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2 Chronicles

Soloman's address to the people.  2Chr.6.1-11 - 1Kgs.8.12-21

1 vv1-39: cp 1Kgs. 8.12-50 Then Solomon said: 3And as they stood waiting, the king turned round and blessed all the assembly of Israel 4in these words: 'Blessed be the LORD the God of Israel who spoke directly to my father David and has himself fulfilled his promise. For he said, 5"From the day when I brought my people out of Egypt, I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel where I should build a house for my Name to be there, nor did I choose any man to be prince over my people Israel. 6But I chose Jerusalem for my Name to be there, and I chose David to be over my people Israel." 7My father David had in mind to build a house in honour of the name of the LORD the God of Israel, 8but the LORD said to him, "You purposed to build a house in honour of my name; and your purpose was good. 9Nevertheless, you shall not build it; but the son who is to be born to you, he shall build the house in honour of my name." 10The LORD has now fulfilled his promise: I have succeeded my father David and taken his place on the throne of Israel, as the LORD promised; and I have built the house in honour of the name of the LORD the God of Israel. 11I have installed there the Ark containing the covenant of the LORD which he made with Israel.'

Solomon's prayer.  2Chr.6.12-42 - 1Kgs.8.22-53

12Then Solomon, standing in front of the altar of the LORD, in the presence of the whole assembly of Israel, spread out his hands. 13He had made a bronze Or copper platform, five cubits long, five cubits broad, and three cubits high, and had placed it in the centre of the precinct. He mounted it and knelt down in the presence of the assembly, and, spreading out his hands towards heaven, 14he said, 'O LORD God of Israel, there is no god like thee in heaven or on earth, keeping covenant with thy servants and showing them constant love while they continue faithful to thee in heart and soul. 15Thou hast kept thy promise to thy servant David my father; by thy deeds this day thou hast fulfilled what thou didst say to him in words. 16Now, therefore, O LORD God of Israel, keep this promise of thine to thy servant David my father: "You shall never want for a man appointed by me to sit on the throne of Israel, if only your sons look to their ways and conform to my law, as you have done in my sight." 17And now, O LORD God of Israel, let the word which thou didst speak to thy servant David be confirmed.

18'But can God indeed dwell with man on the earth? Heaven itself, the highest heaven, cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have built! 19Yet attend to the prayer and the supplication of thy servant, O LORD my God; listen to the cry and the prayer which thy servant utters before thee, 20that thine eyes may ever be upon this house day and night, this place of which thou didst say, "It shall receive my Name"; so mayest thou hear thy servant when he prays towards this place. 21Hear thou the supplications of thy servant and of thy people Israel when they pray towards this place. Hear from heaven thy dwelling and, when thou hearest, forgive.

22'When a man wrongs his neighbour and he is adjured to take an oath, and the adjuration is made before thy altar in this house, 23then do thou hear from heaven and act: be thou thy servants' judge, requiting the guilty man and bringing his deeds upon his own head, acquitting the innocent and rewarding him as his innocence may deserve.

24'When thy people Israel are defeated by an enemy because they have sinned against thee, and they turn back to thee, confessing thy name and making their prayer and supplication before thee in this house, 25do thou hear from heaven; forgive the sin of thy people Israel and restore them to the land which thou gavest to them and to their forefathers.

26'When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain, because thy servant and thy people Israel have sinned against thee, and when they pray towards this place, confessing thy name and forsaking their sin when they feel thy punishment, 27do thou hear in heaven and forgive their sin; so mayest thou teach them the good way which they should follow, and grant rain to thy land which thou hast given to thy people as their own possession.

28'If there is famine in the land, or pestilence, or black blight or red, or locusts new-sloughed or fully grown, or if their enemies besiege them in any in any: prob. rdg, Heb in the land of their cities, or if plague or sickness befall them, 29then hear the prayer or supplication of every man among thy people Israel, as each one, prompted by his own suffering and misery, spreads out his hands towards this house; 30hear it from heaven thy dwelling and forgive. And, as thou knowest a man's heart, reward him according to his deeds, for thou alone knowest the hearts of all men; 31and so they will fear and obey thee all their lives in the land thou gavest to our forefathers.

32'The foreigner too, the man who does not belong to thy people Israel, but has come from a distant land because of thy great fame and thy strong hand and arm outstretched, when he comes and prays towards this house, 33hear from heaven thy dwelling and respond to the call which the foreigner makes to thee, so that like thy people Israel all peoples of the earth may know thy fame and fear thee, and learn that this house which I have built bears thy name.

34'When thy people go to war with their enemies, wherever thou dost send them, and they pray to thee, turning towards this city which thou hast chosen and towards this house which I have built in honour of thy name, 35do thou from heaven hear their prayer and supplication, and grant them justice.

36'Should they sin against thee (and what man is free from sin?) and shouldst thou in thy anger give them over to an enemy, who carries them captive to a land far or near; 37if in the land of their captivity they learn their lesson and turn back and make supplication to thee in that land and say, "We have sinned and acted perversely and wickedly", 38if they turn back to thee with heart and soul in the land of their captivity to which they have been taken, and pray, turning towards their land which thou gavest to their forefathers and towards this city which thou didst choose and this house which I have built in honour of thy name; 39then from heaven thy dwelling do thou hear their prayer and supplications and grant them justice. Forgive thy people their sins against thee. 40Now, O my God, let thine eyes be open and thy ears attentive to the prayer made in this place. 41Arise now, O LORD God, and come to thy place of rest, thou and the Ark of thy might. Let thy priests, O LORD God, be clothed with salvation and thy saints rejoice in prosperity. 42O LORD God, reject not thy anointed prince; remember thy servant David's loyal service.' thy servant ... service: or thy constant love for David thy servant

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