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12 IUDICUM Judges - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Judges - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Ecce autem in Ephraim orta est seditio : nam transeuntes contra aquilonem, dixerunt ad Jephte : Quare vadens ad pugnam contra filios Ammon, vocare nos noluisti, ut pergeremus tecum ? igitur incendemus domum tuam. Lo! forsothe discencioun roos in Effraym; for whi thei, that passiden ayens the north, seiden to Jepte, Whi yedist thou to batel ayens the sones of Amon, and noldist clepe vs, that we schulden go with thee? Therfor we schulen brenne thin hows. But behold there arose a sedition in Ephraim. And passing towards the north, they said to Jephte: When thou wentest to fight against the children of Ammon, why wouldst thou not call us, that we might go with thee? Therefore we will burn thy house. Jephthar & the Ephraimites. Jdg.12.1-7
2 Quibus ille respondit: Disceptatio erat mihi et populo meo contra filios Ammon vehemens: vocavique vos, ut præberetis mihi auxilium, et facere noluistis. To whiche he answeride, Greet strijf was to me and to my puple ayens the sones of Amon, and Y clepide you, that ye schulden yyue help to me, and ye nolden do. And he answered them: I and my people were at great strife with the children of Ammon: and I called you to assist me, and you would not do it.  
3 Quod cernens, posui animam meam in manibus meis, transivique ad filios Ammon, et tradidit eos Dominus in manus meas. Quid commerui, ut adversum me consurgatis in prælium? Which thing Y siy, and puttide my lijf in myn hondis; and Y passide to the sones of Amon, and the Lord bitook hem in to myn hondis; what haue Y disseruyd, that ye ryse togidere ayens me in to batel? And when I saw this, I put my life in my own hands, and passed over against the children of Ammon, and the Lord delivered them into my hands. What have I deserved, that you should rise up to fight against me?  
4 Vocatis itaque ad se cunctis viris Galaad, pugnabat contra Ephraim: percusseruntque viri Galaad Ephraim, quia dixerat: Fugitivus est Galaad de Ephraim, et habitat in medio Ephraim et Manasse. Therfor whanne alle the men of Galaad weren clepid to hym, he fauyt ayens Effraym; and the men of Galaad smytiden Effraym; for he seide, Galaad is fugitif ether exilid fro Effraym, and dwellith in the myddis of Effraym and of Manasses. Then calling to him all the men of Galaad, he fought against Ephraim: and the men of Galaad defeated Ephraim, because he had said: Galaad is a fugitive of Ephraim, and dwelleth in the midst of Ephraim and Manasses.  
5 Occupaveruntque Galaaditæ vada Jordanis, per quæ Ephraim reversurus erat. Cumque venisset ad ea de Ephraim numero, fugiens, atque dixisset : Obsecro ut me transire permittatis : dicebant ei Galaaditæ : Numquid Ephrathæus es ? quo dicente : Non sum : And the men of Galaad ocupieden the forthis of Jordan, bi whiche Effraym schulden turne ayen. And whanne a man fleynge of the noumbre of Effraym hadde come to tho forthis, and hadde seid, Y biseche, that thou suffre me passe; men of Galaad seiden to hym, Whether thou art a man of Effraym? And whanne he seide, Y am not, And the Galaadites secured the fords of the Jordan, by which Ephraim was to return. And when any one of the number of Ephraim came thither in the flight, and said: I beseech you let me pass: the Galaadites said to him: Art thou not an Ephraimite? If he said: I am not:  
6 interrogabant eum : Dic ergo Scibboleth, quod interpretatur Spica. Qui respondebat, Sibboleth : eadem littera spicam exprimere non valens. Statimque apprehensum jugulabant in ipso Jordanis transitu. Et ceciderunt in illo tempore de Ephraim quadraginta duo millia. thei axiden hym, Seie thou therfor Sebolech, whiche is interpretid, an eer of corn. Which answeride, Thebolech, and myyte not brynge forth an eer of corn bi the same lettre. And anoon thei strangeliden hym takun in thilke passyng of Jordan; and two and fourti thousynde of Effraym felden doun in that tyme. They asked him: Say then, Scibboleth, which is interpreted, An ear of corn. But he answered, Sibboleth, not being able to express an ear of corn by the same letter. Then presently they took him and killed him in the very passage of the Jordan. And there fell at that time of Ephraim two and forty thousand.  
7 Judicavit itaque Jephte Galaadites Israël sex annis: et mortuus est, ac sepultus in civitate sua Galaad. And so Jepte, a man of Galaad, demyde Israel sixe yeer; and he was deed, and biried in his citee Galaad. And Jephte the Galaadite judged Israel six years: and he died, and was buried in his city of Galaad.  
8 Post hunc judicavit Israël Abesan de Bethlehem: Abethsan of Bethleem, that hadde thretti sones, and so many douytris, demyde Israel aftir Jepte; After him Abesan of Bethlehem judged Israel: IBZAN, ELON, ABDON - Judges. Jdg.12.8-15
9 qui habuit triginta filios, et totidem filias, quas emittens foras, maritis dedit, et ejusdem numeri filiis suis accepit uxores, introducens in domum suam. Qui septem annis judicavit Israël: whiche douytris he sente out, and yaf to hosebondis, and he took wyues to hise sones of the same noumbre, and brouyte in to hys hows; which demyde Israel seuene yeer; He had thirty sons, and as many daughters, whom he sent abroad, and gave to husbands, and took wives for his sons of the same number, bringing them into his house. And he judged Israel seven years:  
10 mortuusque est, ac sepultus in Bethlehem. and he was deed, and biried in Bethleem. And he died, and was buried in Bethlehem.  
11 Cui successit Ahialon Zabulonites: et judicavit Israël decem annis: Whos successour was Hailon of Zabulon; and he demyde Israel ten yeer; To him succeeded Ahialon a Zahnlonite: and he judged Israel ten years:  Jdg.12.11-12
12 mortuusque est, ac sepultus in Zabulon. and he was deed, and biried in Zabulon. And he died, and was buried in ZahnIon.  
13 Post hunc judicavit Israël Abdon filius Illel Pharathonites: Aftir hym Abdon, the sone of Ellel, of Pharaton, demyde Israel; After him Abdon, the son of Illel, a Pharathonite, judged Israel:  Jdg.12.13-15
14 qui habuit quadraginta filios, et triginta ex eis nepotes, ascendentes super septuaginta pullos asinarum. Et judicavit Israël octo annis: which Abdon hadde fourti sones, and of hem thretti sones, stiynge on seuenti coltis of femal assis, that is, mulis, and he demyde Israel eiyte yeer; And he had forty sons, and of them thirty grandsons, mounted upon seventy ass colts, and he judged Israel eight years:  
15 mortuusque est, ac sepultus in Pharathon terræ Ephraim, in monte Amalec. and he was deed, and biried in Pharaton, in the loond of Effraym, in the hil of Amalech. And he died, and was buried in Pharathon in the land of Ephraim, in the mount of Amalech.