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2 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Anima cum obtulerit oblationem sacrificii Domino, simila erit ejus oblatio; fundetque super eam oleum, et ponet thus, Whanne a soule offrith an offryng of sacrifice to the Lord, flour of wheete schal be his offring. And he schal schede oile ther onne, When any one shall offer an oblation of sacrifice to the Lord, his offering shall be of fine flour, and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense, Grain-offerings. Lv.2.1-16
2 ac deferet ad filios Aaron sacerdotes: quorum unus tollet pugillum plenum similæ et olei, ac totum thus, et ponet memoriale super altare in odorem suavissimum Domino. and he schal putte encense, and he schal bere to the sones of Aaron, preest, of whiche sones oon schal take an handful of flour of whete, and of oile, and alle the encense; and he schal putte a memorial on the auter, in to swettest odour to the Lord. And shall bring it to the sons of Aaron the priests: and one of them shall take a handful of the flour and oil, and all the frankincense, and shall put it a memorial upon the altar for a most sweet savour to the Lord.  
3 Quod autem reliquum fuerit de sacrificio, erit Aaron et filiorum ejus, Sanctum sanctorum de oblationibus Domini. Forsothe that that is residue of the sacrifice schal be Aarons and hise sones, the hooli of hooli thingis of offryngis to the Lord. And the remnant of the sacrifice shall be Aaron's, and his sons', holy of holies of the offerings of the Lord.  
4 Cum autem obtuleris sacrificium coctum in clibano: de simila, panes scilicet absque fermento, conspersos oleo, et lagana azyma oleo lita. Forsothe whanne thou offrist a sacrifice bakun in an ouene of whete flour, that is, loouys without sour dow, spreynd with oile, and therf breed sodun in watir, bawmed with oile; But when thou offerest a sacrifice baked in the oven of flour, to wit, loaves without leaven, tempered with oil, and unleavened wafers, anointed with oil:  
5 Si oblatio tua fuerit de sartagine, similæ conspersæ oleo et absque fermento, if thin offryng is of a friyng panne, of wheete flour spreynd with oile and without sour dow, If thy oblation be from the fryingpan, of flour tempered with oil, and without leaven,  
6 divides eam minutatim, et fundes super eam oleum. thou schalt departe it in smale partis, and thou schalt schede oile ther onne. Thou shalt divide it into little pieces, and shalt pour oil upon it.  
7 Sin autem de craticula fuerit sacrificium, æque simila oleo conspergetur: Ellis if the sacrifice is of a gridele, euenli the whete flour schal be spreynd with oile; And if the sacrifice be from the gridiron, in like manner the flour shall be tempered with oil:  
8 quam offerens Domino, trades manibus sacerdotis. which whete flour thou schalt offre to the Lord, and schalt bitake in the hondis of the preest. And when thou offerest it to the Lord, thou shalt deliver it to the hands of the priest.  
9 Qui cum obtulerit eam, tollet memoriale de sacrificio, et adolebit super altare in odorem suavitatis Domino: And whanne he hath offrid it, he schal take a memorial of the sacrifice, and he schal brenne it on the auter, in to odour of swetnesse to the Lord. And when he hath offered it, he shall take a memorial out of the sacrifice, and burn it upon the altar for a sweet savour to the Lord.  
10 quidquid autem reliquum est, erit Aaron, et filiorum ejus, Sanctum sanctorum de oblationibus Domini. Sotheli what euer thing is residue, it schal be Aarons and hise sones, the hooly of hooli thingis of the offryngis to the Lord. And whatsoever is left, shall be Aaron's, and his sons', holy of holies of the offerings of the Lord.  
11 Omnis oblatio quæ offeretur Domino, absque fermento fiet, nec quidquam fermenti ac mellis adolebitur in sacrificio Domino. Ech offryng which is offrid to the Lord, schal be without sour dow, nether ony thing of sour dow, and of hony, schal be brent in the sacrifice of the Lord. Every oblation that is offered to the Lord shall be made without leaven, neither shall any leaven or honey be burnt in the sacrifice to the Lord.  
12 Primitias tantum eorum offeretis ac munera: super altare vero non imponentur in odorem suavitatis. Ye schulen offre oneli the firste fruytis of tho, and yiftis; sotheli tho schulen not be put on the auter, in to odour of swetnesse. You shall offer only the firstfruits of them and gifts: but they shall not be put upon the altar, for a savour of sweetness,  
13 Quidquid obtuleris sacrificii, sale condies, nec auferes sal fœderis Dei tui de sacrificio tuo: in omni oblatione tua offeres sal. Whateuer thing of sacrifice thou schalt offre, thou schalt make it sauery with salt, nether thou schalt take awey the salt of the boond of pees of thi God fro thi sacrifice; in ech offryng thou schalt offre salt. Whatsoever sacrifice thou offerest, thou shalt season it with salt, neither shalt thou take away the salt of the covenant of thy God from thy sacrifice. In all thy oblations thou shalt offer salt.  
14 Si autem obtuleris munus primarum frugum tuarum Domino de spicis adhuc virentibus, torrebis igni, et confringes in morem farris, et sic offeres primitias tuas Domino, Forsothe if thou offrist a yifte of the firste thingis of thi fruytis to the Lord, of eeris of corn yit grene, thou schalt seenge tho in fier, and thou schalt breke in the maner of seedis; and so thou schalt offre thi firste fruytis to the Lord, But if thou offer a gift of the firstfruits of thy corn to the Lord, of the ears yet green, thou shalt dry it at the fire, and break it small like meal, and so shalt thou offer thy firstfruits to the Lord,  
15 fundens supra oleum, et thus imponens, quia oblatio Domini est: and thou schalt schede oyle theronne, and schalt putte encense, for it is the offryng of the Lord. Pouring oil upon it and putting on frankincense, because it is the oblation of the Lord.  
16 de qua adolebit sacerdos in memoriam muneris partem farris fracti, et olei, ac totum thus. Of which the preest schal brenne, in to mynde of the yifte, a part of the seedis brokun, and of oyle, and al the encense. Whereof the priest shall burn for a memorial of the gift, part of the corn broken small and of the oil, and all the frankincense.