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Gifts for building the temple. 1Chr.29.1-9

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29 PARALIPOMENON I 1 Paralipomenon - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 1 Paralipomenon - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference
1Locutusque est David rex ad omnem ecclesiam: Salomonem filium meum unum elegit Deus, adhuc puerum et tenellum: opus namque grande est, neque enim homini præparatur habitatio, sed Deo. And kyng Dauid spak to al the chirche, God hath chose Salomon, my sone, yit a child and tendre; forsothe the werk is greet, and a dwellyng is not maad redi to man but to God. And king David said to all the assembly: Solomon my son, whom alone God hath chosen, is as yet young and tender: and the work is great, for a house is prepared not for man, but for God. Gifts for building the temple. 1Chr.29.1-9
2Ego autem totis viribus meis præparavi impensas domus Dei mei. Aurum ad vasa aurea, et argentum in argentea, æs in ænea, ferrum in ferrea, ligna ad lignea: et lapides onychinos, et quasi stibinos, et diversorum colorum, omnemque pretiosum lapidem, et marmor Parium abundantissime: Sotheli Y in alle my myytis haue maad redi the costis of the hows of my God; gold to goldun vessels, siluer in to siluerne vessels, bras in to brasun vessels, irun in to irun vessels, tre in to trenun vessels, onychyn stonys, and stonys as of the colour of wymmens oynement, and ech precious stoon of dyuerse colouris, and marbil of dyuerse colouris, most plenteuously. And I with all my ability have prepared the expenses for the house of my God. Gold for vessels of gold, and silver for vessels of silver, brass for things of brass, iron for things of iron, wood for things of wood: and onyx stones, and stones like alabaster, and of divers colours, and all manner of precious stones, and marble of Paros in great abundance.  
3et super hæc, quæ obtuli in domum Dei mei de peculio meo aurum et argentum, do in templum Dei mei, exceptis his, quæ præparavi in ædem sanctam. And ouer these thingis Y yyue gold and siluer in to the temple of my God, whiche Y offride of my propir catel in to the hows of my God, outakun these thingis whiche Y made redi in to the hooli hows, Now over and above the things which I have offered into the house of my God I give of my own proper goods, gold and silver for the temple of my God, beside what things I have prepared for the holy house.  
4Tria millia talenta auri de auro Ophir: et septem millia talentorum argenti probatissimi ad deaurandos parietes templi. thre thousynde talentis of gold, of the gold of Ophir, and seuene thousynde of talentis of siluer most preuyd, to ouergilde the wallis of the temple; Three thousand talents of gold of the gold of Ophir: and seven thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the temple.  
5Et ubicumque opus est aurum de auro, et ubicumque opus est argentum de argento, opera fiant per manus artificum: et si quis sponte offert, impleat manum suam hodie, et offerat quod voluerit Domino. and werkis be maad bi the hondis of crafti men, where euere gold is nedeful, of gold, and where euere siluer is nedeful, of siluer; and if ony man offrith bi his fre wille, fille he his hond to dai, and offre he that that he wole to the Lord. And gold for wheresoever there is need of gold: and silver for wheresoever there is need of silver, for the works to be made by the hands of the artificers: now if any man is willing to offer, let him fill his hand to day, and offer what he pleaseth to the Lord.  
6Polliciti sunt itaque principes familiarum, et proceres tribuum Israël, tribuni quoque, et centuriones, et principes possessionum regis. Therfor the princes of meynees, and the duykis of the lynagis of Israel, and the tribunes, and the centuriouns, and the princes of the possessiouns of the kyng, bihiyten; Then the heads of the families, and the princes of the tribes of Israel, and the captains of thousands, and of hundreds, and the overseers of the king's possessions promised,  
7Dederuntque in opera domus Dei auri talenta quinque millia, et solidos decem millia: argenti talenta decem millia, et æris talenta decem et octo millia: ferri quoque centum millia talentorum. and thei yauen in to the werkis of the hows of the Lord, fyue thousynde talentis of gold, and ten thousynde schyllyngis; ten thousynde talentis of siluer, and eiytene thousynde talentis of bras, and an hundrid thousynde of talentis of irun. And they gave for the works of the house of the Lord, of gold, five thousand talents, and ten thousand solids: of silver ten thousand talents: and of brass eighteen thousand talents: and of iron a hundred thousand talents.  
8Et apud quemcumque inventi sunt lapides, dederunt in thesauros domus Domini, per manum Jahiel Gersonitis. And at whom euere stoonys were foundun, thei yauen in to the tresour of the hows of the Lord, bi the hond of Jehiel Gersonyte. And all they that had stones, gave them to the treasures of the house of the Lord, by the hand of Jahiel the Gersonite.  
9Lætatusque est populus, cum vota sponte promitterent: quia corde toto offerebant ea Domino: sed et David rex lætatus est gaudio magno. And the puple was glad, whanne thei bihiyten avowis bi her fre wille, for with al the herte thei offriden tho to the Lord. But also kyng Dauid was glad with greet ioye, and blesside the Lord bifor al the multitude, And the people rejoiced, when they promised their offerings willingly: because they offered them to the Lord with all their heart: and David the king rejoiced also with a great joy.