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Too many gifts. Ex.36.2-7

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36 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
2Cumque vocasset eos Moyses et omnem eruditum virum, cui dederat Dominus sapientiam, et qui sponte sua obtulerant se ad faciendum opus, And whanne Moises hadde clepid hem, and ech lerned man, to whom the Lord hadde youe wisdom and kunnyng, and whiche profriden hem bi her wille to make werk, And when Moses had called them, and every skilful man, to whom the Lord had given wisdom, and such as of their own accord had offered themselves to the making of the work, Too many gifts. Ex.36.2-7
3tradidit eis universa donaria filiorum Israël. Qui cum instarent operi, quotidie mane vota populus offerebat. he bitook to hem alle the yiftis of the sones of Israel. And whanne thei weren bisi in the werk ech dai, the puple offride auowis eerli. He delivered all the offerings of the children of Israel unto them. And while they were earnest about the work, the people daily in the morning offered their vows.  
4Unde artifices venire compulsi, Wherfor the werkmen weren compellid to come, Whereupon the workmen being constrained to come,  
5dixerunt Moysi: Plus offert populus quam necessarium est. and thei seiden to Moises, The puple offrith more than is nedeful. Said to Moses: The people offereth more than is necessary.  
6Jussit ergo Moyses præconis voce cantari: Nec vir, nec mulier quidquam offerat ultra in opere sanctuarii. Sicque cessatum est a muneribus offerendis, Therfor Moises comaundide to be cried bi the vois of a criere, Nether man nether womman offre more ony thing in the werk of seyntuarie; and so it was ceessid fro yiftis to be offrid, for the thingis offrid sufficiden, Moses therefore commanded proclamation to be made by the crier's voice: Let neither man nor woman offer any more for the work of the sanctuary. And so they ceased from offering gifts,  
7eo quod oblata sufficerent et superabundarent. and weren ouer abundant. Because the things that were offered did suffice, and were too much.