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15 IUDICUM Judges - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Judges - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Post aliquantulum autem temporis, cum dies triticeæ messis instarent, venit Samson, invisere volens uxorem suam, et attulit ei hædum de capris. Cumque cubiculum ejus solito vellet intrare, prohibuit eum pater illius, dicens : Forsothe aftir sum del of tyme, whanne the daies of wheete heruest neiyiden, Sampson cam, and wolde visite his wijf, and he brouyte to hir a kide of geet; and when he wolde entre in to hir bed bi custom, the fadir of hir forbeed hym, and seide, And a while after, when the days of the wheat harvest were at hand, Samson came, meaning to visit his wife, and he brought her a kid of the flock. And when he would have gone into her chamber as usual, her father would not suffer him, saying:  
2 Putavi quod odisses eam, et ideo tradidi illam amico tuo: sed habet sororem, quæ junior et pulchrior illa est: sit tibi pro ea uxor. Y gesside that thou haddist hatid hir, and therfor Y yaf hir to thi freend; but sche hath a sistir, which is yongere and fairere than sche, be sche wijf to thee for hir. I thought thou hadst hated her, and therefore I gave her to thy friend: but she hath a sister, who is younger and fairer than she, take her to wife instead of her.  
3 Cui Samson respondit: Ab hac die non erit culpa in me contra Philisthæos: faciam enim vobis mala. To whom Sampson answeride, Fro this day no blame schal be in me ayens Filistees, for Y schal do yuels to you. And Samson answered him: From this day I shall be blameless in what I do against the Philistines: for I will do you evils.  
4 Perrexitque et cepit trecentas vulpes, caudasque earum junxit ad caudas, et faces ligavit in medio: And he yede, and took thre hundrid foxis, and ioynede the tailis of hem to tailis, and boond brondis in the myddis, And he went and caught three hundred foxes, and coupled them tail to tail, and fastened torches between the tails.  
5 quas igne succendens, dimisit ut huc illucque discurrerent. Quæ statim perrexerunt in segetes Philisthinorum. Quibus succensis, et comportatæ jam fruges, et adhuc stantes in stipula, concrematæ sunt, in tantum ut vineas quoque et oliveta flamma consumeret. whiche he kyndlid with fier, and leet hem, that thei schulden renne aboute hidur and thidur; which yeden anoon in to the cornes of Filisteis, bi whiche kyndlid, bothe cornes borun now to gidere, and yit stondynge in the stobil, weren brent, in so myche that the flawme wastide vyneris, and places of olyue trees. And setting them on fire he let the foxes go, that they might run about hither and thither. And they presently went into the standing corn of the Philistines. Which being set on fire, both the corn that was already carried together, and that which was yet standing, was all burnt, insomuch, that the flame consumed also the vineyards and the oliveyards.  
6 Dixeruntque Philisthiim : Quis fecit hanc rem ? Quibus dictum est : Samson gener Thamnathæi : quia tulit uxorem ejus, et alteri tradidit, hæc operatus est. Ascenderuntque Philisthiim, et combusserunt tam mulierem quam patrem ejus. And Filisteis seiden, Who dide this thing? To whiche it was seid, Sampson, hosebonde of the douytir of Thannathei, for he took awey Sampsones wijf, and yaf to another man, wrouyte this thing. And Filisteis stieden, and brenten bothe the womman and hir fadir. Then the Philistines said: Who hath done this thing? And it was answered: Samson the son in law of the Thamnathite, because he took away his wife, and gave her to another, hath done these things. And the Philistines went up and burnt both the woman and her father.  
7 Quibus ait Samson: Licet hæc feceritis, tamen adhuc ex vobis expetam ultionem, et tunc quiescam. To whiche Sampson seide, Thouy ye han do this, netheles yit Y schal axe veniaunce of you, and than Y schal reste. But Samson said to them: Although you have done this, yet will I be revenged of you, and then I will be quiet.  
8 Percussitque eos ingenti plaga, ita ut stupentes suram femori imponerent. Et descendens habitavit in spelunca petræ Etam. And he smoot hem with greet wounde, so that thei wondriden, and puttiden the hyndrere part of the hipe on the thiy; and he yede doun, and dwellide in the denne of the stoon of Ethan. And he made a great slaughter of them, so that in astonishment they laid the calf of the leg upon the thigh. And going down he dwelt in a cavern of the rock Etam.  
9 Igitur ascendentes Philisthiim in terram Juda, castrametati sunt in loco, qui postea vocatus est Lechi, id est, Maxilla, ubi eorum effusus est exercitus. Therfor Filisteis stieden in to the lond of Juda, and settiden tentis in the place, that was clepid aftirward Lethi, that is, a cheke, wher the oost of hem was spred a brood. Then the Philistines going up into the land of Juda, camped in the place which afterwards was called Lechi, that is, the Jawbone, where their army was spread. SAMSON defeats the Philistines. Jdg.15.9-20
10 Dixeruntque ad eos de tribu Juda: Cur ascendistis adversum nos? Qui responderunt: Ut ligemus Samson venimus, et reddamus ei quæ in nos operatus est. And men of the lynage of Juda seiden to hem, Whi stieden ye ayens vs? Whiche answeriden, We comen that we bynde Sampson, and yelde to hym tho thingis whiche he wrouyte in vs. And the men of the tribe of Juda said to them: Why are you come up against us? They answered: We are come to bind Samson, and to pay him for what he hath done against us.  
11 Descenderunt ergo tria millia virorum de Juda ad specum silicis Etam, dixeruntque ad Samson : Nescis quod Philisthiim imperent nobis ? quare hoc facere voluisti ? Quibus ille ait : Sicut fecerunt mihi, sic feci eis. Therfor thre thousynde of men of Juda yeden doun to the denne of the flynt of Ethan; and thei seiden to Sampson, Woost thou not, that Filisteis comaunden to vs? Why woldist thou do this thing? To whiche he seide. Wherefore three thousand men of Juda, went down to the cave of the rock Etam, and said to Samson: Knowest thou not that the Philistines rule over us? Why wouldst thou do thus? And he said to them: As they did to me, so have I done to them.  
12 Ligare, inquiunt, te venimus, et tradere in manus Philisthinorum. Quibus Samson: Jurate, ait, et spondete mihi quod non occidatis me. As thei diden to me, Y dide to hem. Thei seien, We comen to bynde thee, and to bitake thee in to the hondis of Filisteis. To whiche Sampson answeride, Swere ye, and biheete ye to me, that ye sle not me. And they said to him, We are come to bind thee and to deliver thee into the hands of the Philistines. And Samson said to them: Swear to me, and promise me, that you will not kill me.  
13 Dixerunt: Non te occidemus, sed vinctum trademus. Ligaveruntque eum duobus novis funibus, et tulerunt eum de petra Etam. And thei seiden, We schulen not sle thee, but we schulen bitake thee boundun. And thei bounden him with twei newe cordis, and token fro the stoon of Ethan. They said: We will not kill thee: but we will deliver thee up bound. And they bound him with two new cords, and brought him from the rock Etam.  
14 Qui cum venisset ad locum Maxillæ, et Philisthiim vociferantes occurrissent ei, irruit spiritus Domini in eum : et sicut solent ad odorem ignis lina consumi, ita vincula quibus ligatus erat, dissipata sunt et soluta. And whanne thei hadden come to the place of cheke, and Filisteis criynge hadden runne to hym, the spirit of the Lord felde in to hym, and as stikis ben wont to be wastid at the odour of fier, so and the bondis, with whiche he was boundun, weren scaterid and vnboundun. Now when he was come to the place of the Jawbone, and the Philistines shouting went to meet him, the spirit of the Lord came strongly upon him: and as the flax is wont to be consumed at the approach of fire, so the bands with which he was bound were broken and loosed.  
15 Inventamque maxillam, id est, mandibulam asini, quæ jacebat, arripiens interfecit in ea mille viros, And he took a cheke foundun, that is, the lowere cheke boon of an asse, that lay, and he killyde with it a thousinde men; And finding a jawbone, even the jawbone of an ass which lay there, catching it up, be slew therewith a thousand men.  
16 et ait:
In maxilla asini,
in mandibula pulli asinarum,
delevi eos,
et percussi mille viros.
and seide,
With the cheke of an asse,
that is, with the lowere cheke of a colt of femal assis,
Y dide hem awey,
and Y killide a thousynde men.
And he said:
With the jawbone of an ass,
with the jaw of the colt of asses
I have destroyed them,
and have slain a thousand men.
17 Cumque hæc verba canens complesset, projecit mandibulam de manu, et vocavit nomen loci illius Ramathlechi, quod interpretatur, Elevatio maxillæ. And whanne he songe these wordis, and hadde fillid, he castide forth fro the hond the lowere cheke; and he clepide the name of that place Ramath Lethi, which is interpretid, the reisyng of a cheke. And when he had ended these words singing, he threw the jawbone out of his hand, and called the name of that place Ramathlechi, which is interpreted the lifting up of the jawbone.  
18 Sitiensque valde, clamavit ad Dominum, et ait: Tu dedisti in manu servi tui salutem hanc maximam atque victoriam: en siti morior, incidamque in manus incircumcisorum. And he thristide greetly, and criede to the Lord, and seide, Thou hast youe in the hond of thi seruaunt this grettest helthe and victory; and lo! Y die for thyrst, and Y schal falle in to the hondis of vncircumcidid men. Arid being very thirsty, he cried to the Lord, and said: Thou hast given this very great deliverance and victory into the hand of thy servant: and behold I die for thirst, and shall fall into the hands of the uncircumcised.  
19 Aperuit itaque Dominus molarem dentem in maxilla asini, et egressæ sunt ex eo aquæ. Quibus haustis, refocillavit spiritum, et vires recepit. Idcirco appellatum est nomen loci illius, Fons invocantis de maxilla, usque in præsentem diem. Therfor the Lord openyde a wang tooth in the cheke boon of the asse, and watris yeden out therof, bi whiche drunkun he refreischide the spirit, and resseuede strengthis; therfor the name of that place was clepid the Welle of the clepere of the cheke til to present dai. Then the Lord opened a great tooth in the jaw of the ass, and waters issued out of it. And when he had drank them he refreshed his spirit, and recovered his strength. Therefore the name of that place was called, The Spring of him that invoked from the jawbone, until this present day.  
20 Judicavitque Israël in diebus Philisthiim viginti annis. And he demyde Israel in the daies of Filistiym twenti yeer. And he judged Israel in the days of the Philistines twenty years.