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13 LIBER SAMUHELIS II 2 Kings - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 2 Kings - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Factum est autem post hæc ut Absalom filii David sororem speciosissimam, vocabulo Thamar, adamaret Amnon filius David, Forsothe it was doon aftir these thingis, that Amon, the sone of Dauid, louyde the faireste sistir, Thamar bi name, of Absolon, sone of Dauid. And it came to pass after this, that Amnon the son of David loved the sister of Absalom the son of David, who was very beautiful, and her name was Thamar. Amnon & Tamar. 2Sm.13.1-22
2 et deperiret eam valde, ita ut propter amorem ejus ægrotaret: quia cum esset virgo, difficile ei videbatur ut quippiam inhoneste ageret cum ea. And Amon perischide greetli for hir, so that he was sijk for the loue of hir. For whanne she was a virgyn, it semyde hard to hym, that he schulde do ony thing vnonestli with hir. And he was exceedingly fond of her, so that he fell sick for the love of her: for as she was a virgin, he thought it hard to do any thing dishonestly with her.  
3 Erat autem Amnon amicus nomine Jonadab, filius Semmaa fratris David, vir prudens valde. Forsothe a freend, Jonadab bi name, sone of Semmaa, brother of Dauid, was to Amon; Jonadab was a ful prudent man. Now Amnon had a friend, named Jonadab the son of Semmaa the brother of David, a very wise man:  
4 Qui dixit ad eum : Quare sic attenuaris macie, fili regis, per singulos dies ? cur non indicas mihi ? Dixitque ei Amnon : Thamar sororem fratris mei Absalom amo. Which seide to Amon, Sone of the kyng, whi art thou maad feble so bi leenesse bi alle daies? whi schewist thou not to me? And Amon seide to him, Y loue Thamar, the sister of my brother Absolon. And he said to him: Why dost thou grow so lean from day to day, O son of the king? why dost thou not tell me the reason of it? And Amnon said to him: I am in love with Thamar the sister of my brother Absalom.  
5 Cui respondit Jonadab : Cuba super lectum tuum, et languorem simula : cumque venerit pater tuus ut visitet te, dic ei : Veniat, oro, Thamar soror mea, ut det mihi cibum, et faciat pulmentum, ut comedam de manu ejus. And Jonadab answeride to hym, Li thou on thi bed, and feyne thou sikenesse; and whanne thi fadir cometh, that he visyte thee, seie thou to hym, Y preye, come Thamar, my sister, that sche yyue mete to me, and make a seew, that Y ete of hir hond. And Jonadab said to him: Lie down upon thy bed, and feign thyself sick: and when thy father shall come to visit thee, say to him: Let my sister Thamar, I pray thee, come to me, to give me to eat, and to make me a mess, that I may eat it at her hand.  
6 Accubuit itaque Amnon, et quasi ægrotare cœpit : cumque venisset rex ad visitandum eum, ait Amnon ad regem : Veniat, obsecro, Thamar soror mea, ut faciat in oculis meis duas sorbitiunculas, et cibum capiam de manu ejus. Therfor Amon lay doun, and bigan as to be sijk. And whanne the kyng hadde come to visite him, Amon seide to the kyng, Y biseche, come Thamar, my sistir, that sche make twei soupyngis bifor my iyen, and that Y take of hir hond meete maad redi. So Amnon lay down, and made as if he were sick: and when the king came to visit him, Amnon said to the king: I pray thee let my sister Thamar come, and make in my sight two little messes, that I may eat at her hand.  
7 Misit ergo David ad Thamar domum, dicens: Veni in domum Amnon fratris tui, et fac ei pulmentum. Therfor Dauid sente to the hows of Thamar, and seide, Come thou in to the hows of Amon, thi brother, and make thou seew to hym. Then David sent home to Thamar, saying: Come to the house of thy brother Amnon, and make him a mess.  
8 Venitque Thamar in domum Amnon fratris sui: ille autem jacebat. Quæ tollens farinam commiscuit, et liquefaciens, in oculis ejus coxit sorbitiunculas. And Thamar cam in to the hows of Amon, hir brother. Sotheli he lai; and sche took mele, and medlide, and made moist bifor hise iyen, and sethide soupyngis; And Thamar came to the house of Amnon her brother: but he was laid down: and she took meal and tempered it: and dissolving it in his sight she made little messes.  
9 Tollensque quod coxerat, effudit, et posuit coram eo, et noluit comedere: dixitque Amnon: Ejicite universos a me. Cumque ejecissent omnes, and sche took that, that sche hadde sode, and helde out, and settide byfor hym, and he nolde ete. And Amon seide, Putte ye out alle men fro me. And whanne thei hadden put out alle men, And taking what she had boiled, she poured it out, and set it before him, but he would not eat: and Amnon said: Put out all persons from me. And when they had put all persons out,  
10 dixit Amnon ad Thamar: Infer cibum in conclave, ut vescar de manu tua. Tulit ergo Thamar sorbitiunculas quas fecerat, et intulit ad Amnon fratrem suum in conclave. Amon seide to Thamar, Bere the mete in to the closet, that Y ete of thin hond. Therfor Thamar took the soupingis whiche sche hadde maad, and brouyte in to Amon, hir brother, in the closet. Amnon said to Thamar: Bring the mess into the chamber, that I may eat at thy hand. And Thamar took the little messes which she had made, and brought them in to her brother Amnon in the chamber.  
11 Cumque obtulisset ei cibum, apprehendit eam, et ait: Veni, cuba mecum, soror mea. And whanne sche hadde proferid mete to hym, he took hir, and seide, Come thou, my sistir, li thou with me. And when she had presented him the meat, he took hold of her, and said: Come lie with me, my sister.  
12 Quæ respondit ei: Noli frater mi, noli opprimere me: neque enim hoc fas est in Israël: noli facere stultitiam hanc. And sche answeride to hym, My brother, nyle thou, nyle thou oppresse me, for this is not leueful in Israel; nyle thou do this foli. She answered him: Do not so, my brother, do not force me: for no such thing must be done in Israel. Do not thou this folly.  
13 Ego enim ferre non potero opprobrium meum, et tu eris quasi unus de insipientibus in Israël: quin potius loquere ad regem, et non negabit me tibi. For Y schal not mow bere my schenschip, and thou schalt be as oon of the vnwise men in Israel; but rather speke thou to the kyng, and he schal not denye me to thee. For I shall not be able to bear my shame, and thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel: but rather speak to the king, and he will not deny me to thee.  
14 Noluit autem acquiescere precibus ejus, sed prævalens viribus oppressit eam, et cubavit cum ea. Sotheli he nolde assente to hir preieris; but he was strengere in myytis, and oppresside hir, and lay with hir. But he would not hearken to her prayers, but being stronger overpowered her and lay with her.  
15 Et exosam eam habuit Amnon odio magno nimis: ita ut majus esset odium quo oderat eam, amore quo ante dilexerat. Dixitque ei Amnon: Surge, et vade. And Amon hadde hir hateful bi ful grete haterede, so that the hatrede was gretter, bi which he hatide hir, than the loue bi which he louyde hir bifor. And Amon seide to hir, Rise thou, and go. Then Amnon hated her with an exceeding great hatred: so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love with which he had loved her before, And Amnon said to her: Arise, and get thee gone.  
16 Quæ respondit ei: Majus est hoc malum quod nunc agis adversum me, quam quod ante fecisti, expellens me. Et noluit audire eam: And sche answeride to hym, This yuel is more which thou doist now ayens me, and puttist me out, than that, that thou didist bifore. And he nolde here hir; but whanne the child was clepide, She answered him: This evil which now thou dost against me, in driving me away, is greater than that which thou didst before. And he would not hearken to her:  
17 sed vocato puero qui ministrabat ei, dixit: Ejice hanc a me foras, et claude ostium post eam. that mynystride to hym, he seide, Putte thou out this womman fro me, and close thou the dore aftir hir. But calling the servants that ministered to him, he said: Thrust this woman out from me: and shut the door after her.  
18 Quæ induta erat talari tunica: hujuscemodi enim filiæ regis virgines vestibus utebantur. Ejecit itaque eam minister illius foras: clausitque fores post eam. And sche was clothid with a coote doun to the heele; for the kyngis douytris virgyns vsiden siche clothis. Therfor the mynystre of Amon puttide hir out, and closide the dore aftir hir. And she was clothed with along robe: for the king's daughters that were virgins, used such kind of garments. Then his servant thrust her out: and shut the door after her.  
19 Quæ aspergens cinerem capiti suo, scissa talari tunica, impositisque manibus super caput suum, ibat ingrediens, et clamans. And sche spreynte aische to hir heed, whanne the coote to the heele was torent, and whanne the hondis weren put on hir heed, and sche yede entrynge and criynge. And she put ashes on her head, and rent her long robe and laid her hands upon her head, and went on crying.  
20 Dixit autem ei Absalom frater ejus : Numquid Amnon frater tuus concubuit tecum ? sed nunc soror tace, frater tuus est : neque affligas cor tuum pro hac re. Mansit itaque Thamar contabescens in domo Absalom fratris sui. Forsothe Absolon, hir brother, seide to hir, Whether Amon, thi brothir, hath leyn with thee? But now, sister, be stille; he is thi brother, and turmente not thin herte for this thing. Therfor Thamar dwellide morenynge in the hows of Absolon, hir brothir. And Absalom her brother said to her: Hath thy brother Amnon lain with thee? but now, sister, hold thy peace, he is thy brother: and afflict not thy heart for this thing. So Thamar remained pining away in the house of Absalom her brother.  
21 Cum autem audisset rex David verba hæc, contristatus est valde: et noluit contristare spiritum Amnon filii sui, quoniam diligebat eum, quia primogenitus erat ei. Forsothe whanne kyng Dauid hadde herd these wordis, he was ful sori, and he nolde make sore the spyrit of Amon, his sone; for he louyde Amon, for he was the firste gendrid to hym. And when king David heard of these things he was exceedingly grieved: and he would not afflict the spirit of his son Amnon, for he loved him, because he was his firstborn.  
22 Porro non est locutus Absalom ad Amnon nec malum nec bonum: oderat enim Absalom Amnon, eo quod violasset Thamar sororem suam. Forsothe Absolon spak not to Amon, nether yuel nether good; for Absolon hatide Amon, for he hadde defoulid Thamar, his sistir. But Absalom spoke not to Amnon neither good nor evil: for Absalom hated Amnon because he had ravished his sister Thamar.  
23 Factum est autem post tempus biennii ut tonderentur oves Absalom in Baalhasor, quæ est juxta Ephraim: et vocavit Absalom omnes filios regis, Forsothe it was doon aftir the tyme of twei yeer, that the scheep of Absolon weren shorun in Baalasor, which is bisidis Effraym. And Absolon clepide alle the sones of the kyng. And it came to pass after two years, that the sheep of Absalom were shorn in Baalhasor, which is near Ephraim: and Absalom invited all the king's sons: Absalom's revenge. 2Sm.13.23-39
24 venitque ad regem, et ait ad eum: Ecce tondentur oves servi tui: veniat, oro, rex cum servis suis ad servum suum. And he cam to the kyng, and seide to hym, Lo! the scheep of thi seruaunt ben schorun; Y preye, come the king with hise seruauntis to his seruaunt. And he came to the king, and said to him: Behold thy servant's sheep are shorn. Let the king, I pray, with his servants come to his servant.  
25 Dixitque rex ad Absalom: Noli fili mi, noli rogare ut veniamus omnes et gravemus te. Cum autem cogeret eum, et noluisset ire, benedixit ei. And the kyng seide to Absolon, Nyle thou, my sone, nyle thou preye, that alle we come, and greeue thee. Forsothe whanne he constreynede Dauid, and he nolde go, he blesside Absolon. And the king said to Absalom: Nay, my son, do not ask that we should all come, and be chargeable to thee. And when he pressed him, and he would not go, he blessed him.  
26 Et ait Absalom: Si non vis venire, veniat, obsecro, nobiscum saltem Amnon frater meus. Dixitque ad eum rex: Non est necesse ut vadat tecum. And Absolon seide to Dauid, If thou nylt come, Y byseche, come nameli Amon, my brother, with vs. And the kyng seide to hym, It is no nede, that he go with thee. And Absalom said: If thou wilt not come, at least let my brother Amnon, I beseech thee, come with us. And the king said to him: It is not necessary that he should go with thee.  
27 Coëgit itaque Absalom eum, et dimisit cum eo Amnon et universos filios regis. Feceratque Absalom convivium quasi convivium regis. Therfor Absolon constreynede hym; and he delyuerede with him Amon, and alle the sones of the kyng. And Absolon hadde maad a feeste as the feeste of a kyng. But Absalom pressed him, so that he let Amnon and all the king's sons go with him. And Absalom made a feast as it were the feast of a king.  
28 Præceperat autem Absalom pueris suis, dicens : Observate cum temulentus fuerit Amnon vino, et dixero vobis : Percutite eum, et interficite, nolite timere : ego enim sum qui præcipio vobis : roboramini, et estote viri fortes. Sotheli Absolon comaundide to hise children, and seide, Aspie ye, whanne Amon is drunkun of wyn, and Y seie to you, Smyte ye, and sle hym. Nyle ye drede, for Y am that comaunde to you; be ye strengthid, and be ye stronge men. And Absalom had commanded his servants, saying: Take notice when Amnon shall be drunk with wine, and when I shall say to you: Strike him, and kill him, fear not: for it is I that command you: take courage, and be valiant men.  
29 Fecerunt ergo pueri Absalom adversum Amnon sicut præceperat eis Absalom. Surgentesque omnes filii regis ascenderunt singuli mulas suas, et fugerunt. Therfor the children of Absolon diden ayens Amon, as Absolon hadde comaundide to hem; and alle the sones of the kyng risiden, and stieden ech on his mule, and fledden. And the servants of Absalom did to Amnon as Absalom had commanded them. And all the king's sons arose and got up every man upon his mule, and fled.  
30 Cumque adhuc pergerent in itinere, fama pervenit ad David, dicens: Percussit Absalom omnes filios regis, et non remansit ex eis saltem unus. And whanne thei yeden yit in the weie, fame cam to the kyng, and seide, Absolon hath kild alle the sones of the king, and nameli not oon lefte of hem. And while they were yet in the way, a rumour came to David, saying: Absalom hath slain all the king's sons, and there is not one of them left.  
31 Surrexit itaque rex, et scidit vestimenta sua, et cecidit super terram: et omnes servi illius qui assistebant ei, sciderunt vestimenta sua. Therfor the kyng roos, and torente hise clothis, and felde doun on the erthe; and alle hise seruauntis that stoden nyy to hym, torenten her clothis. Then the king rose up, and rent his garments: and fell upon the ground, and all his servants, that stood about him, rent their garments.  
32 Respondens autem Jonadab filius Semmaa fratris David, dixit : Ne æstimet dominus meus rex, quod omnes pueri filii regis occisi sint : Amnon solus mortuus est, quoniam in ore Absalom erat positus ex die qua oppressit Thamar sororem ejus. Sotheli Jonadab, sone of Semmaa, brother of Dauid, answeride and seide, My lord the kyng, gesse not, that alle the children, and sones of the kyng, ben slayn; Amon aloone is deed, for he was set in hatrede to Absolon, fro the day in which he oppresside Thamar, his sistir. But Jonadab the son of Semmaa David's brother answering, said: Let not my lord the king think that all the king's sons are slain: Amnon only is dead, for he was appointed by the mouth of Absalom from the day that he ravished his sister Thamar.  
33 Nunc ergo ne ponat dominus meus rex super cor suum verbum istud, dicens: Omnes filii regis occisi sunt: quoniam Amnon solus mortuus est. Now therfor, my lord the kyng, set not this word on his herte, and seie, Alle the sones of the kyng ben slayn; for Amon aloone is deed. Now therefore let not my lord the king take this thing into his heart, saying: All the king's sons are slain: for Amnon only is dead.  
34 Fugit autem Absalom. Et elevavit puer speculator oculos suos, et aspexit: et ecce populus multus veniebat per iter devium ex latere montis. Forsothe Absolon fledde. And a child aspiere reiside hise iyen, and bihelde, and lo! myche puple cam bi a weye out of the comyn weie bi the side of the hil. But Absalom fled away: and the young man that kept the watch, lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold there came much people by a by-way on the side of the mountain.  
35 Dixit autem Jonadab ad regem: Ecce filii regis adsunt: juxta verbum servi tui, sic factum est. And Jonadab seide to the kyng, Lo! the sones of the kyng comen; bi the word of thi seruaunt, so it is doon. And Jonadab said to the king: Behold the king's sons are come: as thy servant said, so it is.  
36 Cumque cessasset loqui, apparuerunt et filii regis: et intrantes levaverunt vocem suam, et fleverunt: sed et rex et omnes servi ejus fleverunt ploratu magno nimis. And whanne he hadde ceessid to speke, also the sones of the kyng apperiden; and thei entriden, and reisiden her vois, and wepten; but also the kyng and alle his seruauntis wepten bi ful greet wepyng. And when he made an end of speaking, the king's sons also appeared: and coming in they lifted up their voice, and wept: and the king also and all his servants wept very much.  
37 Porro Absalom fugiens abiit ad Tholomai filium Ammiud regem Gessur. Luxit ergo David filium suum cunctis diebus. Forsothe Absolon fledde, and yede to Tholmai, sone of Amyur, the kyng of Gessur. Therfor Dauid biweilide his sone Amon in many daies. But Absalom fled, and went to Tholomai the son of Ammiud the king of Gessur. And David mourned for his son every day.  
38 Absalom autem cum fugisset, et venisset in Gessur, fuit ibi tribus annis. Cessavitque rex David persequi Absalom, eo quod consolatus esset super Amnon interitu. Forsothe Absolon, whanne he hadde fled, and hadde come in to Gessur, was there thre yeer. And Absalom after he was fled, and come into Gessur, was there three years. And king David ceased to pursue after Absalom, because he was comforted concerning the death of Amnon.  
39 Cessavitque rex David persequi Absalom, eo quod consolatus esset super Amnon interitu. And Dauid ceesside to pursue Absolon, for he was coumfortid on the deeth of Amon.