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8 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Benjamin autem genuit Bale primogenitum suum, Asbel secundum, Ahara tertium, Forsothe Beniamyn gendride Bale his firste gendrid sone, Asbaal the secounde, Othora the thridde, Now Benjamin beget Bale his firstborn, Asbel the second, Ahara the third, Generations - Benjamin. 1Chr.8.1-12
2 Nohaa quartum, et Rapha quintum. Naua the fourthe, and Rapha the fyuethe. Nohaa the fourth, and Rapha the fifth.  
3 Fueruntque filii Bale: Addar, et Gera, et Abiud, And the sones of Bale weren Addoar, and Jera, and Abyud, and Abisue, And the sons of Bale were Addar, and Gera, and Abiud,  
4 Abisue quoque et Naaman, et Ahoë, and Noemany, and Acte, And Abisue, and Naamar, and Ahoe,  
5 sed et Gera, et Sephuphan, et Huram. but also Gera, and Sophupham, and Vram. And Gera, and Sephuphan, and Huram.  
6 Hi sunt filii Ahod, principes cognationum habitantium in Gabaa, qui translati sunt in Manahath. These ben the sones of Haoth, princes of kynredis dwellynge in Gabaa, that weren translatid in to Manath. These are the sons of Ahod, heads of families that dwelt in Gabaa, who were removed into Mrtnahsth.  
7 Naaman autem, et Achia, et Gera ipse transtulit eos, et genuit Osa, et Ahiud. Forsothe Noaman, and Achia, and Jera, he translatide hem, and gendride Oza and Abyud; And Naaman, and Achia, and Gera he removed them, and beget Oza, and Ahiud.  
8 Porro Saharaim genuit in regione Moab, postquam dimisit Husim et Bara uxores suas. forsothe Saarym gendride in the cuntrey of Moab, aftir that he lefte Vrym and Bara, hise wyues; And Saharim begot in the land of Moab, after he sent away Husim and Bara his wives.  
9 Genuit autem de Hodes uxore sua Jobab, et Sebia, et Mosa, et Molchom, sotheli he gendride of Edes, his wijf, Jodab, and Sebia, and Mosa, and Molchon, also Jebus, and Sechia, and Maryna; And he beget of Hodes his wife Jobab, and Sebia, and Mesa, and Molchom,  
10 Jehus quoque, et Sechia, et Marma: hi sunt filii ejus principes in familiis suis. tho ben the sones of hym, prynces in her meynees. And Jehus and Sechia, and Marma. These were his sons heads of their families.  
11 Mehusim vero genuit Abitob, et Elphaal. Forsothe Musyn gendride Achitob, and Elphaal. And Mehusim beget Abitob, and Elphaal.  
12 Porro filii Elphaal: Heber, et Misaam, et Samad: hic ædificavit Ono, et Lod, et filias ejus. Sotheli the sones of Elphaal weren Heber, and Musaam, and Samaath; he bildide Ono, and Lod, and hise villagis; And the sons of Elphaal were Heber, and Misaam, and Samad: who built One, and Led, and its daughters.  
13 Baria autem, et Sama principes cognationum habitantium in Ajalon: hi fugaverunt habitatores Geth. forsothe Bara and Sama weren princes of kynredis dwellynge in Hailon; these dryueden awei the dwelleris of Geth; And Baria, and Sama were heads of their kindreds that dwelt in Aialon: these drove away the inhabitants of Geth. Generations - Benjamin (Gath & Aijalon). 1Chr.8.13-16
14 Et Ahio, et Sesac, et Jerimoth, and Haio, and Sesath, and Jerymoth, And Ahio, and Sesac, and Jerimoth,  
15 et Zabadia, et Arod, et Heder, and Zadabia, and Arod, and Heder, And Zabadia, and Arod, and Heder,  
16 Michaël quoque, et Jespha, et Joha filii Baria. and Mychael, and Jespha helpiden hem ayens men of Geth; the sones of Abaria, And Michael, and Jespha, and Joha, the sons of Baria.  
17 Et Zabadia, et Mosollam, et Hezeci, et Heber, and Zadabia, and Mosollam, and Ezethi, 17And Zabadia, and Mosollam, and Hezeci, and Heber, Generations - Benjamin (Jerusalem). 1Chr.8.17-28
18 et Jesamari, et Jezlia, et Jobab filii Elphaal, and Heber, and Jesamary, and Jezlia, and Jobab helpiden in this iurney ayens men of Geth. The sones of Elphaal weren Jachym, And Jesamari, and Jezlia, and Jobab, sons of Elphaal,  
19 et Jacim, et Zechri, et Zabdi, and Jechri, And Jacim, and Zechri, and Zabdi,  
20 et Elioënai, et Selethai, et Eliel, and Zabdi, and Helioenay, and Selettay, And Elioenai, and Selethai, and Elial,  
21 et Adaia, et Baraia, et Samarath filii Semei. and Henelech, and Adaia, and Barasa, and Samarath; the sones of Semey weren Jesphan, And Adaia, and Baraia, and Samareth, the sons of Semei.  
22 Et Jespham, et Heber, et Eliel, and Heber, and Esiel, and Abdon, And Jespham, and Heber, and Eliel,  
23 Et Abdon, et Zechri, et Hanan, and Zechry, and Canaan, and Anany, and Jalam, And Abdon, and Zechri, and Hanan,  
24 et Hanania, et Ælam, et Anathothia, and Anathotia, and Jephdaia, and Phanuel; And Hanania, and Elam, and Anathothia.  
25 et Jephdaia, et Phanuel filii Sesac. the sones of Sesac weren Sampsaray, And Jephdaia, and Phanuel the sons of Sesac.  
26 Et Samsari, et Sohoria, et Otholia, and Scoria, and Otholia, and Jersia, And Samsari, and Sohoria and Otholia,  
27 et Jersia, et Elia, et Zechri, filii Jeroham. and Helia, and Zechri, the sones of Jeream. And Jersia, and Elia, and Zechri, the sons of Jeroham.  
28 Hi patriarchæ, et cognationum principes, qui habitaverunt in Jerusalem. These weren patriarkis and princes of kynredis, that dwelliden in Jerusalem. These were the chief fathers, and heads of their families who dwelt in Jerusalem.  
29 In Gabaon autem habitaverunt Abigabaon, et nomen uxoris ejus Maacha: Forsothe in Gabaon dwelliden Abigabaon, and Maacha the name of his wijf; And at Gabaon dwelt Abigabaon, and the name of his wife was Maacha: Generations - Benjamin (Gibeon & Jerusalem). 1Chr.8.29-32
30 filiusque ejus primogenitus Abdon, et Sur, et Cis, et Baal, et Nadab, and his firste gendrid sone Abdon, and Sur, and Cys, and Baal, and Ner, and Nadab, And his firstborn son Abdon, and Sur, and Cia, and Baal, and Nadab,  
31 Gedor quoque, et Ahio, et Zacher, et Macelloth: and Geddo, and Haio, and Zacher, and Macelloth. And Gedor, and Ahio, and Zacher, and Macelloth:  
32 et Macelloth genuit Samaa: habitaveruntque ex adverso fratrum suorum in Jerusalem cum fratribus suis. Forsothe Marcelloth gendride Samaa; and thei dwelliden euene ayens her britheren in Jerusalem with her britheren. And Macelloth beget Samaa: and they dwelt over against their brethren in Jerusalem with their brethren.  
33 Ner autem genuit Cis, et Cis genuit Saul. Porro Saul genuit Jonathan, et Melchisua, et Abinadab, et Esbaal. Forsothe Ner gendride Cys, and Cys gendride Saul; forsothe Saul gendride Jonathan, and Melchisue, and Abynadab, and Isbaal. And Ner beget Cia, and Cia beget Saul. And Saul begot Jonathan and Melchisua, and Abinadab, and Esbaal. Generations - Saul. 1Chr.8.33-40
34 Filius autem Jonathan, Meribbaal: et Meribbaal genuit Micha. Sotheli the sone of Jonathan was Myphibaal; and Myphibaal gendride Micha. And the son of Jonathan was Meribbaal: and Meribbaal begot Micha.  
35 Filii Micha, Phithon, et Melech, et Tharaa, et Ahaz. The sones of Micha weren Phiton, and Melech, and Thara, and Ahaz. And the sons of Micha were Phithon, and Melech, and Tharaa, and Ahaz.  
36 Et Ahaz genuit Joada: et Joada genuit Alamath, et Azmoth, et Zamri: porro Zamri genuit Mosa, And Ahaz gendride Joiada; and Joiada gendride Almoth, and Azimoth, and Zamry. And Ahaz beget Joada: and Joada beget Alamath, and Azmoth, and Zamri: and Zamri beget Mesa,  
37 et Mosa genuit Banaa, cujus filius fuit Rapha, de quo ortus est Elasa, qui genuit Asel. Forsothe Zamri gendride Moosa, and Moosa gendride Banaa, whos sone was Raphaia, of whom was gendrid Elesa, that gendride Asel. And Mesa beget Banaa, whose son was Rapha, of whom was born Elasa, who beget Asel.  
38 Porro Asel sex filii fuerunt his nominibus: Ezricam, Bocru, Ismahel, Saria, Obdia, et Hanan: omnes hi filii Asel. Sotheli Asel hadde sixe sones bi these names, Esricham, Bochru, Ismael, Saria, Abadia, Aman; alle these weren the sones of Asel. And Asel had six sons whose names were Ezricam, Bochru, Ismahel, Saria, Obdia, and Hanan. All these were the sons of Asel.  
39 Filii autem Esec fratris ejus, Ulam primogenitus, et Jehus secundus, et Eliphalet tertius. Forsothe the sones of Asa, his brothir, weren Vlam, the firste gendride sone, and Hus, the secounde, and Eliphales, the thridde. And the sons of Esec, his brother, were Ulam the firstborn, and Jehus the second, and Eliphelet the third.  
40 Fueruntque filii Ulam viri robustissimi, et magno robore tendentes arcum: et multos habentes filios ac nepotes, usque ad centum quinquaginta. Omnes hi, filii Benjamin. And the sones of Vlam weren strongeste men, and beendynge a bouwe with greet strength, and hauynge many sones, and sones of sones, til to an hundrid and fifti. Alle these weren the sones of Beniamyn. And the sons of Ulam were most valiant men, and archers of great strength: and they had many sons and grandsons, even to a hundred and fifty. All these were children of Benjamin.