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7 2 ESDRAS (NEHEMIAS) 2 Esdras - Wycliffe Bible(14c) 2 Esdras - Douay Rheims(17c) Reference

1 Postquam autem ædificatus est murus, et posui valvas, et recensui janitores, et cantores, et Levitas, Forsothe aftir that the wal of Jerusalem was bildid, and Y hadde set yatis, and Y hadde noumbrid porters, and syngeris, Now after the wall was built, and I had set up the doors, and numbered the porters and singing men, and Levites:  
2 præcepi Hanani fratri meo, et Hananiæ principi domus de Jerusalem (ipse enim quasi vir verax et timens Deum plus ceteris videbatur), and dekenys, Y comaundide to Aneny, my brother, and to Ananye, the prince of the hows of Jerusalem; for he semyde a sothefast man, and dredynge God more than othere men diden; I commanded Hanani my brother, and Hananias ruler of the house of Jerusalem, (for he seemed as a sincere man, and one that feared God above the rest,)  
3 et dixi eis: Non aperiantur portæ Jerusalem usque ad calorem solis. Cumque adhuc assisterent, clausæ portæ sunt, et oppilatæ: et posui custodes de habitatoribus Jerusalem, singulos per vices suas, et unumquemque contra domum suam. and Y seide to hem, The yatis of Jerusalem ben not openyd til to the heete of the sunne; and, whanne Y was yit present, the yatis weren closid, and lockid. And Y settide keperis of the dwelleris of Jerusalem, alle men bi her whilis, and ech man ayens his hows. And I said to them: Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened till the sun be hot. And while they were yet standing by, the gates were shut, and barred: and I set watchmen of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, every one by their courses, and every mall over against his house.  
4 Civitas autem erat lata nimis et grandis, et populus parvus in medio ejus, et non erant domus ædificatæ. Sotheli the citee was ful brood and greet, and litil puple was in myddis therof, and housis weren not bildid. And the city was very wide and great, and the people few in the midst thereof, and the houses were not built. Census - Those who returned from exile. Ne.7.4-73 | Ez.2.1-70 
5 Deus autem dedit in corde meo, et congregavi optimates, et magistratus, et vulgus, ut recenserem eos: et inveni librum census eorum qui ascenderant primum, et inventum est scriptum in eo. Forsothe God yaf in myn herte, and Y gaderide togidere the principal men, and magistratis, and the comyn puple, for to noumbre hem; and Y foond the book of the noumbre of hem, that hadden stied first. And it was foundun writun ther ynne, But God had put in my heart, and I assembled the princes and magistrates, and common people, to number them: and I found a book of the number of them who came up at first, and therein it was found written:  
6 Isti filii provinciæ, qui ascenderunt de captivitate migrantium, quos transtulerat Nabuchodonosor rex Babylonis, et reversi sunt in Jerusalem et in Judæam, unusquisque in civitatem suam. These ben the sones of the prouynce, that stieden fro the caitifte of men passynge ouer, whiche Nabugodonosor, the kyng of Babiloyne, hadde translatid, ether led ouer; These are the children of the province, who came up from the captivity of them that had been carried away, whom Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon had carried away, and who returned into Judea, every one into his own city.  
7 Qui venerunt cum Zorobabel, Josue, Nehemias, Azarias, Raamias, Nahamani, Mardochæus, Belsam, Mespharath, Begoai, Nahum, Baana. Numerus virorum populi Israël: and thei that weren comun with Zorobabel turneden ayen in to Jerusalem and in to Judee, ech man in to his citee; Josue, Neemye, Azarie, Raanye, Naanum, Mardochee, Bethsar, Mespharath, Beggaay, Naum, Baana. The noumbre of men of the puple of Israel; Who came with Zorobabel, Josue, Nehemias, Azarias, Raamias, Nahamani, Mardochai, Belsam, Mespharath, Begoia, Nahum, Baana. The number of the men of the people of Israel:  
8 filii Pharos, duo millia centum septuaginta duo: the sones of Pharos, two thousynde an hundrid and two and seuenti; the sones of Saphaie, The children of Pharos, two thousand one hundred seventy-two.  
9 filii Saphatia, trecenti septuaginta duo: thre hundrid and two and seuenti; The children of Sephatia, three hundred seventy-two.  
10 filii Area, sexcenti quinquaginta duo: the sones of Area, sixe hundrid and two and fifti; the sones of Phaeth Moab, The children of Area, six hundred fifty-two.  
11 filii Phahathmoab filiorum Josue et Joab, duo millia octingenti decem et octo: of the sones of Josue and of Joab, two thousynde eiyte hundrid and eiytene; The children of Phahath Moab of the children of Josue and Joab, two thousand eight hundred eighteen.  
12 filii Ælam, mille ducenti quinquaginta quatuor: the sones of Helam, a thousynde eiyte hundrid and foure and fifti; The children of Elam, one thousand two hundred fifty-four.  
13 filii Zethua, octingenti quadraginta quinque: the sones of Ezecua, eiyte hundrid and fyue and fourti; The children of Zethua, eight hundred forty-five.  
14 filii Zachai, septingenti sexaginta: the sones of Zachai, seuene hundrid and sixti; The children of Zachai, seven hundred sixty.  
15 filii Bannui, sexcenti quadraginta octo: the sones of Bennuy, sixe hundrid and eiyte and fourti; The children of Bannui, six hundred forty-eight.  
16 filii Bebai, sexcenti viginti octo: the sones of Hebahi, sixe hundrid and eiyte and twenti; The children of Bebai, six hundred twenty-eight.  
17 filii Azgad, duo millia trecenti viginti duo: the sones of Degad, two thousynde thre hundrid and two and twenti; The children of Azgad, two thousand three hundred twenty-two.  
18 filii Adonicam, sexcenti sexaginta septem: the sones of Azonicam, sixe hundrid and seuene and sixti; The children of Adonicam, six hundred sixty-seven.  
19 filii Beguai, duo millia sexaginta septem: the sones of Bagoamy, two thousynde and seuene and sixti; The children of Beguai, two thousand sixty-seven.  
20 filii Adin, sexcenti quinquaginta quinque: the sones of Adyn, sixe hundrid and fiue and fifti; The children of Adin, six hundred fifty-five.  
21 filii Ater, filii Hezeciæ, nonaginta octo: the sones of Azer, sone of Ezechie, eiyte and twenti; The children of Ater, children of Hezechias, ninety-eight.  
22 filii Hasem, trecenti viginti octo: the sones of Asem, thre hundrid and eiyte and twenti; the sones of Bethsai, The children of Hasem, three hundred twenty-eight.  
23 filii Besai, trecenti viginti quatuor: thre hundrid and foure and twenti; The children of Besai, three hundred twenty-four.  
24 filii Hareph, centum duodecim: the sones of Areph, an hundrid and seuene and twenti; The children of Hareph, a hundred and twelve.  
25 filii Gabaon, nonaginta quinque: the sones of Zabaon, fyue and twenti; The children of Gabaon, ninety-five.  
26 filii Bethlehem et Netupha, centum octoginta octo. the men of Bethleem and of Necupha, an hundrid foure score and eiyte; The children of Bethlehem, and Netupha, a hundred eighty-eight.  
27 Viri Anathoth, centum viginti octo. the men of Anatoth, an hundrid and eiyte and twenti; The men of Anathoth, a hundred twenty-eight.  
28 Viri Bethazmoth, quadraginta duo. the men of Bethamoth, two and fourti; The men of Bethazmoth, forty-two.  
29 Viri Cariathiarim, Cephira, et Beroth, septingenti quadraginta tres. the men of Cariathiarym, of Cephura, and Beroth, seuene hundrid and thre and fourti; The men of Cariathiarim, Cephira, end Beroth, seven hundred forty-three.  
30 Viri Rama et Geba, sexcenti viginti unus. the men of Rama and of Gabaa, sixe hundrid and oon and twenti; the men of Machimas, The men of Rama and Geba, six hundred twenty-one.  
31 Viri Machmas, centum viginti duo. two hundrid and two and twenti; The men of Machmas, a hundred twenty-two.  
32 Viri Bethel et Hai, centum viginti tres. the men of Bethel and of Hay, an hundrid and thre and twenti; the men of the tother Nebo, The men of Bethel and Hai, a hundred twenty-three.  
33 Viri Nebo alterius, quinquaginta duo. two and fifti; The men of the other Nebo, fifty-two.  
34 Viri Ælam alterius, mille ducenti quinquaginta quatuor. the men of the tother Helam, a thousynde two hundrid and foure and fifti; The men of the other Elam, one thousand two hundred fifty-four.  
35 Filii Harem, trecenti viginti. the sones of Arem, thre hundrid and twenti; The children of Harem, three hundred and twenty.  
36 Filii Jericho, trecenti quadraginta quinque. the sones of Jerico, thre hundrid and fyue and fourti; The children of Jericho, three hundred forty-Ave.  
37 Filii Lod Hadid et Ono, septingenti viginti unus. the sones of Joiadid and Anon, seuene hundrid and oon and twenti; The children of Led, of Hadid and One, seven hundred twenty-one.  
38 Filii Senaa, tria millia nongenti triginta. the sones of Senaa, thre thousynde nyne hundrid and thritti; preestis, The children of Senaa, three thousand nine hundred thirty.  
39 Sacerdotes: filii Idaia in domo Josue, nongenti septuaginta tres. the sones of Idaie, in the hous of Josua, nyne hundrid and foure and seuenti; the sones of Emmer, The priests: the children of Idaia in the house of Josue, nine hundred and seventy-three.  
40 Filii Emmer, mille quinquaginta duo. a thousynde and two and fifti; The children of Emmer, one thousand fifty-two.  
41 Filii Phashur, mille ducenti quadraginta septem. the sones of Phassur, a thousynd two hundrid and seuene and fourti; 41The children of Phashur, one thousand two hundred forty-seven.  
42 Filii Arem, mille decem et septem. Levitæ: the sones of Arem, a thousynde and eiytene; The children of Arem, one thousand and seventeen. The Levites:  
43 filii Josue et Cedmihel filiorum dekenes, the sones of Josue and of Gadymel, The children of Josue and Cedmihel, the sons  
44 Oduiæ, septuaginta quatuor. Cantores: sones of Odyna, foure and seuenti; Of Oduia, seventy-four. The singing men:  
45 filii Asaph, centum quadraginta octo. syngeris, the sones of Asaph, an hundrid and seuene and fourti; The children of Asaph, a hundred forty-eight.  
46 Janitores: filii Sellum, filii Ater, filii Telmon, filii Accub, filii Hatita, filii Sobai: centum triginta octo. porteris, the sones of Sellum, sones of Ater, sones of Thelmon, sones of Accub, sones of Accita, sones of Sobai, an hundrid and eiyte and thretti; The porters: the children of Sellum, the children of Ater, the children of Telmon, the children of Accub, the children of Hatita, the children of Sobai: a hundred thirty-eight.  
47 Nathinæi: filii Soha, filii Hasupha, filii Tebbaoth, Nathynneis, sones of Soa, sones of Aspha, sones of Thebaoth, sones of Cheros, The Nathinites: the children of Soha, the children of Hasupha, the children of Tebbaoth,  
48 filii Ceros, filii Siaa, filii Phadon, filii Lebana, filii Hagaba, filii Selmai, sones of Sicca, sones of Phado, sones of Lebana, sones of Agaba, sones of Selmon, The children of Ceros, the children of Siaa, the children of Phadon, the children of Lebana, the children of Hagaba, the children of Selmai,  
49 filii Hanan, filii Geddel, filii Gaher, sones of Anan, sones of Geddel, The children of Hanan, the children of Geddel, the children of Gaher,  
50 filii Raaia, filii Rasin, filii Necoda, sones of Gaer, sones of Raaie, sones of Rasym, The children of Raaia, the children of Rasin, the children of Necoda,  
51 filii Gezem, filii Aza, filii Phasea, sones of Necuda, sones of Jezem, sones of Asa, sones of Phascha, sones of Besai, The children of Gezem, the children of Asa, the children of Phasea,  
52 filii Besai, filii Munim, filii Nephussim, sones of Mynum, sones of Nephusym, The children of Besai, the children of Munim, the children of Nephussim,  
53 filii Bacbuc, filii Hacupha, filii Harhur, sones of Bechue, sones of Acupha, sones of Assur, The children of Bacbuc, the children of Hacupha, the children of Harhur,  
54 filii Besloth, filii Mahida, filii Harsa, sones of Belloth, sones of Meida, The children of Besloth, the children of Mahida, the children of Harsa,  
55 filii Bercos, filii Sisara, filii Thema, sones of Arsa, sones of Berchos, sones of Sisara, The children of Bercos, the children of Sisara, the children of Thema,  
56 filii Nasia, filii Hatipha, sones of Thema, sones of Nesia, The children of Nasia, the children of Hatipha,  
57 filii servorum Salomonis, filii Sothai, filii Sophereth, filii Pharida, sones of Atipha, sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, sones of Sothai, sones of Sophoreth, The children of the servants of Solomon, the children of Sothai, the children of Sophereth, the children of Pharida,  
58 filii Jahala, filii Darcon, filii Jeddel, sones of Pherida, sones of Jacala, sones of Dalcon, sones of Geddel, sones of Saphatie, The children of Jahala, the children of Darcon, the children of Jeddel,  
59 filii Saphatia, filii Hatil, filii Phochereth, qui erat ortus ex Sabaim filio Amon. sones of Atthal, the sones of Phetereth, that was borun of Abaim, sone of Amon; The children of Saphatia, the children of Hatil, the children of Phochereth, who was born of Sabaim, the son of Amon.  
60 Omnes Nathinæi, et filii servorum Salomonis, trecenti nonaginta duo. alle Natynneis, and the sones of the seruauntis of Salomon, weren thre hundrid and two and twenti. All the Nathinites, and the children of the servants of Solomon, three hundred ninety-two.  
61 Hi sunt autem qui ascenderunt de Thelmela, Thelharsa, Cherub, Addon, et Emmer: et non potuerunt indicare domum patrum suorum, et semen suum, utrum ex Israël essent, Forsothe these it ben that stieden, Dethemel, Mela, Thelarsa, Cherub, Addo, and Emmer, and myyten not schewe the hows of her fadris, and her seed, whether thei weren of Israel; the sones of Dalaie, And these are they that came up from Telmela, Thelharsa, Cherub, Addon, and Emmer: and could not shew the house of their fathers, nor their seed, whether they were of Israel.  
62 filii Dalaia, filii Tobia, filii Necoda, sexcenti quadraginta duo. the sones of Tobie, the sones of Nethoda, sixe hundrid and two and fourti; The children of Dalaia, the children of Tobia, the children of Necoda, six hundred forty-two.  
63 Et de sacerdotibus, filii Habia, filii Accos, filii Berzellai, qui accepit de filiabus Berzellai Galaaditis uxorem, et vocatus est nomine eorum. and of prestis, the sones of Abia, the sones of Achos, the sones of Berzellai, that took a wijf of the douytris of Berzellai of Galaad, and was clepid bi the name of hem; And of the priests, the children of Habia, the children of Accos, the children of Berzellai, who took a wife of the daughters of Berzellai the Galaadite, and he was called by their name.  
64 Hi quæsierunt scripturam suam in censu, et non invenerunt: et ejecti sunt de sacerdotio. these souyten the scripture of her genelogie, and founden not, and weren cast out of presthod. These sought their writing in the re- cord, and found it not: and they were cast out of the priesthood.  
65 Dixitque Athersatha eis ut non manducarent de Sanctis sanctorum, donec staret sacerdos doctus et eruditus. And Athersata seide to hem, that thei schulden not eete of the hooli thingis of hooli men, til a wijs prest and lerud roos. And Athersatha said to them, that they should not eat of the holies of holies, until there stood up a priest learned and skilful.  
66 Omnis multitudo quasi vir unus quadraginta duo millia trecenti sexaginta, Al the multitude as o man, two and fourti thousynde sixe hundrid and sixti, All the multitude as it were one man, forty-two thousand three hundred sixty,  
67 absque servis et ancillis eorum, qui erant septem millia trecenti triginta septem, et inter eos cantores et cantatrices, ducenti quadraginta quinque. outakun the seruauntis and handmaidis of hem, that weren seuene thousynde thre hundrid and seuene and thretti; and among the syngeris and syngeressis, sixe hundrid and fyue and fourti. Beside their menservants and womenservants, who were seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven: and among them singing men, and singing women, two hundred forty-five.  
68 Equi eorum, septingenti triginta sex: muli eorum, ducenti quadraginta quinque: The horsis of hem, sixe hundrid and sixe and thritti; the mulis of hem, two hundrid and fyue and fourti; Their horses, seven hundred thirty- six: their mules two hundred forty-five:  
69 cameli eorum, quadringenti triginta quinque: asini, sex millia septingenti viginti. the camels of hem, foure hundrid and fyue and thritti; the assis of hem, sixe thousynde eiyte hundrid and thritti. Their camels, four hundred thirty- five, their asses, six thousand seven hundred and twenty.  
70 Nonnulli autem de principibus familiarum dederunt in opus. Athersatha dedit in thesaurum auri drachmas mille, phialas quinquaginta, tunicas sacerdotales quingentas triginta. Forsothe summe of the princes of meynees yauen costis in to the werk of God; Athersata yaf in to the tresour, a thousynde dragmes of gold, fifti viols, fyue hundrid and thritti cootis of prestis. And some of the heads of the families gave unto the work. Athersatha gave into the treasure a thousand drama of gold, fifty bowls, and five hundred and thirty garments for priests.  
71 Et de principibus familiarum dederunt in thesaurum operis, auri drachmas viginti millia, et argenti mnas duo millia ducentas. And of the prynces of meynees thei yauen in to the tresour of the werk, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde and two hundrid besauntis of siluer. And some of the heads of families gave to the treasure of the work, twenty thousand drama of gold, and two thousand two hundred pounds of silver.  
72 Et quod dedit reliquus populus, auri drachmas viginti millia, et argenti mnas duo millia, et tunicas sacerdotales sexaginta septem. And that that the residue puple yaf, twenti thousynde dragmes of gold, and two thousynde besauntis of siluer, and seuene and sixti cootis of prestis. Sotheli prestis, and dekenes, and porteris, and syngeris, and the residue puple, and Natynneis, and al Israel dwelliden in her citees. And that which the rest of the people gave, was twenty thousand drama of gold, and two thousand pounds of silver, and sixty-seven garments for priests.  
73 Habitaverunt autem sacerdotes, et Levitæ, et janitores, et cantores, et reliquum vulgus, et Nathinæi, et omnis Israël, in civitatibus suis. And the priests, and the Levites, and the porters, and the singing men, and the rest of the common people, and the Nathinites, and all Israel dwelt in their cities.