Vellum Manuscript - 15th century
cm 5 10 15 20

Ethiopia Octateuch, a version of the first eight books of the Old Testament. 
The period of the first Ethiopic translation of the Bible may be the end of the fifth or beginning of the sixth century. 
It was made from the Greek. 
The MS. from which the plate is supplied is a large volume of 242 vellum leaves, measuring 45.5 x 3.25cm; the text being written in double columns in the fifteenth century. 
Ethiopic MSS. of early date are unknown. 

The present volume is one of the large collection which Theodore, king of Abyssinia, gathered together at Magdala for his intended church of the Redeemer of the World, and which was brought to England and placed in the British Museum after the Abyssinian war in 1867.

Bible Illustrations from "Helps to the Study of the Bible", Oxford University Press, 1900 - Plate XVIII. 

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