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11 JESUE Joshua - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Josue - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Quæ cum audisset Jabin rex Asor, misit ad Jobab regem Madon, et ad regem Semeron, atque ad regem Achsaph: And whanne Jabyn, kyng of Asor, hadde herd these thingis, he sente to Jobab, kyng of Madian, and to the kyng of Semeron, and to the kyng of Acsaph; forsothe to the kyngis of the north, And when Jabin king of Asor had heard these things, he sent to Jobab king of Madon, and to the king of Semeron, and to the king of Achsaph: The conquest of northern Palestine. Jos.11.1-15
2 ad reges quoque aquilonis, qui habitabant in montanis et in planitie contra meridiem Ceneroth, in campestribus quoque et in regionibus Dor juxta mare: that dwelliden in the hilli places, and in the pleyn ayens the south of Seneroth, and in the feeldi places, and cuntreis of Dor, bisidis the see, And to the kings of the north, that dwelt in the mountains and in the plains over against the south side of Ceneroth, and in the levels and the countries of Dor by the sea side :  
3 Chananæum quoque ab oriente et occidente, et Amorrhæum atque Hethæum ac Pherezæum et Jebusæum in montanis: Hevæum quoque qui habitabat ad radices Hermon in terra Maspha. and to Cananei fro the eest and west, and to Ammorrey, and Ethei, and Feresei, and Jebusei, in the hilli places, and to Euey, that dwellide at the rootis of Hermon, in the lond of Maspha. To the Chanaanites also on the ease and on the west, and the Amorrhite, and the Hethite, and the Pherezite, and the Jebusite in the mountains: to the Hevite also who dwelt at the foot of Hermon in the land of Maspha.  
4 Egressique sunt omnes cum turmis suis, populus multus nimis sicut arena quæ est in littore maris, equi quoque et currus immensæ multitudinis. And alle yeden out with her cumpanyes, a ful myche puple, as the grauel which is in the brynk of the see, and horsis, and charis, of greet multitude. And they all came out with their troops, a people exceeding numerous as the sand that is on the sea shore, their horses also and chariots a very great multitude,  
5 Conveneruntque omnes reges isti in unum ad aquas Merom, ut pugnarent contra Israël. And alle these kyngis camen togidere at the watris of Meron, to fiyte ayens Israel. And all these kings assembled together at the waters of Merom, to fight against Israel.  
6 Dixitque Dominus ad Josue: Ne timeas eos: cras enim hac eadem hora ego tradam omnes istos vulnerandos in conspectu Israël: equos eorum subnervabis, et currus igne combures. And the Lord seyde to Josue, Drede thou not hem, for to morewe, in this same our, Y schal bitake alle these men to be woundid in the siyt of Israel; thou schalt hoxe the horsis of hem, and thou schalt brenne the charis bi fier. And the Lord said to Josue: Fear them not: for to morrow at this same hour I will deliver all these to be slain in the sight of Israel: thou shalt hamstring their horses, and thou shalt burn their chariots with fire.  
7 Venitque Josue, et omnis exercitus cum eo, adversus illos ad aquas Merom subito, et irruerunt super eos, And Josue cam, and al his oost with hym, ayens hem sodenli, at the watris of Meron, and felden on hem. And Josue came, and all the army with him, against them to the waters of Merom on a sudden, and fell upon them.  
8 tradiditque illos Dominus in manus Israël. Qui percusserunt eos, et persecuti sunt usque ad Sidonem magnam, et aquas Maserephoth, campumque Masphe, qui est ad orientalem illius partem. Ita percussit omnes, ut nullas dimitteret ex eis reliquias: And the Lord bitook hem in to the hondis of Israel; whiche smytiden hem, that is, the hethen kyngis and her oostes, and pursueden til to grete Sidon, and the watris of Maserophoth, and to the feeld of Maspha, which is at the eest part therof. Josue smoot so alle men, that he lefte no relikis of hem; And the Lord delivered them into the hands of Israel. And they defeated them, and chased them as far as the great Sidon, and the waters of Maserophot, and the field of Masphe, which is on the east side thereof. He slew them all, so as to leave no remains of them:  
9 fecitque sicut præceperat ei Dominus: equos eorum subnervavit, currusque combussit igni. and he dide as the Lord comaundide to hym; he hoxide the horsis of hem, and brente the charis. And he did as the Lord had commanded him, he hamstringed their horses and burned their chariots.  
10 Reversusque statim cepit Asor, et regem ejus percussit gladio. Asor enim antiquitus inter omnia regna hæc principatum tenebat. And he turnede ayen anoon, and took Asor, and smoot bi swerd the kyng therof; for Asor helde bi eld tyme the prinsehed among alle these rewmes. And presently turning back he took Asor: and slew the king thereof with the sword. Now Asor of old was the head of all these kingdoms.  
11 Percussitque omnes animas quæ ibidem morabantur: non dimisit in ea ullas reliquias, sed usque ad internecionem universa vastavit, ipsamque urbem peremit incendio. And he smoot alle persoones that dwelliden there, he lefte not ony relikys therynne, but he wastide alle thingis til to deeth; also he distriede thilke citee bi brennyng. And he cut off all the souls that abode there: he left not in it any remains, but utterly destroyed all, and burned the city itself with fire.  
12 Et omnes per circuitum civitates, regesque earum, cepit, percussit atque delevit, sicut præceperat ei Moyses famulus Domini. And he took alle citees bi cumpas, and the kyngis of hem, and smoot, and dide awei, as Moises, the seruaunt of the Lord, And he took and put to the sword and destroyed all the cities round about, and their kings, as Moses the servant of God had commanded him.  
13 Absque urbibus, quæ erant in collibus et in tumulis sitæ, ceteras succendit Israël: unam tantum Asor munitissimam flamma consumpsit. comaundide to hym, without citees that weren set in the grete hillis, and in litle hillis; and Israel brente the othere citees; flawme wastide oneli o citee, Asor, the strongeste. Except the cities that were on hills and high places, the rest Israel burned: only Asor that was very strong he consumed with fire.  
14 Omnemque prædam istarum urbium ac jumenta diviserunt sibi filii Israël, cunctis hominibus interfectis. And the sones of Israel departiden to hem silf al the prei, and werk beestis of these citees, whanne alle men weren slayn. And the children of Israel divided among themselves all the spoil of these cities and the cattle, killing all the men.  
15 Sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi servo suo, ita præcepit Moyses Josue, et ille universa complevit: non præteriit de universis mandatis, nec unum quidem verbum quod jusserat Dominus Moysi. As the Lord comaundide to his seruaunt Moises, so Moises comaundide to Josue, and he fillide alle thingis; he passide not of alle comaundementis, nether o word sotheli, which the Lord comaundide to Moises. As the Lord had commanded Moses his servant, so did Moses command Josue, and he accomplished all: he left not one thing undone of all the commandments which the Lord had commanded Moses.  
16 Cepit itaque Josue omnem terram montanam et meridianam, terramque Gosen, et planitiem, et occidentalem plagam, montemque Israël, et campestria ejus, And so Josue took al the lond of the hillis, and of the south, the lond of Gosen, and the pleyn, and the west coost, and the hil of Israel, and the feeldi places therof; So Josue took all the country of the hills, and of the south, and the land of Gosen, and the plains and the west country, and the mountain of Israel, and the plains thereof: The completion of the conquest. Jos.11.16-23
17 et partem montis, quæ ascendit Seir usque Baalgad, per planitiem Libani subter montem Hermon: omnes reges eorum cepit, percussit, et occidit. and the part of the hil that stieth to Seir til to Baalgath, bi the pleyn of Liban vndur the hil of Hermon; Josue took, and smoot, and killide alle the kyngis of tho places. And part of the mountain that goeth up to Seir as far as Baalgad, by the plain of Libanus under mount Hermon: all their kings he took, smote and slew.  
18 Multo tempore pugnavit Josue contra reges istos. Josue fauyt myche tyme ayens these kyngis; Josue made war a long time against these kings.  
19 Non fuit civitas quæ se traderet filiis Israël, præter Hevæum, qui habitabat in Gabaon: omnes enim bellando cepit. no citee was, which bitook not it silf to the sones of Israel, out takun Euey that dwellide in Gabaon; he took alle bi batel. There was hot a city that delivered itself to the children of Israel, except the Hevite, who dwelt in Gabaon: for he took all by fight.  
20 Domini enim sententia fuerat, ut indurarentur corda eorum, et pugnarent contra Israël, et caderent, et non mererentur ullam clementiam, ac perirent, sicut præceperat Dominus Moysi. For it was the sentence of the Lord, that the hertis of hem schulde be maad hard, and that thei schulden fiyte ayens Israel, and schulden falle, and schulden not disserue ony mercy, and schulden perische, as the Lord comaundide to Moises. For it was the sentence of the Lord, that their hearts should be hardened, and they should fight against Israel, and fall, and should not deserve any clemency, and should be destroyed as the Lord had commanded Moses.  
21 In illo tempore venit Josue, et interfecit Enacim de montanis, Hebron, et Dabir, et Anab, et de omni monte Juda et Israël, urbesque eorum delevit. Josue cam in that tyme, and killide Enachym, that is, giauntis, fro the hilli placis of Ebron, and of Dabir, and of Anab, and fro al the hil of Juda, and of Israel, and dide awei the citees of hem. At that time Josue came and cut off the Enacims from the mountains, from Hebron, and Dabir, and Anab, and from all the mountain of Juda and Israel, and destroyed their cities.  
22 Non reliquit ullum de stirpe Enacim, in terra filiorum Israël: absque civitatibus Gaza, et Geth, et Azoto, in quibus solis relicti sunt. He lefte not ony man of the generacioun of Enachim in the lond of the sones of Israel, without the citees of Gasa, and Geth, and Azotus, in whiche aloone thei weren left. He left not any of the stock of the Enacims, in the land of the children of Israel: except the cities of Gaza, and Geth, and Azotus, in which alone they were left.  
23 Cepit ergo Josue omnem terram, sicut locutus est Dominus ad Moysen, et tradidit eam in possessionem filiis Israël secundum partes et tribus suas: quievitque terra a præliis. Therfor Josue took al the lond, as the Lord spak to Moyses, and he yaf it in to possessioun to the sones of Israel, bi her partis and lynagis; and the lond restide fro batels. So Josue took all the land, as the Lord spoke to Moses, and delivered it in possession to the children of Israel, according to their divisions and tribes. And the land rested from wars.