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7 New English Bible (New Testament) Passage Biblia Hebraica

9I kept looking, and then
    thrones were set in place and one ancient in years took his seat,
    his robe was white as snow and the hair of his head like cleanest wool.
    flames of fire were his throne and its wheels blazing fire;
The vision of the Ancient of days. Dn.7.9-14חָזֵה הֲוֵית

עַד דִּי כָרְסָוָן רְמִיו וְעַתִּיק יֹומִין יְתִב
לְבוּשֵׁהּ כִּתְלַג חִוָּר וּשְׂעַר רֵאשֵׁהּ כַּעֲמַר נְקֵא
כָּרְסְיֵהּ שְׁבִיבִין דִּי־נוּר גַּלְגִּלֹּוהִי נוּר דָּלִק׃

10a flowing river of fire streamed out before him Or it.
Thousands upon thousands served him
and myriads upon myriads attended his presence.
The court sat, and the books were opened.
 נְהַר דִּי־נוּר נָגֵד וְנָפֵק מִן־קֳדָמֹוהִי
אֶלֶף {כ= אַלְפַיִם} {ק= אַלְפִין} יְשַׁמְּשׁוּנֵּהּ וְרִבֹּו {כ= רַבְּוָן} {ק= רִבְבָן} קָדָמֹוהִי יְקוּמוּן
דִּינָא יְתִב וְסִפְרִין פְּתִיחוּ׃
11Then because of the proud words that the horn was speaking, I went on watching until the beast was killed and its carcass destroyed: it was given to the flames.  חָזֵה הֲוֵית בֵּאדַיִן מִן־קָל מִלַּיָּא רַבְרְבָתָא דִּי קַרְנָא מְמַלֱּלָה חָזֵה הֲוֵית עַד דִּי קְטִילַת חֵיוְתָא וְהוּבַד גִּשְׁמַהּ וִיהִיבַת לִיקֵדַת אֶשָּׁא׃
12The rest of the beasts, though deprived of their sovereignty, were allowed to remain alive for a time and a season.  וּשְׁאָר חֵיוָתָא הֶעְדִּיו שָׁלְטָנְהֹון וְאַרְכָה בְחַיִּין יְהִיבַת לְהֹון עַד־זְמַן וְעִדָּן׃
13I was still watching in visions of the night and I saw one like a man coming with the clouds of heaven; he approached the Ancient in Years and was presented to him.  חָזֵה הֲוֵית בְּחֶזְוֵי לֵילְיָא

וַאֲרוּ עִם־עֲנָנֵי שְׁמַיָּא כְּבַר אֱנָשׁ אָתֵה הֲוָה
וְעַד־עַתִּיק יֹומַיָּא מְטָה וּקְדָמֹוהִי הַקְרְבוּהִי׃

14Sovereignty and glory and kingly power were given to him, so that all people and nations of every language should serve him; his sovereignty was to be an everlasting sovereignty which should not pass away, and his kingly power such as should never be impaired.  וְלֵהּ יְהִיב שָׁלְטָן וִיקָר וּמַלְכוּ
וְכֹל עַמְמַיָּא אֻמַיָּא וְלִשָּׁנַיָּא לֵהּ יִפְלְחוּן
שָׁלְטָנֵהּ שָׁלְטָן עָלַם דִּי־לָא יֶעְדֵּה
וּמַלְכוּתֵהּ דִּי־לָא תִתְחַבַּל׃ ף

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