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Ezekiel by Passage


EZEKIEL. EZEKIEL'S FIRST VISION. (1.1-7.27). God's throne. 594bce (Babylon)Eze.1.1-28
The call of Ezekiel.Eze.2.1-3.15
The LORD appoints Ezekiel as a watchman.Eze.3.16-21
Ezekiel will be struck dumb.Eze.3.22-27
Ezekiel acts out the seige of Jerusalem.Eze.4.1-17
Ezekiel cuts his hair.Eze.5.1-17
The LORD condemns idolatry.Eze.6.1-14
Israel's end is near.Eze.7.1-14
Punishment for Israel's sins.Eze.7.14-27
EZEKIEL'S SECOND VISION. (8.1-10.22). Idolatry in Jerusalem.Eze.8.1-18
Jerusalem punished.Eze.9.1-11
The Glory of the LORD leaves the temple.Eze.10.1-22
Jerusalem condemned.Eze.11.1-13
God's promise to the exiles.Eze.11.14-21
God's glory leaves Jerusalem.Eze.11.22-25
Ezekiel the exile.Eze.12.1-16
The sign of the trembling prophet.Eze.12.17-20
A popular proverb, an unpopular message.Eze.12.21-28
Against false male prophets.Eze.13.1-16
Against false female prophets.Eze.13.17-23
God condemns idolatry.Eze.14.1-23
Parable of the vine.Eze.15.1-8
Unfaithful Jerusalem.Eze.16.1-22
Jerusalem the prostitute.Eze.16.23-34
God's judgement on Jerusalem.Eze.16.35-43
Like mother, like daughter.Eze.16.44-52
Sodom & Samaria will be restored.Eze.16.53-58
An everlasting covenant.Eze.16.59-63
Parable of the eagles & the vine.Eze.17.1-10
The parable explained.Eze.17.11-21
God's promise of hope.Eze.17.22-24
Individual responsibility.Eze.18.1-32
A song of sorrow.Eze.19.1-14
The LORD's will, man's defiance.Eze.20.1-32
God punishes & forgives.Eze.20.33-44
Fire in the south.Eze.21.45-49
The sword of the LORD.Eze.21.1-17
The sword of the king of Babylonia.Eze.21.18-27
A sword & the Ammonites.Eze.21.28-32
The crimes of Jerusalem.Eze.22.1-16
God's refining furnace.Eze.22.17-22
The sins of Israel's leaders.Eze.22.23-31
Sinful sisters.Eze.23.1-21
Judgement of the younger sister.Eze.23.22-35
Judgement on both sisters.Eze.23.36-49
The rusty pot.Eze.24.1-14
Death of Ezekiel's wife.Eze.24.15-27
Prophecy against Ammon.Eze.25.1-7
Prophecy against Moab.Eze.25.8-11
Prophecy against Edom.Eze.25.12-14
Prophecy against Philistia.Eze.25.15-17
Prophecy against Tyre.Eze.26.1-21
A funeral song for Tyre.Eze.27.1-36
Prophecy against the king of Tyre.Eze.28.1-10
Fall of the king of Tyre.Eze.28.11-19
Prophecy against Sidon.Eze.28.20-23
Israel will be blessed.Eze.28.24-26
Prophecy against Egypt.Eze.29.1-16
Nebuchadnezzar will conquer Egypt.Eze.29.17-21
The LORD will punish Egypt.Eze.30.1-19
Pharoah's broken power.Eze.30.20-26
Egypt - a cedar tree.Eze.31.1-18
Pharoah - a crocodile.Eze.32.1-16
The pit.Eze.32.17-32
God appoints Ezekiel as a watchmen.Eze.33.1-9Eze.3.16-21
Inidividual responsibility.Eze.33.10-20
News of the fall of Jerusalem.Eze.33.21-22
The sins of the people.Eze.33.23-29
Prophecy fulfilled.Exe.33.30-33
The shepherds of Israel.Eze.34.1-10
The good shepherd.Eze.34.11-31
God's punishment of Edom.Eze.35.1-15
God's blessing on Israel.Eze.36.1-15
Israel's new life.Eze.36.16-38
The valley of dry bones.Ez.37.1-14
Judah & Israel, one kingdom.Eze.37.15-28
Gog - The instrument of God.Eze.38.1-17
Gog's punishment.Eze.38.17-23
Defeat of Gog.Eze.39.1-10
Burial of Gog.Eze.39.11-20
Restoration of Israel.Eze.39.21-29
VISION OF THE FUTURE TEMPLE. (40.1-48.35). Ezekiel taken to Jerusalem.Eze.40.1-4
East gate.Eze.40.5-16
Outer courtyard.Eze.40.17-19
North gate.Eze.40.20-23
South gate.Eze.40.24-27
Inner courtyard - South gate.Eze.40.28-31
Inner courtyard - East gate.Eze.40.32-34
Inner courtyard - North gate.Eze.40.35-37
Buildings near the north gate.Eze.40.38-46
Inner courtyard & temple.Eze.40.48-41.4
Rooms against the temple walls.Eze.41.5-11
Building on the west.Eze.41.12
Measurements of the temple.Eze.41.13-16
The Temple.Eze.41.15-21
The Altar.Eze.41.21-22
The doors.Eze.41.23-26
Buildings near the temple.Eze.42.1-14
The temple area.Eze.42.15-20
The LORD returns to the temple.Eze.43.1-12
The altar.Eze.43.13-17
Consecration of the altar.Eze.43.18-27
Use of the east gate.Eze.44.1-3
Rules of admission to the temple.Eze.44.4-9
Levites excluded.Eze.44.10-14
The priests.Eze.44.15-31
The LORD's portion of the country.Eze.45.1-6
Land for the prince.Eze.45.7-8
Rules for the prince.Eze.45.9-17
The prince & the festivals.Eze.46.1-12
The daily offering.Eze.46.13-15
The prince & the land.Eze.46.16-18
The temple kitchens.Eze.46.19-24
The stream flowing from the temple.Eze.47.1-12
Boundaries of the land.Eze.47.13-23
Division of land.Eze.48.1-7
The portion set apart.Eze.48.8-22
Further divisions.Eze.48.23-29
The gates of Jerusalem.Eze.48.30-35