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20 LIBER MALACHIM IV REGUM 4 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 4 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 In diebus illis ægrotavit Ezechias usque ad mortem: et venit ad eum Isaias filius Amos, propheta, dixitque ei: Hæc dicit Dominus Deus: Præcipe domui tuæ: morieris enim tu, et non vives. In tho daies Ezechie was sijk til to the deeth; and Isaie, the prophete, sone of Amos, cam to hym, and seide to hym, The Lord God seith these thingis, Comaunde to thin hows, for thou schalt die, and thou schalt not lyue. In those days Ezechias was sick unto death: and Isaias the son of Amos the prophet came and said to him: Thus saith the Lord God: Give charge concerning thy house, for thou shalt die, and not live. Hezekiah's illness & recovery. 2Kgs.20.1-19 | 2Chr.32.24-26  | Is.38.1-8 | Is.38.21-22
2 Qui convertit faciem suam ad parietem, et oravit Dominum, dicens: Which Ezechie turnyde his face to the wal, and worschipide the Lord, And he turned his face to the wall, and prayed to the Lord, saying:  
3 Obsecro, Domine: memento, quæso, quomodo ambulaverim coram te in veritate, et in corde perfecto, et quod placitum est coram te fecerim. Flevit itaque Ezechias fletu magno. and seide, Y biseche, Lord, haue mynde, hou Y yede bifor thee in treuthe, and in a parfit herte, and Y dide that, that was plesaunt bifor thee. Therfor Ezechie wepte bi greet wepyng. I beseech thee, O Lord, remember how I have walked before thee in truth, and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is pleasing before thee. And Ezechias wept with much weeping.  
4 Et antequam egrederetur Isaias mediam partem atrii, factus est sermo Domini ad eum, dicens: And bifor that Ysaie yede out half the part of the court, the word of the Lord was maad to Isaie, and seide, And before Isaias was gone out of the middle of the court, the word of the Lord came to him, saying:  
5 Revertere, et dic Ezechiæ duci populi mei: Hæc dicit Dominus Deus David patris tui: Audivi orationem tuam, et vidi lacrimas tuas, et ecce sanavi te: die tertio ascendes templum Domini. Turne thou ayen, and seie to Ezechie, duyk of my puple, The Lord God of Dauid, thi fadir, seith thes thingis, Y herde thi preiere, and Y siy thi teer, and, lo! Y heelide thee. In the thridde dai thou schalt stie in to the temple of the Lord, Go back, and tell Ezechias the captain of my people: Thus saith the Lord the God of David thy father: I have heard thy prayer, and I have seen thy tears: and behold I have healed thee; on the third day thou shalt go up to the temple of the Lord.  
6 Et addam diebus tuis quindecim annos: sed et de manu regis Assyriorum liberabo te, et civitatem hanc: et protegam urbem istam propter me, et propter David servum meum. and Y schal adde fiftene yeer to thi daies; but also Y schal delyuere thee and this citee fro the hond of the kyng of Assiriens, and Y schal defende this citee for me, and for Dauid, my seruaunt. And I will add to thy days fifteen years: and I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians, and I will protect this city for my own sake, and for David my servant's sake.  
7 Dixitque Isaias: Afferte massam ficorum. Quam cum attulissent, et posuissent super ulcus ejus, curatus est. And Ysaie seide, Brynge ye to me a gobet of figis. And whanne thei hadden brouyte it, and hadde putte on his botche, he was heelid. And Isaias said: Bring me a lump of figs. And when they had brought it, and laid it upon his boil. he was healed.  
8 Dixerat autem Ezechias ad Isaiam: Quod erit signum, quia Dominus me sanabit, et quia ascensurus sum die tertia templum Domini? Forsothe Ezechie seide to Isaie, What schal be the signe, that the Lord schal heele me, and that in the thridde dai Y schal stie in to the temple of the Lord? And Ezechias had said to Isaias: What shall be the sign that the Lord will heal me, and that I shall go up to the temple of the Lord the third day?  
9 Cui ait Isaias: Hoc erit signum a Domino, quod facturus sit Dominus sermonem, quem locutus est: vis ut ascendat umbra decem lineis, an ut revertatur totidem gradibus? To whom Ysaie seide, This schal be a signe of the Lord, that the Lord schal do the word which he spak; wolt thou, that the schadewe stie by ten lynes, ethir turne ayen bi so many degrees? And Isaias said to him: This shall be the sign from the Lord, that the Lord will do the word which he hath spoken: Wilt thou that the shadow go forward ten lines, or that it go back so many degrees?  
10 Et ait Ezechias: Facile est umbram crescere decem lineis: nec hoc volo ut fiat, sed ut revertatur retrorsum decem gradibus. And Ezechie seide, It is esy that the schadewe encreesse bi ten lynes, nethir Y wole that this be doon, but that it turne ayen bacward bi ten degrees. And Ezechias said: It is an easy matter for the shadow to go forward ten lines: and I do not desire that this be done, but let it return back ten degrees.  
11 Invocavit itaque Isaias propheta Dominum, et reduxit umbram per lineas quibus jam descenderat in horologio Achaz, retrorsum decem gradibus. Therfor Ysaie, the prophete, clepide inwardli the Lord, and brouyte ayen bacward bi ten degrees the schadewe bi lynes, bi whiche it hadde go doun thanne in the orologie of Achaz. And Isaias the prophet called upon the Lord, and he brought the shadow ten degrees backwards by the lines, by which it had already gone down in the dial of Achaz.  
12 In tempore illo misit Berodach Baladan, filius Baladan, rex Babyloniorum, litteras et munera ad Ezechiam: audierat enim quod ægrotasset Ezechias. In that tyme Beradacbaladan, sone of Baladam, the kyng of Babiloyne, sente lettris and yiftis to Ezechie; for he hadde herd that Ezechie was sijk, and hadde couerid. At that time Berodach Baladan, the son of Baladan, king of the Babylonians, sent letters and presents to Ezechias: for he had heard that Ezechias had been sick.  
13 Lætatus est autem in adventu eorum Ezechias, et ostendit eis domum aromatum, et aurum et argentum, et pigmenta varia, unguenta quoque, et domum vasorum suorum, et omnia quæ habere poterat in thesauris suis. Non fuit quod non monstraret eis Ezechias indomosua, et in omnipotestate sua. Forsothe Ezechie was glad in the comyng of hem, and he schewide to hem the hows of spyceries, and gold, and siluer, and dyuerse pymentis, also oynementis, and the hows of hise vessels, and alle thingis whiche he myyte haue in hise tresouris; no word was, which Ezechie schewide not to hem in his hows, and in al his power. And Ezechias rejoiced at their coming, and he showed them the house of his aromatical spices, and the gold and the silver, and divers precious odours, and ointments, and the house of his vessels, and all that he had in his treasures. There was nothing in his house, nor in all his dominions that Ezechias shewed them not.  
14 Venit autem Isaias propheta ad regem Ezechiam: dixitque ei: Quid dixerunt viri isti? aut unde venerunt ad te? Cui ait Ezechias: De terra longinqua venerunt ad me, de Babylone. Sotheli Ysaie, the prophete, cam to the kyng Ezechie, and seide to hym, What seiden these men, ether fro whennus camen thei to the? To whom Ezechie seide, Thei camen to me fro a fer lond, fro Babiloyne. And Isaias the prophet came to king Ezechias, and said to him: What said these men? or from whence came they to thee? And Ezechias said to him: From a far country they came to me out of Babylon.  
15 At ille respondit: Quid viderunt in domo tua? Ait Ezechias: Omnia quæcumque sunt in domo mea, viderunt: nihil est quod non monstraverim eis in thesauris meis. And he answeride, What sien thei in thin hows? Ezechie seide, Thei sien alle thingis, what euer thingis ben in myn hows; no thing is in my tresouris, which Y schewide not to hem. And he said: What did they see in thy house? Ezechias said: They saw all the things that are in my house: there is nothing among my treasures that I have not shewn them.  
16 Dixit itaque Isaias Ezechiæ: Audi sermonem Domini: Therfor Isaie seide to Ezechie, Here thou the word of the Lord. And Isaias said to Ezechias: Hear the word of the Lord.  
17 Ecce dies venient, et auferentur omnia quæ sunt in domo tua, et quæ condiderunt patres tui usque in diem hanc, in Babylonem: non remanebit quidquam, ait Dominus. Lo! dayes comen, and alle thingis that ben in thin hows, and whiche thingis thi fadris maden til in to this dai, schulen be takun awey into Babiloyne; not ony thing schal dwelle, seith the Lord. Behold the days shall come, that all that is in thy house, and that thy fathers have laid up in store unto this day, shall be carried into Babylon: nothing shall be left, saith the Lord.  
18 Sed et de filiis tuis qui egredientur ex te, quos generabis, tollentur, et erunt eunuchi in palatio regis Babylonis. But also of thi sones, that schulen go out of thee, whiche thou schalt gendere, schulen be takun, and thei schulen be geldyngis in the paleis of the king of Babiloyne. And of thy sons also that shall issue from thee, whom thou shalt beget, they shall take away, and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.  
19 Dixit Ezechias ad Isaiam: Bonus sermo Domini quem locutus es: sit pax et veritas in diebus meis. Ezechie seide to Isaie, The word of the Lord, which he spak, is good; ooneli pees and treuthe be in my daies. Ezechias said to Isaias: The word of the Lord, which thou hast spoken, is good: let peace and truth be in my days.  
20 Reliqua autem sermonum Ezechiæ, et omnis fortitudo ejus, et quomodo fecerit piscinam et aquæductum, et introduxerit aquas in civitatem, nonne hæc scripta sunt in libro sermonum dierum regum Juda? Forsothe the residue of wordis of Ezechie, and al his strengthe, and hou he made a cisterne, and a watir cundijt, and brouyte watris, in to the citee, whether these ben not writun in the book of wordis of daies of the kyngis of Juda? And the rest of the acts of Ezechias and all his might, and how he made a pool, and a conduit, and brought waters into the city, are they not written in the book of the words of the days of the kings of Juda? Hezekiah - conclusion of his reign. 2Kgs.20.20-21 | 2Chr.32.32-33 
21 Dormivitque Ezechias cum patribus suis, et regnavit Manasses filius ejus pro eo. And Ezechias slept with his fathers, and Manasses his son reigned in his stead.