ac pedis dextri, in loco sanguinis qui effusus est pro delicto: and the preest schal touche the laste part of the riyt eere of hym that is clensid, and the thombe of the riyt hond and foot, in the place of blood which is sched out for trespas. And he shall touch the tip of the right ear of him that is cleansed, and the thumb of his right hand and the great toe of his right foot, in the place of the blood that was shed for trespass.  
29 reliquam autem partem olei, quæ est in sinistra manu, mittet super caput purificati, ut placet pro eo Dominum: Sotheli he schal putte the tother part of oile, which is in the left hond, on the heed of the man clensid, that he plese the Lord for hym. And the other part of the oil that is in his left hand, he shall pour upon the head of the purified person, that he may appease the Lord for him.  
30 et turturem sive pullum columbæ offeret, And he schal offre a turtle, ethir a culuer brid, And he shall offer a turtle, or young pigeon,  
31 unum pro delicto, et alterum in holocaustum cum libamentis suis. oon for trespas, and the tothir in to brent sacrifice, with her fletynge offryngis. One for trespass, and the other for a holocaust, with their libations.  
32 Hoc est sacrificium leprosi, qui habere non potest omnia in emundationem sui. This is the sacrifice of a leprouse man, that may not haue alle thingis in to the clensyng of hym silf. This is the sacrifice of a leper, that is not able to have all things that appertain to his cleansing.  
33 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen et Aaron, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises and Aaron, and seide, And the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying: Mildew on dwellings. Lv.14.33-57
34 Cum ingressi fueritis terram Chanaan, quam ego dabo vobis in possessionem, si fuerit plaga lepræ in ædibus, Whanne ye han entrid in to the lond of Canaan, which lond Y schal yyue to you in to possessioun, if the wounde of lepre is in the housis, When you shall be come into the land of Chanaan, which I will give you for a possession, if there be the plague of leprosy in a house,  
35 ibit cujus est domus, nuntians sacerdoti, et dicet: Quasi plaga lepræ videtur mihi esse in domo mea. he schal go, whos the hous is, and schal telle to the preest, and schal seie, It semeth to me, that as a wound of lepre is in myn hous. He whose house it is, shall go and tell the priest, saying: It seemeth to me, that there is the plague of leprosy in my house,  
36 At ille præcipiet ut efferant universa de domo, priusquam ingrediatur eam, et videat utrum leprosa sit, ne immunda fiant omnia quæ in domo sunt. Intrabitque postea ut consideret lepram domus: And the preest schal comaunde, that thei bere out of the hous alle thingis bifore that he entre in to it, and me se where it be lepre, lest alle thingis that ben in the hows, be maad vnclene; and the preest schal entre aftirward, that he se the lepre of the hows. And he shall command, that they carry forth all things out of the house, before he go into it, and see whether it have the leprosy, lest all things become unclean that are in the house. And after- wards he shall go in to view the leprosy of the house.  
37 et cum viderit in parietibus illius quasi valliculas pallore sive rubore deformes, et humiliores superficie reliqua, And whanne he seeth in the wallis therof as litle valeis foule bi palenesse, ethir bi reednesse, and lowere than the tother hiyere part, And if he see in the walls thereof as it were little dints, disfigured with paleness or redness, and lower than all the rest,  
38 egredietur ostium domus, et statim claudet illam septem diebus. he schal go out at the dore of the hows, and anoon he schal close it bi seuene daies. He shall go out of the door of the house, and forthwith shut it up seven days,  
39 Reversusque die septimo, considerabit eam: si invenerit crevisse lepram, And he schal turne ayen in the seuenthe day, and schal se it; if he fyndith that the lepre encreesside, And returning on the seventh day, he shall look upon it. If he find that the leprosy is spread,  
40 jubebit erui lapides in quibus lepra est, et projici eos extra civitatem in locum immundum: he schal comaunde that the stoonys be cast out, in whyche the lepre is, and that tho stonys be cast out of the citee in an vncleene place. He shall command, that the stones wherein the leprosy is, be taken out, and cast without the city into an unclean place:  
41 domum autem ipsam radi intrinsecus per circuitum, et spargi pulverem rasuræ extra urbem in locum immundum, Sotheli he schal comaunde that thilke hows be rasid with ynne bi cumpas, and that the dust of the rasyng be spreynt without the citee, in an vnclene place, And that the house be scraped on the inside round about, and the dust of the scraping be scattered without the city into an unclean place:  
42 lapidesque alios reponi pro his qui ablati fuerint, et luto alio liniri domum. and that othere stoonys be put ayen for these, that ben takun awey, and that the hows be daubid with othir morter. And that other stones be laid in the place of them that were taken away, and the house be plastered with other mortar.  
43 Sin autem postquam eruti sunt lapides, et pulvis erasus, et alia terra lita, But if aftir that the stoonus ben takun awey, and the dust is borun out, But if, after the stones be taken out, and the dust scraped off, and it be plastered with other earth,  
44 ingressus sacerdos viderit reversam lepram, et parietes respersos maculis, lepra est perseverans, et immunda domus: and othere erthe is daubid, the preest entrith, and seeth the lepre turned ayen, and the wallis spreynt with spottis, the lepre is stidfastly dwellynge, and the hows is vnclene; The priest going in perceive that the leprosy is returned, and the walls full of spots, it is a lasting leprosy, and the house is unclean:  
45 quam statim destruent, et lapides ejus ac ligna, atque universum pulverem projicient extra oppidum in locum immundum. which hows thei schulen destrye anoon, and thei schulen caste out of the citee, in an vnclene place, the stoonys therof, and the trees, and al the dust. And they shall destroy it forthwith, and shall cast the stones and timber thereof, and all the dust without the town into an unclean place.  
46 Qui intraverit domum quando clausa est, immundus erit usque ad vesperum: He that entrith in to the hous, whanne it is schit, schal be vnclene til to euentid, He that entereth into the house when it is shut, shall be unclean until evening,  
47 et qui dormierit in ea, et comederit quippiam, lavabit vestimenta sua. and he that slepith and etith ony thing therynne, schal waische hise clothis. And he that sleepeth in it, and eateth any thing, shall wash his clothes.  
48 Quod si introiens sacerdos viderit lepram non crevisse in domo, postquam denuo lita fuerit, purificabit eam reddita sanitate: That if the preest entrith, and seeth that the lepre encreesside not in the hows, aftir that it was daubid the secounde tyme, he schal clense it; for heelthe is yoldun. But if the priest going in perceive that the leprosy is not spread in the house, after it was plastered again, he shall purify it, it being cured,  
49 et in purificationem ejus sumet duos passeres, lignumque cedrinum, et vermiculum atque hyssopum: And in the clensyng therof he schal take twey sparewis, and a tre of cedre, and a reed threed, and isope. And for the purification thereof he shall take two sparrows, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop:  
50 et immolato uno passere in vase fictili super aquas vivas, And whanne o sparewe is offrid in a vessel of erthe, on quyk watris, And having immolated one sparrow In an earthen vessel over living waters,  
51 tollet lignum cedrinum, et hyssopum, et coccum, et passerem vivum, et tinget omnia in sanguine passeris immolati, atque in aquis viventibus, et asperget domum septies, he schal take the tre of cedre, and ysope, and reed threed, and the quyk sparewe, and he schal dippe alle thingis in the blood of the sparewe offrid, and in lyuynge watris; He shall take the cedar wood, and the hyssop, and the scarlet, and the living sparrow, and shall dip all in the blood of the sparrow that is immolated, and in the living water, and he shall sprinkle the house seven times:  
52 purificabitque eam tam in sanguine passeris quam in aquis viventibus, et in passere vivo, lignoque cedrino et hyssopo atque vermiculo. and he schal sprynge the hows seuen sithis; and he schal clense it as wel in the blood of the sparewe as in lyuynge watris, and in the quyk sparewe, and in the tre of cedre, and in ysope, and reed threed. And shall purify it as well with the blood of the sparrow, as with the living water, and with the living sparrow, and with the cedar wood, and the hyssop, and the scarlet.  
53 Cumque dimiserit passerem avolare in agrum libere, orabit pro domo, et jure mundabitur. And when he hath let go the sparrow to fly freely away into the field, he shall pray for the house, and it shall be rightly cleansed.  
54 Ista est lex omnis lepræ et percussuræ, This is the lawe of al lepre, This is the law of every kind of leprosy and stroke.  
55 lepræ vestium et domorum, and of smytyng, of lepre of clothis, and of housis, Of the leprosy of garments and houses,  
56 cicatricis et erumpentium papularum, lucentis maculæ, et in varias species, coloribus immutatis, of syngne of wounde, and of litle whelkis brekynge out, of spotte schynynge, and in colours chaungid in to dyuerse spices, Of a scar and of blisters breaking out, of a shining spot, and when the colours are diversely changed:  
57 ut possit sciri quo tempore mundum quid, vel immundum sit. that it may be wist, what is cleene, ether uncleene. That it may be known when a thing is clean or unclean.