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MOSES: Birth. Ex.2.1-10

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2 EXODUS Exodus - Wycliffe Bible(14c) Exodus - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Egressus est post hæc vir de domo Levi: et accepit uxorem stirpis suæ. Aftir these thingis a man of the hows of Leuy yede out, and took a wijf of his kyn, After this there went a man of the house of Levi; and took a wife of his own kindred. MOSES: Birth. Ex.2.1-10
2Quæ concepit, et peperit filium: et videns eum elegantem, abscondit tribus mensibus. which conseyuede, and childide a sone. And sche seiy hym wel farynge, and hidde him bi thre monethis. And she conceived, and bore a son; and seeing him a goodly child hid him three months.  
3Cumque jam celare non posset, sumpsit fiscellam scirpeam, et linivit eam bitumine ac pice: posuitque intus infantulum, et exposuit eum in carecto ripæfluminis, And whanne sche myyte not hele, thanne sche took a leep of segge, and bawmede it with tar and pitch, and puttide the yong child with ynne, and puttide hym forth in a place of spier of the brenke of the flood, And when she could hide him no longer, she took a basket made of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and pitch: and put the little babe therein, and laid him in the sedges by the river's brink,  
4stante procul sorore ejus, et considerante eventum rei. the while his sistir stood afer, and bihelde the bifalling of the thing. His sister standing afar off, and taking notice what would be done.  
5Ecce autem descendebat filia Pharaonis ut lavaretur in flumine: et puellæ ejus gradiebantur per crepidinem alvei. Quæ cum vidisset fiscellam in papyrione, misit unam e famulabus suis: et allatam Lo! forsothe the douytir of Farao cam doun to be waischun in the flood, and hir damysels walkiden bi the brenke of the flood. And whanne sche hadde seyn a leep in the place of spier, sche sente oon of hir seruauntessis, And behold the daughter of Pharao came down to wash herself in the river: and her maids walked by the river's brink. And when she saw the basket in the sedges, she sent one of her maids for it: and when it was brought,  
6aperiens, cernensque in ea parvulum vagientem, miserta ejus, ait: De infantibus Hebræorum est hic. and sche openyde the leep brouyt to hir, and seiy a litil child wepynge ther ynne. And sche hadde mercy on the child, and seide, It is of the yonge children of Ebrews. She opened it and seeing within it an infant crying, having compassion on it she said: This is one of the babes of the Hebrews.  
7Cui soror pueri: Vis, inquit, ut vadam, et vocem tibi mulierem hebræam, quæ nutrire possit infantulum? To whom the sister of the child seide, Wolt thou that Y go, and clepe to thee an Ebrew womman, that may nurische the yong child? And the child's sister said to her Shall I go and call to thee a Hebrew woman, to nurse the babe ?  
8Respondit: Vade. Perrexit puella et vocavit matrem suam. She answeride, Go thou. The damysel yede, and clepide the modir of the child. She answered: Go. The maid went and called her mother.  
9Ad quam locuta filia Pharaonis: Accipe, ait, puerum istum, et nutri mihi: ego dabo tibi mercedem tuam. Suscepit mulier, et nutrivit puerum: adultumque tradidit filiæ Pharaonis. To whom the douytir of Farao spak, and seide, Take thou this child, and nurische to me; Y schal yyue to thee thi mede. The womman took, and nurischide the child, and bitook hym woxun to the douytir of Farao, And Pharao's daughter said to her. Take this child and nurse him for me: I will give thee thy wages. The woman took, and nursed the child: and when he was grown up, she delivered him to Pharao's daughter.  
10Quem illa adoptavit in locum filii, vocavitque nomen ejus Moyses, dicens: Quia de aqua tuli eum. whom sche purchaside in to the place of sone; and sche clepide his name Moises, and seide, For Y took hym fro the watir. And she adopted him for a son, and called him Moses, saying: Because I took him out of the water.