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1 Do not rejoice, Israel, do not exult like other peoples;
for like a wanton you have forsaken your God,
you have loved an idol an idol: or a harlot's fee
on every threshing-floor heaped with corn.

Hosea pronounces punishment for Israel. Hs.9.1-9
2 Threshing-floor and winepress shall know them no more,
new wine shall disown Or fail them.

3 They shall not dwell in the LORD's land;
Ephraim shall go back to Egypt,
or in Assyria they shall eat unclean food.

4 They shall pour out no wine to the LORD,
they shall not bring their sacrifices to him;
that would be mourners' fare for them,
and all who ate it would be polluted.
For their food shall only stay their hunger;
it shall not be offered in the house of the LORD.

5 What will you do for the festal day,
the day of the LORD's pilgrim-feast?

6 For look, they have fled from a scene of devastation:
Egypt shall receive them,
Memphis shall be their grave;
the sands of Syrtes shall wreck them,
weeds shall inherit their land,
thorns shall grow in their dwellings.

7 The days of punishment are come,
the days of vengeance are come
when Israel shall be humbled.
Then the prophet shall be made a fool
and the inspired seer a madman
by your great guilt.

8 With great enmity Ephraim lies in wait for God's people
while the prophet is a fowler's trap by all their paths,
a snare in the very temple of God.

9 They lead them deep into sin as at the time of Gibeah.
Their guilt will be remembered and their sins punished.

10 I came upon Israel like grapes in the wilderness,
I looked on their forefathers
with joy like the first ripe figs;
but they resorted to Baal-peor
and consecrated themselves to a thing of shame,
and Ephraim became as loathsome as the thing he loved.

The consequences of Israel's sin. Hs.9.10-14
11 Their honour shall fly away like a bird:
no childbirth, no fruitful womb, no conceiving;

12 even if they rear their children,
I will make them childless, without posterity.
Woe to them indeed when I turn away from them!

13 As lion-cubs emerge only to be hunted As lion-cubs ... hunted: prob. rdg, Heb unintelligibIe,
so must Ephraim bring out his children for slaughter.

14 Give them, O LORD—what wilt thou give them?
Give them a womb that miscarries and dry breasts.

15 All their wickedness was seen at Gilgal; there did I hate them.
For their evil deeds I will drive them from my house,
I will love them no more: all their princes are in revolt.

Judgement on Israel. Hs.9.15-16
16 Ephraim is struck down:
their root is withered, and they yield no fruit;
if ever they give birth,
I will slay the dearest offspring of their womb.

17 My God shall reject them,
because they have not listened to him,
and they shall become Wanderers among the nations.

The prophet speaks about Israel. Hs.9.17-10:8
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