Papyrus Codex - 4th century

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 The specimen shown in Plate XI (above) is taken from the MS. of Acts mentioned above, which is the oldest substantial MS. of the Sahidic version. It is a papyrus codex, and a note at the end is written in a common non-literary hand of about the middle of the fourth century. The MS. itself, therefore, is not later than that date. The page reproduced contains Acts viii.34-ix.3. Verse 37 (the eunuch's declaration of faith) is omitted, as it is by א A B C, etc.
Description & picture from 'Our Bible & the Ancient Manuscripts' by Sir Frederick Kenyon (1895 - 4th Ed. 1939) Page 168 & Plate XI. (Original page-size: 31 x 16cm. ) 

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