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1 Here is my servant, whom I uphold,
my chosen one in whom I delight,
I have bestowed my spirit upon him,
and he will make justice shine on the nations.

The servant of the LORD. Is.42.1-9
2 He will not call out or lift his voice high,
or He will not ... or: or In very truth he will call out and lift his voice high, and make himself heard in the open street.

3 He will not break a bruised reed,
or snuff out a smouldering wick;
he will make justice shine on every race on every race: or in truth,

4 never faltering, never breaking down never faltering ... down: or he will neither rebuke nor wound,
he will plant justice on earth,
while coasts and islands wait for his teaching.

5 Thus speaks the LORD who is God,
he who created the skies and stretched them out,
who fashioned the earth and all that grows in it,
who gave breath to its people,
the breath of life to all who walk upon it:

6 I, the LORD, have called you with righteous purpose
and taken you by the hand;
I have formed you, and appointed you
to be a light Or a covenant to all peoples,
a beacon for the nations,

7 to open eyes that are blind,
to bring captives out of prison,
out of the dungeons where they lie in darkness.

8 I am the LORD; the LORD the LORD: or He is my name;
I will not give my glory to another god,
nor my praise to any idol.

9 See how the first prophecies have come to pass,
and now I declare new things;
before they break from the bud I announce them to you.

10 Sing a new song to the LORD,
sing his praise throughout the earth,
you that sail the sea, and all sea-creatures,
and you that inhabit the coasts and islands.

A song of praise. Is.42.10-13
11 Let the wilderness and its towns rejoice,
and the villages of the tribe of Kedar.
Let those who live in Sela shout for joy
and cry out from the hill-tops.

12 You coasts and islands, all uplift his praises;
let all ascribe glory to the LORD.

13 The LORD will go forth as a warrior,
he will rouse the frenzy of battle like a hero;
he will shout, he will raise the battle-cry
and triumph over his foes.

14 Long have I lain still,
I kept silence and held myself in check;
now I will cry like a woman in labour,
whimpering, panting and gasping.

God promises to help his people. Is.42.14-17
15 I will lay waste mountains and hills
and shrivel all their green herbs;
I will turn rivers into desert wastes desert wastes: prob. rdg, Heb coasts and islands
and dry up all the pools.

16 Then will I lead blind men on their way prob. rdg, Heb adds which they do not know
and guide them by paths they do not know;
I will turn darkness into light before them
and straighten their twisting roads.
All this I will do and leave nothing undone.

17 Those who trust in an image,
those who take idols for their gods
turn tail in bitter shame.

18 Hear now, you that are deaf;
you blind men, look and see:

Israel's failure to learn. Is.42.18-25
19 yet who is blind but my servant,
who so deaf as the messenger whom I send?
Who so blind as the one who holds my commission,
so deaf as the servant of the LORD?

20 You have seen much but remembered little,
your ears are wide open but nothing is heard.

21 It pleased the LORD, for the furtherance of his justice,
to make his law a law of surpassing majesty;

22 yet here is a people plundered and taken as prey,
all of them ensnared, trapped in holes,
lost to sight in dungeons,
I carried off as spoil without hope of rescue,
as plunder with no one to say, 'Give it back.'

23 Hear this, all of you who will,
listen henceforward and give me a hearing:

24 who gave away Jacob for plunder,
who gave Israel away for spoil?
Was it not the LORD? They sinned against him,
they would not follow his ways
and refused obedience to his law;

25 so in his anger he poured out upon Jacob
his wrath and the fury of battle.
It wrapped him in flames, yet still he did not learn the lesson.
scorched him, yet he did not lay it to heart.

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