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God's punishment of Edom.  Eze.35.1-15

1These were the words of the LORD to me: 2Man, look towards the hill-country of Seir and prophesy against it. 3Say, These are the words of the Lord GOD:

10You say, The two nations and the two countries shall be mine and I will take possession of them, though the LORD is Or has been there. 11Therefore, as I live, says the Lord GOD, your anger and jealousy shall be requited, for I will do to you what you have done in your hatred against them. I shall be known among you when I judge you; 12you shall know that I am the LORD. I have heard all your blasphemies; you have said, 'The mountains of Israel are desolate and have been given to us to devour.' 13You have set yourselves up against me and spoken recklessly against me. I myself have heard you. 14These are the words of the Lord GOD: I will make you so desolate that the whole world will gloat over you. 15I will do to you as you did to Israel my own possession when you gloated over its desolation. O hill-country of Seir, you will be desolate, and it will be the end of all Edom. Thus men will know that I am the LORD.

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