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Marah (bitter water) to Elim. Ex.15.22-27

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15 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
22Tulit autem Moyses Israël de mari Rubro, et egressi sunt in desertum Sur: ambulaveruntque tribus diebus per solitudinem, et non inveniebant aquam. Forsothe Moises took Israel fro the reed see, and thei yeden out in to the deseert of Sur, and thei yeden thre daies bi the wildirnesse, and thei founden not watir. And Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea, and they went forth into the wilderness of Sur: and they marched three days through the wilderness, and found no water. Marah (bitter water) to Elim. Ex.15.22-27
23Et venerunt in Mara, nec poterant bibere aquas de Mara, eo quod essent amaræ: unde et congruum loco nomen imposuit, vocans illum Mara, id est, amaritudinem. And thei camen in to Marath, and thei miyten not drynk the watris of Marath, for tho weren bittere; wherfor and he puttide a couenable name to the place, and clepide it Mara, that is, bitternesse. And they came into Mara, and they could not drink the waters of Mara, because they were bitter: whereupon he gave a name also agreeable to the place, calling it Mara, that is, bitterness.  
24Et murmuravit populus contra Moysen, dicens: Quid bibemus? And the puple grutchide ayens Moises, and seide, What schulen we drynke? And the people murmured against Moses, saying: What shall we drink?  
25At ille clamavit ad Dominum, qui ostendit ei lignum: quod cum misisset in aquas, in dulcedinem versæ sunt: ibi constituit ei præcepta, atque judicia, et ibi tentavit eum, And Moises criede to the Lord, which schewide to hym a tre; and whanne he hadde put that tre in to watris, tho weren turned in to swetnesse. There the Lord ordeynede comaundementis and domes to the puple, and there he asayede the puple, But he cried to the Lord, and he shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, they were turned into sweetness. There he appointed him ordinances, and judgments, and there he proved him,  
26dicens: Si audieris vocem Domini Dei tui, et quod rectum est coram eo feceris, et obedieris mandatis ejus, custodierisque omnia præcepta illius, cunctum languorem, quem posui in Ægypto, non inducam super te: ego enim Dominus sanator tuus. and seide, If thou schalt here the vois of thi Lord God, and schalt do that that is riytful byfore hym, and schalt obeie to his comaundementis, and schalt kepe alle hise heestis, Y schal not brynge yn on thee al the syknesse, which Y puttide in Egipt, for Y am thi Lord Sauyour. Saying: If thou wilt hear the voice of the Lord thy God, and do what is right before him, and obey his commandments, and keep all his precepts, none of the evils that I laid upon Egypt, will I bring upon thee: for I am the Lord thy healer.  
27Venerunt autem in Elim filii Israël, ubi erant duodecim fontes aquarum, et septuaginta palmæ: et castrametati sunt juxta aquas. And the children of Israel came into Elim, where there were twelve fountains of water, and seventy palm trees: and they encamped by the waters.