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22 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutus quoque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, and seide, Speke thou to Aaron and to hise sones, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Holiness of offerings. Lv.22.1-33
2 Loquere ad Aaron et ad filios ejus, ut caveant ab his quæ consecrata sunt filiorum Israël, et non contaminent nomen sanctificatorum mihi, quæ ipsi offerunt. Ego Dominus. that thei be war of these thingis of the sones of Israel, whiche thingis ben halewid; and that they defoule not the name of thingis halewid to me, whiche thingis thei offren; Y am the Lord. Speak to Aaron and to his sons, that they beware of those things that are consecrated of the children of Israel, and defile not the name of the things sanctified to me, which they offer. I am the Lord.  
3 Dic ad eos, et ad posteros eorum: Omnis homo qui accesserit de stirpe vestra ad ea quæ consecrata sunt, et quæ obtulerunt filii Israël Domino, in quo est immunditia, peribit coram Domino. Ego sum Dominus. Seie thou to hem, and to the aftir comeris of hem, Ech man of youre kynrede, which man neiyeth to tho thingis that ben halewid, and whiche thingis the sones of Israel offreden to the Lord, in which man is vnclennesse, schal perische bifor the Lord; Y am the Lord. Say to them and to their posterity: Every man of your race, that approacheth to those things that are consecrated, and which the children of Israel have offered to the Lord, in whom there is uncleanness, shall perish before the Lord. I am the Lord.  
4 Homo de semine Aaron, qui fuerit leprosus, aut patiens fluxum seminis, non vescetur de his quæ sanctificata sunt mihi, donec sanetur. Qui tetigerit immundum super mortuo, et ex quo egreditur semen quasi coitus, A man of the seed of Aaron, which man is leprouse, ethir suffrith fletyng out of seed, schal not ete of these thingis, that ben halewid to me, til he be heelid. He that touchith an vncleene thing on a deed bodi, and fro whom the seed as of leccherie goith out, and which touchith a crepynge beeste, The man of the seed of Aaron, that is a leper, or that suffereth a running of the seed, shall not eat of those things that are sanctified to me, until he be healed. He that toucheth any thing unclean by occasion of the dead, and he whose seed goeth from him as in generation,  
5 et qui tangit reptile, et quodlibet immundum cujus tactus est sordidus, and what euer vncleene thing, whos touchyng is foul, And he that toucheth a creeping thing, or any unclean thing, the touching of which is defiling,  
6 immundus erit usque ad vesperum, et non vescetur his quæ sanctificata sunt: sed cum laverit carnem suam aqua, schal be vncleene til to euentid, and he schal not ete these thingis, that ben halewid to me; but whanne he hath waische his fleisch in watir, Shall be unclean until the evening, and shall not eat those things that are sanctified: but when he hath washed his flesh with water,  
7 et occubuerit sol, tunc mundatus vescetur de sanctificatis, quia cibus illius est. and the sunne hath go doun, thanne he schal be clensid, and schal ete halewid thingis, for it is his mete. And the sun is down, then being purified, he shall eat of the sanctified things, because it is his meat.  
8 Morticinum et captum a bestia non comedent, nec polluentur in eis. Ego sum Dominus. He schal not ete a thing deed bi it silf, and takun of a beeste, nethir he schal be defoulid in tho; Y am the Lord. That which dieth of itself, and that which was taken by a beast, they shall not eat, nor be defiled therewith, I am the Lord.  
9 Custodiant præcepta mea, ut non subjaceant peccato, et moriantur in sanctuario, cum polluerint illud. Ego Dominus qui sanctifico eos. Thei schulen kepe myn heestis, that thei be not suget to synne, and die in the seyntuarye, whanne thei han defoulid it; Y am the Lord that halewe you. Let them keep my precepts, that they may not fall into sin, and die in the sanctuary, when they shall have defiled it. I am the Lord who sanctify them.  
10 Omnis alienigena non comedet de sanctificatis; inquilinus sacerdotis et mercenarius non vescentur ex eis. Ech alien schal not ete of thingis halewid; the hyne which is a straunger, and the hirid man of the preest, schulen not ete of tho. Sotheli these seruauntis, No stranger shall eat of the sanctified things: a sojourner of the priests, or a hired servant, shall not eat of them.  
11 Quem autem sacerdos emerit, et qui vernaculus domus ejus fuerit, his comedent ex eis. whom the preest hath bouyt, and which is a borun seruaunt of his hows, schulen ete of tho. But he whom the priest hath bought, and he that is his servant, born in his house, these shall eat of them.  
12 Si filia sacerdotis cuilibet ex populo nupta fuerit, de his quæ sanctificata sunt, et de primitiis non vescetur. If the douyter of the preest is weddid to ony of the puple, sche schal not ete of these thingis that ben halewid, and of the firste fruytis; If the daughter of a priest be married to any of the people, she shall not eat of those things that are sanctified, nor of the firstfruits.  
13 Sin autem vidua, vel repudiata, et absque liberis reversa fuerit ad domum patris sui: sicut puella consueverat, aletur cibis patris sui. Omnis alienigena comedendi ex eis non habet potestatem. sotheli if sche is a widewe, ether forsakun, and turneth ayen with out fre children to the hows of hir fadir, sche schal be susteyned bi the metis of hir fadir, as a damysel was wont; ech alien hath not power to ete of tho. But if she be a widow, or divorced, and having no children return to her father's house, she shall eat of her father's meats, as she was wont to do when she was a maid, no stranger hath leave to eat of them.  
14 Qui comederit de sanctificatis per ignorantiam, addet quintam partem cum eo quod comedit, et dabit sacerdoti in sanctuarium. He that etith bi ignoraunce of halewid thingis, schal adde the fyuethe part with that that he eet, and schal yyue to the preest in seyntuarie, He that eateth of the sanctified things through ignorance, shall add the fifth part with that which he ate, and shall give it to the priest into the sanctuary.  
15 Nec contaminabunt sanctificata filiorum Israël, quæ offerunt Domino: and thei schulen not defoule the halewid thingis of the sones of Israel, whiche thei offren to the Lord, And they shall not profane the sanctified things of the children of Israel, which they offer to the Lord:  
16 ne forte sustineant iniquitatem delicti sui, cum sanctificata comederint. Ego Dominus qui sanctifico eos. lest perauenture thei suffren the wickidnesse of her trespas, whanne thei han ete halewid thingis; Y am the Lord that halewe hem. Lest perhaps they bear the iniquity of their trespass, when they shall have eaten the sanctified things. I am the Lord who sanctify them.  
17 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: The Lord spak to Moises, and seide, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:  
18 Loquere ad Aaron et filios ejus, et ad omnes filios Israël, dicesque ad eos: Homo de domo Israël, et de advenis qui habitant apud vos, qui obtulerit oblationem suam, vel vota solvens, vel sponte offerens, quidquid illud obtulerit in holocaustum Domini, Speke thou to Aaron and to hise sones, and to alle the sones of Israel, and thou schalt seie to hem, A man of the hous of Israel and of comelyngis that dwellen at hem, which offrith his offryng to the Lord, and ethir paieth avowis, ethir offrith bi his fre wille, what euer thing he offrith in to brent sacrifice of the Lord, that it be offrid bi you, Speak to Aaron, and to his sons, and to all the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: The man of the house of Israel, and of the strangers who dwell with you, that offereth his oblation, either paying his vows, or offering of his own accord, whatsoever it be which he presenteth for a holocaust of the Lord,  
19 ut offeratur per vos, masculus immaculatus erit ex bobus, et ovibus, et ex capris: it schal be a male without wem, of oxen, and of scheep, and of geet; if it hath a wem, To be offered by you, it shall be a male without blemish of the beeves, or of the sheep, or of the goats.  
20 si maculam habuerit, non offeretis, neque erit acceptabile. ye schulen not offre, nether it schal be acceptable. If it have a blemish you shall not offer it, neither shall it be acceptable.  
21 Homo qui obtulerit victimam pacificorum Domino, vel vota solvens, vel sponte offerens, tam de bobus quam de ovibus, immaculatum offeret ut acceptabile sit: omnis macula non erit in eo. A man that offrith a sacrifice of pesyble thingis to the Lord, and ethir paieth auowis, ethir offrith bi fre wille, as wel of oxun as of scheep, he schal offre a beeste without wem, that it be acceptable; ech wem schal not be ther ynne. The man that offereth a victim of peace offerings to the Lord, either paying his vows, or offering of his own accord, whether of beeves or of sheep, shall offer it without blemish, that it may be acceptable: there shall be no blemish in it.  
22 Si cæcum fuerit, si fractum, si cicatricem habens, si papulas, aut scabiem, aut impetiginem: non offeretis ea Domino, nec adolebitis ex eis super altare Domini. If it is blynd, if it is brokun, if it hath a scar, if it hath whelkis, ether scabbe, ethir drie scabbe, ye schulen not offre tho beestis to the Lord, nether ye schulen brenne of tho beestis on the auter of the Lord. If it be blind, or broken, or have a scar or blisters, or a scab, or a dry scurf: you shall not offer them to the Lord, nor burn any thing of them upon the Lord's altar.  
23 Bovem et ovem, aure et cauda amputatis, voluntarie offerre potes, votum autem ex eis solvi non potest. A man may offre wilfuli an oxe and scheep, whanne the eere and tail ben kit of; but avow may not be paied of these beestis. An ox or a sheep, that hath the ear and the tail cut off, thou mayst offer voluntarily: but a vow may not be paid with them.  
24 Omne animal, quod vel contritis, vel tusis, vel sectis ablatisque testiculis est, non offeretis Domino, et in terra vestra hoc omnino ne faciatis. Ye schulen not offre to the Lord ony beeste, whose priuy membris ben brokun, ethir brisid, ether kit, and takun awey, and outerli ye schulen not do these thingis in youre lond. You shall not offer to the Lord any beast that hath the testicles bruised, or crushed, or cut and taken away: neither shall you do any such thing in your land.  
25 De manu alienigenæ non offeretis panes Deo vestro, et quidquid aliud dare voluerit, quia corrupta, et maculata sunt omnia: non suscipietis ea. Of the hond of an alien ye schulen not offre looues to youre God, and what euer other thing he wole yyue, for alle thingis ben corrupt and defoulid; ye schulen not resseyue tho. You shall not offer bread to your God, from the hand of a stranger, nor any other thing that he would give: because they are all corrupted, and defiled: you shall not receive them.  
26 Locutusque est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: And the Lord spak to Moises, And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying:  
27 Bos, ovis et capra, cum genita fuerint, septem diebus erunt sub ubere matris suæ: die autem octavo, et deinceps, offerri poterunt Domino. and seide, Whanne an oxe, scheep and goet ben brouyt forth of the modris wombe, in seuene daies tho schulen be vnder the tete of her modir; sotheli in the eiyte dai, and fro thennus forth, tho moun be offrid to the Lord, When a bullock, or a sheep, or a goat, is brought forth, they shall be seven days under the udder of their dam: but the eighth day, and thenceforth, they may be offered to the Lord.  
28 Sive illa bos, sive ovis, non immolabuntur una die cum fœtibus suis. whether thilke is a cow, whether thilke is a scheep; tho schulen not be offrid in o dai with her fruytis. Whether it be a cow, or a sheep, they shall not be sacrificed the same day with their young ones.  
29 Si immolaveritis hostiam pro gratiarum actione Domino, ut possit esse placabilis, If ye offren to the Lord a sacrifice for the doyng of thankyngis, that it mai be plesaunt, If you immolate a victim for thanksgiving to the Lord, that he may be favourable,  
30 eodem die comedetis eam: non remanebit quidquam in mane alterius diei. Ego Dominus. ye schulen ete it in the same dai in which it is offrid; ony thing schal not leeue in the morewtid of the tother dai; Y am the Lord. You shall eat it the same day, there shall not any of it remain until the morning of the next day. I am the Lord.  
31 Custodite mandata mea, et facite ea. Ego Dominus. Kepe ye myn heestis, and do ye tho; Y am the Lord. Keep my commandments, and do them. I am the Lord.  
32 Ne polluatis nomen meum sanctum, ut sanctificer in medio filiorum Israël. Ego Dominus qui sanctifico vos, Defoule ye not myn hooli name, that Y be halewid in the myddis of the sones of Israel; Y am the Lord, that halewe you, and ledde you out of the lond of Egipt, Profane not my holy name, that I may be sanctified in the midst of the children of Israel. I am the Lord who sanctify you,  
33 et eduxi de terra Ægypti, ut essem vobis in Deum. Ego Dominus. that Y schulde be to you in to God; Y am the Lord. And who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that I might be your God: I am the Lord.