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19 LIBER VAIECRA ID EST LEVITICUS Leviticus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Leviticus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, dicens: The Lord spak to Moises, and seide, The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: Laws of Holiness and Justice. Lv.19.1-37
2 Loquere ad omnem cœtum filiorum Israël, et dices ad eos: Sancti estote, quia ego sanctus sum, Dominus Deus vester. Speke thou to al the cumpenye of the sones of Israel, and thou schalt seie to hem, Be ye hooli, for Y am hooli, youre Lord God. Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, and thou shalt say to them: Be ye holy, because I the Lord your God am holy.  
3 Unusquisque patrem suum, et matrem suam timeat. Sabbata mea custodite. Ego Dominus Deus vester. Ech man drede his fadir and his modir. Kepe ye my sabatis; Y am youre Lord God. Let every one fear his father, and his mother. Keep my sabbaths. I am the Lord your God.  
4 Nolite converti ad idola, nec deos conflatiles faciatis vobis. Ego Dominus Deus vester. Nyle ye be turned to ydols, nether ye schulen make to you yotun goddis; Y am youre Lord God. Turn ye not to idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods. I am the Lord your God.  
5 Si immolaveritis hostiam pacificorum Domino, ut sit placabilis, If ye offren a sacrifice of pesible thingis to the Lord, that it be quemeful, If ye offer in sacrifice a peace offering to the Lord, that he may be favourable,  
6 eo die quo fuerit immolata, comedetis eam, et die altero: quidquid autem residuum fuerit in diem tertium, igne comburetis. ye schulen ete it in that day, in which it is offrid, and in the tother dai; sotheli what euer thing is residue in to the thridde dai, ye schulen brenne in fier. You shall eat it on the same day it was offered, and the next day: and whatsoever shall be left until the third day, you shall burn with fire.  
7 Si quis post biduum comederit ex ea, profanus erit, et impietatis reus: If ony man etith therof aftir twei daes, he schal be vnhooli, and gilti of vnfeithfulnes ether wickidnesse; and he schal bere his wickidnesse, If after two days ally man eat thereof, he shall be profane and guilty of impiety:  
8 portabitque iniquitatem suam, quia sanctum Domini polluit, et peribit anima illa de populo suo. for he defoulide the hooli thing of the Lord, and his soule schal perische fro his puple. And shall bear his iniquity, because he hath defiled the holy thing of the Lord, and that soul shall perish from among his people.  
9 Cumque messueris segetes terræ tuæ, non tondebis usque ad solum superficiem terræ, nec remanentes spicas colliges, Whanne thou schalt repe the fruytis of thi lond, thou schalt not kitte til to the ground the corn of the lond, nether thou schalt gadere the eeris of corn that ben left; When thou reapest the corn of thy land, thou shalt not cut down all that is on the face of the earth to the very ground: nor shalt thou gather the ears that remain.  
10 neque in vinea tua racemos et grana decidentia congregabis: sed pauperibus et peregrinis carpenda dimittes. Ego Dominus Deus vester. nethir in thi vyner thou schalt gadere reysyns and greynes fallynge doun, but thou schalt leeue to be gaderid of pore men and pilgryms; Y am youre Lord God. Neither shalt thou gather the bunches and grapes that fall down in thy vineyard, but shalt leave them to the poor and the strangers to take. I am the Lord your God.  
11 Non facietis furtum. Non mentiemini, nec decipiet unusquisque proximum suum. Ye schulen not do thefte. Ye schulen not lye, and no man disseyue his neiybour. You shall not steal. You shall not lie, neither shall any man deceive his neighbour.  
12 Non perjurabis in nomine meo, nec pollues nomen Dei tui. Ego Dominus. Thou schalt not forswere in my name, nethir thou schalt defoule the name of thi God; Y am the Lord. Thou shalt not swear falsely by my name, nor profane the name of thy God. I am the Lord.  
13 Non facies calumniam proximo tuo nec vi opprimes eum. Non morabitur opus mercenarii tui apud te usque mane. Thou schalt not make fals chalenge to thi neiybore, nethir thou schalt oppresse hym bi violence. The werk of thin hirid man schal not dwelle at thee til the morewtid. Thou shalt not calumniate thy neighbour, nor oppress him by violence. The wages of him that hath been hired by thee shall not abide with thee until the morning.  
14 Non maledices surdo, nec coram cæco pones offendiculum: sed timebis Dominum Deum tuum, quia ego sum Dominus. Thou schalt not curse a deef man, nether thou schalt sette an hurtyng bifor a blynd man; but thou schalt drede thi Lord God, for Y am the Lord. Thou shalt not speak evil of the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind: but thou shalt fear the Lord thy God, because I am the Lord.  
15 Non facies quod iniquum est, nec injuste judicabis. Non consideres personam pauperis, nec honores vultum potentis. Juste judica proximo tuo. Thou schalt not do that, that is wickid, nether thou schalt deme vniustli; biholde thou not the persoone of a pore man, nethir onoure thou the face of a myyti man; deme thou iustli to thi neiybore. Thou shalt not do that which is unjust, nor judge unjustly. Respect not the person of the poor, nor honour the countenance of the mighty. But judge thy neighbour according to justice.  
16 Non eris criminator, nec susurro in populo. Non stabis contra sanguinem proximi tui. Ego Dominus. Thou schalt not be a sclaunderere, nether a priuey bacbitere in the puplis; thou schalt not stonde ayens the blood of thi neiybore; Y am the Lord. Thou shalt not be a detractor nor a whisperer among the people. Thou shalt not stand against the blood of thy neighbour. I am the Lord.  
17 Non oderis fratrem tuum in corde tuo, sed publice argue eum, ne habeas super illo peccatum. Thou schalt not hate thi brothir in thin herte, but repreue hym opynly, lest thou haue synne on hym. Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart, but reprove him openly, lest thou incur sin through him.  
18 Non quæras ultionem, nec memor eris injuriæ civium tuorum. Diliges amicum tuum sicut teipsum. Ego Dominus. Thou schalt not seke veniaunce, nether thou schalt be myndeful of the wrong of thi cyteseyns; thou schalt loue thi freend as thi silf; Y am the Lord. Seek not revenge, nor be mindful of the injury of thy citizens. Thou shalt love thy friend as thyself. I am the Lord.  
19 Leges meas custodite. Jumentum tuum non facies coire cum alterius generis animantibus. Agrum tuum non seres diverso semine. Veste, quæ ex duobus texta est, non indueris. Kepe ye my lawis. Thou schalt not make thi beestis to gendre with the lyuynge beestis of another kynde. Thou schalt not sowe the feeld with dyuerse sede. Thou schalt not be clothid in a cloth, which is wouun of twei thingis. Keep ye my laws. Thou shalt not make thy cattle to gender with beasts of any other kind. Thou shalt not sow thy field with different seeds. Thou shalt not wear a garment that is woven of two sorts.  
20 Homo, si dormierit cum muliere coitu seminis, quæ sit ancilla etiam nubilis, et tamen pretio non redempta, nec libertate donata: vapulabunt ambo, et non morientur, quia non fuit libera. If a man slepith with a womman by fleischly knowyng of seed, which womman is an hand maide, ye, a noble womman of kyn, and netheles is not ayenbouyt bi prijs, nethir rewardid with fredom, bothe schulen be betun, and thei schulen not die, for sche was not fre. If a man carnally lie with a woman that is a bondservant and marriageable, and yet not redeemed with a price, nor made free: they both shall be scourged, and they shall not be put to death, because she was not a free woman.  
21 Pro delicto autem suo offeret Domino ad ostium tabernaculi testimonii arietem: Sotheli the man for his trespas schal offre a ram to the Lord, at the dore of the tabernacle of witnessyng; And for his trespass he shall offer a ram to the Lord, at the door of the tabernacle of the testimony:  
22 orabitque pro eo sacerdos, et pro peccato ejus coram Domino, et repropitiabitur ei, dimitteturque peccatum. and the preest schal preye for hym, and for his trespas, bifor the Lord; and the Lord schal be merciful to hym, and the synne schal be foryouun. And the priest shall pray for him and for his sin before the Lord, and he shall have mercy on him, and the sin shall be forgiven.  
23 Quando ingressi fueritis terram, et plantaveritis in ea ligna pomifera, auferetis præputia eorum: poma, quæ germinant, immunda erunt vobis, nec edetis ex eis. Whanne ye han entrid in to the lond of biheest, and han plauntid therynne appil trees, ye schulen do awei the firste flouris; the applis whiche tho trees bryngen forth, schulen be vncleene to you, nethir ye schulen ete of tho. When you shall be come into the land, and shall have planted in it fruit trees, you shall take away the firstfruits of them: the fruit that comes forth shall be unclean to you, neither shall you eat of them.  
24 Quarto autem anno omnis fructus eorum sanctificabitur, laudabilis Domino. Forsothe in the fourthe yeer al the fruyt of tho trees schal be halewid preiseful to the Lord; But in the fourth year, all their fruit shall be sanctified, to the praise of the Lord.  
25 Quinto autem anno comedetis fructus, congregantes poma, quæ proferunt. Ego Dominus Deus vester. forsothe in the fifthe yeer ye schulen ete fruytis, and schulen gadere applis, whiche tho trees bryngen forth; Y am youre Lord God. And in the fifth year you shall eat the fruits thereof, gathering the increase thereof. I am the Lord your God.  
26 Non comedetis cum sanguine. Non augurabimini, nec observabitis somnia. Ye schulen not ete fleisch with blood. Ye schulen not make veyn diuynyng, nether ye schulen kepe dremes; You shall not eat with blood. You shall not divine nor observe dreams.  
27 Neque in rotundum attondebitis comam, nec radetis barbam. nether ye schulen clippe the heer in round, nether ye schulen schaue the beerd; Nor shall you cut your hair roundwise: nor shave your beard.  
28 Et super mortuo non incidetis carnem vestram, neque figuras aliquas aut stigmata facietis vobis. Ego Dominus. and on deed men ye schulen not kitte youre fleischis, nether ye schulen make to you ony fyguris, ether markis in youre fleisch; Y am the Lord. You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh, for the dead, neither shall you make in yourselves any figures or marks: I am the Lord.  
29 Ne prostituas filiam tuam, ne contaminetur terra et impleatur piaculo. Sette thou not thi douytir to do leccherie for hire, and the lond be defoulid, and be fillid with synne. Make not thy daughter a common strumpet, lest the land be defiled, and filled with wickedness.  
30 Sabbata mea custodite, et sanctuarium meum metuite. Ego Dominus. Kepe ye my sabatis, and drede ye my seyntuarie; Y am the Lord. Keep ye my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary. I am the Lord.  
31 Non declinetis ad magos, nec ab ariolis aliquid sciscitemini, ut polluamini per eos. Ego Dominus Deus vester. Bowe ye not to astronomyers, nether axe ye ony thing of fals dyuynours, that ye be defoulid bi hem; Y am youre Lord God. 31Go not aside after wizards, neither ask any thing of soothsayers, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God.  
32 Coram cano capite consurge, et honora personam senis: et time Dominum Deum tuum. Ego sum Dominus. Rise thou bifor an hoor heed, and onoure thou the persoone of an eld man, and drede thou thi Lord God; Y am the Lord. Rise up before the hoary head, and honour the person of the aged man: and fear the Lord thy God. I am the Lord.  
33 Si habitaverit advena in terra vestra, et moratus fuerit inter vos, non exprobretis ei: If a comelyng enhabitith in youre lond, and dwellith among you, dispise ye not hym, If a stranger dwell in your land, and abide among you, do not upbraid him :  
34 sed sit inter vos quasi indigena, et diligetis eum quasi vosmetipsos: fuistis enim et vos advenæ in terra Ægypti. Ego Dominus Deus vester. but be he among you as a man borun in the lond; and ye schulen loue hym as you silf, for also ye weren comelyngis in the lond of Egipt; Y am youre Lord God. But let him be among you as one of the same country: and you shall love him as yourselves: for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. I am the Lord your God.  
35 Nolite facere iniquum aliquid in judicio, in regula, in pondere, in mensura. Nyle ye do ony wickid thing in doom, in reule, in weiyte, and in mesure; the balance be iust, Do not any unjust thing in judgment, in rule, in weight, or in measure.  
36 Statera justa, et æqua sint pondera, justus modius, æquusque sextarius. Ego Dominus Deus vester, qui eduxi vos de terra Ægypti. and the weiytis be euene, the buschel be iust, and the sextarie be euene; Y am youre Lord God, that ladde you out of the lond of Egipt. Let the balance be just and the weights equal, the bushel just, and the sextary equal. I am the Lord your God, that brought you out of the land of Egypt.  
37 Custodite omnia præcepta mea, et universa judicia, et facite ea. Ego Dominus. Kepe ye alle myn heestis, and alle domes, and do ye tho; Y am the Lord. Keep all my precepts, and all my judgments, and do them. I am the Lord.