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9 LIBER MALACHIM IV REGUM 4 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 4 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Eliseus autem prophetes vocavit unum de filiis prophetarum, et ait illi: Accinge lumbos tuos, et tolle lenticulam olei hanc in manu tua, et vade in Ramoth Galaad. Forsothe Elisee, the prophete, clepide oon of the sones of prophetis, and seide to hym, Girde thi leendis, and take this vessel of oile in thin hond, and go in to Ramoth of Galaad. And Eliseus the prophet called one of the sons of the prophets, slid said to him: Gird up thy loins, and take this little bottle of oil in thy hand, and go to Ramoth Galaad. JEHU anointed king of Israel. (841 BCE) 2Kgs.9.1-13
2 Cumque veneris illuc, videbis Jehu filium Josaphat filii Namsi: et ingressus suscitabis eum de medio fratrum suorum, et introduces in interius cubiculum. And whanne thou schalt come thidur, thou schalt se Hieu, sone of Josephat, sone of Namsi; and thou schalt entre, and schalt reise hym fro the myddis of hise britheren, and thou schalt lede hym in to the ynnere closet. And when thou art come thither, thou shalt see Jehu the son of Josaphat the son of Namsi: and going in thou shalt make him rise up from amongst his brethren, and carry him into an inner chamber.  
3 Tenensque lenticulam olei, fundes super caput ejus, et dices: Hæc dicit Dominus: Unxi te regem super Israël. Aperiesque ostium, et fugies, et non ibi subsistes. And thou schalt holde the vessel of oile, and schalt schede on his heed, and schalt seie, The Lord seith these thingis, I haue anoyntid thee in to kyng on Israel; and thou schalt opene the dore, and schalt flee, and schalt not abide there. Then taking the little bottle of oil, thou shalt pour it on his head, and shalt say: Thus saith the Lord: I have anointed thee king over Israel. And thou shalt open the door and flee, and shalt not stay there.  
4 Abiit ergo adolescens puer prophetæ in Ramoth Galaad, Therfor the yong wexynge man, the child of the prophete, yede in to Ramoth of Galaad, and entride thidur. So the young man, the servant of the prophet, went awry to Ramoth Galaad,  
5 et ingressus est illuc: ecce autem principes exercitus sedebant, et ait: Verbum mihi ad te, o princeps. Dixitque Jehu: Ad quem ex omnibus nobis? At ille dixit: Ad te, o princeps. Lo! sotheli the princes of the oost saten; and he seide, A! prince, Y haue a word to thee. And Hieu seide, To whom of alle vs? And he seide, To thee, thou prince. And went in thither: and behold the captains of the army were sitting: and he said: I have a word to thee, O prince. And Jehu said: Unto whom of us all? And he said: To thee, O prince.  
6 Et surrexit, et ingressus est cubiculum: at ille fudit oleum super caput ejus, et ait: Hæc dicit Dominus Deus Israël: Unxi te regem super populum Domini Israël, And he roos, and entride into the closet. And thilk child schedde oile on the heed of hym, and seide, The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, Y haue anointid thee in to kyng on the puple of the Lord of Israel; and thou schalt smyte the hows of Achab, And he arose, and went into the chamber: and he poured the oil upon his head, and said: Thus saith the Lord God of Israel : I have anointed thee king over Israel, the people of the Lord.  
7 et percuties domum Achab domini tui, et ulciscar sanguinem servorum meorum prophetarum, et sanguinem omnium servorum Domini de manu Jezabel. thi lord, that Y venge the blood of my seruauntis prophetis, and the blood of alle the seruauntis of the Lord, of the hond of Jezabel. And thou shalt cut off the house of Achab thy master, and I will revenge the blood of my servants the prophets, and the blood of all the servants of the Lord at the hand of Jezabel.  
8 Perdamque omnem domum Achab: et interficiam de Achab mingentem ad parietem, et clausum et novissimum in Israël. And Y schal lese al the hows of Achab, and Y schal sle of the hows of Achab a pissere to the wal, and closid, and the laste in Israel. And I will destroy all the house of Achab, and I will cut off from Achab him that pisseth against the well, and him that is shut up, and the meanest in Israel.  
9 Et dabo domum Achab sicut domum Jeroboam filii Nabat, et sicut domum Baasa filii Ahia. And Y schal yyue the hows of Achab as the hows of Jeroboam, sone of Nabat, and as the hous of Baasa, sone of Ahia. And I will make the house of Achab like the house of Jeroboam the son of Nabat, and like the house of Baasa the son of Ahias.  
10 Jezabel quoque comedent canes in agro Jezrahel, nec erit qui sepeliat eam. Aperuitque ostium, et fugit. Also doggis schulen ete Jezabel in the feeld of Jezrael; and noon schal be that schal birie hir. And the child openyde the dore, and fledde. And the dogs shall eat Jezabel in the field of Jezrahel, and there shall be no one to bury her. And he opened the door and fled.  
11 Jehu autem egressus est ad servos domini sui: qui dixerunt ei: Rectene sunt omnia? quid venit insanus iste ad te? Qui ait eis: Nostis hominem, et quid locutus sit. Forsothe Hieu yede out to the seruauntis of his lord, whiche seiden to hym, Whether alle thingis ben riytfuli? What cam this wood man to thee? Which seide to hem, Ye knowen the man, and what he spak. Then Jehu went forth to the servants of his lord: and they said to him: Are all things well? why came this mad man to thee? And he said to them: You know the man, and what he said.  
12 At ille responderunt: Falsum est, sed magis narra nobis. Qui ait eis: Hæc et hæc locutus est mihi, et ait: Hæc dicit Dominus: Unxi te regem super Israël. And thei answeriden, It is fals; but more telle thou to vs. Which seide to hem, He spak these and these thingis to me, and seide, The Lord seith these thingis, Y haue anoyntid thee kyng on Israel. But they answered: It is false, but rather do thou tell us. And he said to them: Thus and thus did he speak to me: and he said: Thus saith the Lord: I have anointed thee king over Israel.  
13 Festinaverunt itaque, et unusquisque tollens pallium suum posuerunt sub pedibus ejus in similitudinem tribunalis, et cecinerunt tuba, atque dixerunt: Regnavit Jehu. Therfor thei hastiden, and ech man took his mentil, and puttide vndir hise feet bi the licnesse of a trone. And thei sungen with a trumpe, and seiden, Hieu schal regne. Then they made haste and taking every man his garment laid it under his feet, after the manner of a judgment seat, and they sounded the trumpet, and said: Jehu is king.  
14 Conjuravit ergo Jehu filius Josaphat filii Namsi contra Joram: porro Joram obsederat Ramoth Galaad, ipse et omnis Israël contra Hazaël regem Syriæ: Therfor Hieu, sone of Josephat, sone of Namsi, swoor to gidere ayens Joram. Forsothe Joram hadde bisegid Ramoth of Galaad, he and al Israel, ayens Azael, kyng of Sirie. So Jehu the son of Josaphat the son of Namsi conspired against Joram. Now Joram had besieged Ramoth Galaad, he and all Israel fighting with Hazael king of Syria: JEHU kills JORAM, king of Israel, & AHAZIAH, king of Judah. (850 BCE) 2Kgs.9.14-29
15 et reversus fuerat ut curaretur in Jezrahel propter vulnera, quia percusserant eum Syri præliantem contra Hazaël regem Syriæ. Dixitque Jehu: Si placet vobis, nemo egrediatur profugus de civitate, ne vadat, et nuntiet in Jezrahel. And he turnede ayen to be heelid in Jezrael for woundis; for men of Sirie hadden smyte hym fiytynge ayens Azael, kyng of Sirie. And Hieu seide, If it plesith you, no man go out fleynge fro the citee, lest he go, and telle in Jezrael. And was returned to be healed in Jezrahel of his wounds, for the Syrians had wounded him, when he fought with Hazael king of Syria. And Jehu said: If it please you, let no mall go forth or flee out of the city, lest he go, and tell in Jezrahel.  
16 Et ascendit, et profectus est in Jezrahel: Joram enim ægrotabat ibi, et Ochozias rex Juda descenderat ad visitandum Joram. And he stiede, and yede forth in to Jezrael; for Joram was sijk there, and Ocozie, kyng of Juda, cam doun to visite Joram. And he got up, and went into Jezrahel: for Joram was sick there, and Ochozias king of Juda was come down to visit Joram.  
17 Igitur speculator qui stabat super turrim Jezrahel, vidit globum Jehu venientis, et ait: Video ego globum. Dixitque Joram: Tolle currum, et mitte in occursum eorum, et dicat vadens: Rectene sunt omnia? Therfor a spiere, that stood aboue a tour of Jezrael, siy the multitude of Hieu comynge, and he seide, Y se a multitude. And Joram seide, Take thou a chare, and sende in to the metyng of hem; and seie the goere, Whether alle thingis ben riytfuli? The watchmen therefore, that stood upon the tower of Jezrahel, saw the troop of Jehu coming, and said: I see a troop. And Joram said: Take a chariot, and send to meet them, and let him that goeth say: Is all well?  
18 Abiit ergo, qui ascenderat currum, in occursum ejus, et ait: Hæc dicit rex: Pacatane sunt omnia? Dixitque Jehu: Quid tibi et paci? Transi, et sequere me. Nuntiavit quoque speculator, dicens: Venit nuntius ad eos, et non revertitur. Therfor he, that stiede on the chare, yede in to the meetyng of hym, and seide, The kyng seith these thingis, Whether alle thingis ben peesid? And Hieu seide to hym, What to thee and to pees? Passe thou, and sue me. And the aspiere telde, and seide, the messanger cam to hem, and he turneth not ayen. So there went one in a chariot to meet him, and said : Thus saith the king: Are all things peaceable? And Jehu said: What hast thou to do with peace? go behind and follow me. And the watchman told, saying: The messenger came to them, but he returneth not.  
19 Misit etiam currum equorum secundum: venitque ad eos, et ait: Hæc dicit rex: Numquid pax est? Et ait Jehu: Quid tibi et paci? Transi, et sequere me. Also the kyng sente the secounde chare of horsis, and he cam to hem, and seide, The kyng seith these thingis, Whether pees is? And Hieu seide, What to thee and to pees? Passe thou, and sue me. And he sent a second chariot of horses: and he came to them, and said: Thus saith the king: Is there peace? And Jehu said: What hast thou to do with peace? pass, and follow me.  
20 Nuntiavit autem speculator, dicens: Venit usque ad eos, et non revertitur: est autem incessus quasi incessus Jehu filii Namsi, præceps enim graditur. Sotheli the aspiere telde, and seide, He cam til to hem, and he turneth not ayen; forsothe the goyng is as the goyng of Hieu, sone of Namsi; sothely he goith faste. And the watchman told, saying: He came even to them, but returneth not: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Namsi, for he drives furiously.  
21 Et ait Joram: Junge currum. Junxeruntque currum ejus, et egressus est Joram rex Israël, et Ochozias rex Juda, singuli in curribus suis, egressique sunt in occursum Jehu, et invenerunt eum in agro Naboth Jezrahelitæ. And Joram seide, Ioyn ye a chare. And thei ioyneden his chare. And Joram, kyng of Israel, yede out, and Ocozie, kyng of Juda, yede out, ech in his chare; and thei yeden out in to the meetyng of Hieu, and thei founden hym in the feeld of Naboth of Jezrael. And Joram said: Make ready the chariot. And they made ready his chariot, and Joram king of Israel, and Ochozias king of Juda went out, each in his chariot, and they went out to meet Jehu, and met him in the field of Naboth the Jezrahelite.  
22 Cumque vidisset Joram Jehu, dixit: Pax est, Jehu? At ille respondit: Quæ pax? adhuc fornicationes Jezabel matris tuæ, et veneficia ejus multa, vigent. And whanne Joram hadde seyn Hieu, he seide, Hieu, is pees? And he answeride, What pees? Yit the fornycaciouns of Jezabel, thi modir, and many poisenyngis of hir ben in strengthe. And when Joram saw Jehu, he said: Is there peace, Jehu? And he answered: What peace ? so long as the fornications of Jezabel thy mother, and her many sorceries are in their vigour.  
23 Convertit autem Joram manum suam, et fugiens ait ad Ochoziam: Insidiæ, Ochozia. Forsothe Joram turnede his hond, and fledde, and seide to Ocozie, Tresouns! tresouns! And Joram turned his hand, and fleeing, said to Ochozias: There is treachery, Ochozias.  
24 Porro Jehu tetendit arcum manu, et percussit Joram inter scapulas: et egressa est sagitta per cor ejus, statimque corruit in curru suo. Ocozie. Forsothe Hieu bente a bouwe with the hond, and smoot Joram bitwixe the schuldris, and the arowe yede out thoruy his herte; and anoon he felde doun in his chare. But Jehu bent Iris bow with his hand, and shot Joram between the shoulders: and the arrow went out through his heart, and immediately he fell in his chariot.  
25 Dixitque Jehu ad Badacer ducem: Tolle, projice eum in agro Naboth Jezrahelitæ: memini enim quando ego et tu sedentes in curru sequebamur Achab patrem hujus, quod Dominus onus hoc levaverit super eum, dicens: And Hieu seide to Badacher duyk, Take thou awei, cast forth hym in the feeld of Naboth of Jezrael; for Y haue mynde, whanne Y and thou saten in the chare, and suede Achab, the fadir of hym, that the Lord reiside on hym this birthun, and seide, If not for the blood of Naboth, And Jehu said to Badacer his captain: Take him, and cast him into the field of Naboth the Jezrahelite: for I remember when I and thou sitting in a chariot followed Achab this man's father, that the Lord laid this burden upon him, saying : Death of AHAZIAH king of Judah. 2Kgs.9.25-29
26 Si non pro sanguine Naboth, et pro sanguine filiorum ejus, quem vidi heri, ait Dominus, reddam tibi in agro isto, dicit Dominus. Nunc ergo tolle, et projice eum in agrum juxta verbum Domini. and for the blood of hise sones, which Y siy yistirdai, seith the Lord, Y schal yeeld to thee in this feeld, seith the Lord. Now therfor do awei him, and cast forth him in the feeld, bi the word of the Lord. If I do not requite thee in this field, saith the Lord, for the blood of Naboth, and for the blood of his children, which I saw yesterday, saith the Lord. So now take him, and cast him into the field, according to the word of the Lord.  
27 Ochozias autem rex Juda videns hoc, fugit per viam domus horti: persecutusque est eum Jehu, et ait: Etiam hunc percutite in curru suo. Et percusserunt eum in ascensu Gaver, qui est juxta Jeblaam: qui fugit in Mageddo, et mortuus est ibi. Forsothe Ocozie, king of Juda, siy this, and fledde bi the weie of the hows of the gardyn; and Hieu pursuede hym, and seide, Also smyte ye this man in his chare. And thei smytiden hym in the stiyng of Gaber, which is bisidis Jeblaam; and he fledde into Mageddo, and was deed there. But Ochozias king of Juda seeing this, fled by the way of the garden house : and Jehu pursued him, and said: Strike him also in his chariot. And they struck him in the going up to Gaver, which is by Jeblaam: and he fled into Mageddo, and died there.  
28 Et imposuerunt eum servi ejus super currum suum, et tulerunt in Jerusalem: sepelieruntque eum in sepulchro cum patribus suis in civitate David. And hise seruauntis puttiden hym on his chare, and brouyten hym in to Jerusalem; and thei birieden hym in a sepulcre with hise fadris, in the citee of Dauid. And his servants laid him upon his chariot, and carried him to Jerusalem: and they buried him in his sepulchre with his fathers in the city of David.  
29 Anno undecimo Joram filii Achab, regnavit Ochozias super Judam, In the eleuenthe yeer of Joram, sone of Achab, kyng of Israel, Ocozie regnede on Juda. In the eleventh year of Joram the son of Achab, Ochozias reigned over Juda,  
30 venitque Jehu in Jezrahel. Porro Jezabel, introitu ejus audito, depinxit oculos suos stibio, et ornavit caput suum, et respexit per fenestram And Hieu cam in to Jezrael. Forsothe whanne his entryng was herd, Jezabel peyntide hir iyen with oynement of wymmen, and ournede hir heed; And Jehu came into Jezrahel. But Jezabel hearing of his coming in, painted her face with stibic stone, and adorned her head, and looked out of a window Murder of Jezebel. 2Kgs.9.30-37
31 ingredientem Jehu per portam, et ait: Numquid pax potest esse Zambri, qui interfecit dominum suum? and sche bihelde bi a wyndow Hieu entrynge bi the yate, and sche seide, Whether pees may be to Zamri, that kyllide his lord? At Jehu coming in at the gate, and said: Can there be peace for Zambri, that hath killed his master?  
32 Levavitque Jehu faciem suam ad fenestram, et ait: Quæ est ista? et inclinaverunt se ad eum duo vel tres eunuchi. And Hieu reiside his face to the wyndow, and seide, What womman is this? And tweyne ether thre chaumbirleyns bowiden hem silf to hym, and seiden to hym, This is thilke Jezabel. And Jehu lifted up his face to the window, and said : Who is this? And two or three eunuchs bowed down to him.  
33 At ille dixit eis: Præcipitate eam deorsum: et præcipitaverunt eam, aspersusque est sanguine paries, et equorum ungulæ conculcaverunt eam. And he seide to hem, Caste ye hir doun. And thei castiden doun hir; and the wal was bispreynt with blood, and the howues of horsis, that to tredden hir. And he said to them: Throw her down headlong: and they threw her down, and the wall was sprinkled with her blood, and the hoofs of the horses trod upon her.  
34 Cumque introgressus esset ut comederet biberetque, ait: Ite, et videte maledictam illam, et sepelite eam: quia filia regis est. And whanne he hadde entrid to ete and drynke, he seide, Go ye, and se thilke cursid womman, and birie ye hir, for sche is a kyngis douyter. And when he was come in, to eat, and to drink, he said: Go, and see after that cursed woman, and bury her: because she is a king's daughter.  
35 Cumque issent ut sepelirent eam, non invenerunt nisi calvariam, et pedes, et summas manus. And whanne thei hadden go to birie hir, thei founden not, no but the sculle, and the feet, and the endis of hondis; And when they went to bury her, they found nothing but the skull, and the feet, and the extremities of her hands.  
36 Reversique nuntiaverunt ei. Et ait Jehu: Sermo Domini est, quem locutus est per servum suum Eliam Thesbiten, dicens: In agro Jezrahel comedent canes carnes Jezabel, and thei turneden ayen, and telden to hym. And Hieu seide, It is the word of the Lord, which he spak bi his seruaunt, Elie of Thesbi, and seide, Doggis schulen ete the fleisch of Jezabel in the feeld of Jezrael; And coming back they told him. And Jehu said: It is the word of the Lord, which he spoke by his servant Elias the Thesbite, saying: In the field of Jezrahel the dogs shall eat the flesh of Jezabel,  
37 et erunt carnes Jezabel sicut stercus super faciem terræ in agro Jezrahel, ita ut prætereuntes dicant: Hæccine est illa Jezabel? and the fleischis of Jezabel schulen be as a toord on the face of erthe in the feeld of Jezrael, so that men passynge forth seie, Lo! this is thilke Jezabel. And the flesh of Jezabel shall be as dung upon the face of the earth in the field of Jezrahel, so that they who pass by shall say: Is this that same Jezabel?