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42 New English Bible (New Testament) Passage Biblia Hebraica

42 1Here is my servant, whom I uphold,
my chosen one in whom I delight,
I have bestowed my spirit upon him,
and he will make justice shine on the nations.
The servant of the LORD. Is.42.1-9הֵן עַבְדִּי אֶתְמָךְ־בֹּו בְּחִירִי רָצְתָה נַפְשִׁי
נָתַתִּי רוּחִי עָלָיו מִשְׁפָּט לַגֹּויִם יֹוצִיא׃
2He will not call out or lift his voice high,
or He will not ... or: or In very truth he will call out and lift his voice high, and make himself heard in the open street.
 לֹא יִצְעַק וְלֹא יִשָּׂא וְלֹא־יַשְׁמִיעַ בַּחוּץ קֹולֹו׃
3He will not break a bruised reed,
or snuff out a smouldering wick;
he will make justice shine on every race on every race: or in truth,
 קָנֶה רָצוּץ לֹא יִשְׁבֹּור וּפִשְׁתָּה כֵהָה לֹא יְכַבֶּנָּה
לֶאֱמֶת יֹוצִיא מִשְׁפָּט׃
4never faltering, never breaking down never faltering ... down: or he will neither rebuke nor wound,
he will plant justice on earth,
while coasts and islands wait for his teaching.
 לֹא יִכְהֶה וְלֹא יָרוּץ
עַד־יָשִׂים בָּאָרֶץ מִשְׁפָּט וּלְתֹורָתֹו אִיִּים יְיַחֵילוּ׃ ף
5Thus speaks the LORD who is God,
he who created the skies and stretched them out,
who fashioned the earth and all that grows in it,
who gave breath to its people,
the breath of life to all who walk upon it:
 כֹּה־אָמַר הָאֵל יְהוָה בֹּורֵא הַשָּׁמַיִם וְנֹוטֵיהֶם
רֹקַע הָאָרֶץ וְצֶאֱצָאֶיהָ נֹתֵן נְשָׁמָה לָעָם עָלֶיהָ
וְרוּחַ לַהֹלְכִים בָּהּ׃
6I, the LORD, have called you with righteous purpose
and taken you by the hand;
I have formed you, and appointed you
to be a light Or a covenant to all peoples,
a beacon for the nations,
 אֲנִי יְהוָה קְרָאתִיךָ בְצֶדֶק וְאַחְזֵק בְּיָדֶךָ
וְאֶצָּרְךָ וְאֶתֶּנְךָ לִבְרִית עָם לְאֹור גֹּויִם׃
7to open eyes that are blind,
to bring captives out of prison,
out of the dungeons where they lie in darkness.
 לִפְקֹחַ עֵינַיִם עִוְרֹות לְהֹוצִיא מִמַּסְגֵּר אַסִּיר
מִבֵּית כֶּלֶא יֹשְׁבֵי חֹשֶׁךְ׃
8I am the LORD; the LORD the LORD: or He is my name;
I will not give my glory to another god,
nor my praise to any idol.
 אֲנִי יְהוָה הוּא שְׁמִי
וּכְבֹודִי לְאַחֵר לֹא־אֶתֵּן וּתְהִלָּתִי לַפְּסִילִים׃
9See how the first prophecies have come to pass,
and now I declare new things;
before they break from the bud I announce them to you.
 הָרִאשֹׁנֹות הִנֵּה־בָאוּ וַחֲדָשֹׁות אֲנִי מַגִּיד
בְּטֶרֶם תִּצְמַחְנָה אַשְׁמִיעַ אֶתְכֶם׃ ף

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