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Isaiah by Passage


ISAIAH. Jerusalem - 8thcent.bce. 740bce (Jerusalem)Is.1.1
God reprimands his people.Is.1.2-20
The sinful city.Is.1.21-31
Everlasting peace.Is.2.1-5Mic.4.1-3
Arrogance will be restored.Is.2.5-22
Chaos in Jerusalem.Is.3.1-12
The LORD judges his people.Is.3.13-15
A warning to the women of Jerusalem.Is.3.16-4.1
Jerusalem will be restored.Is.4.2-6
The song of the vineyard.Is.5.1-7
The evil that men do!Is.5.8-30
The call of ISAIAH.Is.6.1-13
A message for AHAZ, king of Judah.Is.7.1-9
The sign of Emmanuel.Is.7.10-25
Isaiah's son - a sign to the people.Is.8.1-4
The king of Assyria is comingIs.8.5-10
The LORD warns Isaiah.Is.8.11-15
Warning against consulting fortune-tellers & mediums.Is.8.16-20
A time of trouble.Is.8.21-9.1
The future king.Is.9.1-7
The LORD will punish ISRAEL.Is.9.8-10.4
Assyria as the instrument of God.Is.10.5-19
A remnant will return.Is.10.20-23
The LORD will punish Assyria.Is.10.24-34
The peaceful kingdom.Is.11.1-9
The exiled people will return.Is.11.10-16
Hymn of thanksgiving.Is.12.1-6
God will punish Babylon.Is.13.1-22
Israel - The exiled will return.Is.14.1-2
The king of Babylonia in the world of the dead.Is.14.3-21
God will destroy Babylon.Is.14.22-23
God will destroy the Assyrians.Is.14.24-27
God will destroy the Philistines.Is.14.28-32
God will destroy Moab.Is.15.1-9
Moab's hopeless situation.Is.16.1-14
God will punish Syria & Israel.Is.17.1-11
Enemy nations defeated.Is.17.12-14
God will punish Egypt.Is.18.1-7
God will punish Egypt.Is.19.1-15
Egypt will worship the LORD.Is.19.16-25
The sign of the naked prophet.Is.20.1-6
A vision of the fall of Babylon.Is.21.1-10
A message about Edom.Is.21.11-12
A message about Arabia.Is.21.13-17
A message about Jerusalem.Is.22.1-14
A warning to Shebna.Is.22.15-25
A message about Phoenicia.Is.23.1-18
The LORD will punish the earth.Is.24.1-23
A Hymn of praise.Is.25.1-5
God prepares a banquet.Is.25.6-9
God will punish Moab.Is.25.10-12
God will give his people victory.Is.26.1-19
Judgement & restoration.Is.26.20-27.13
A warning to Israel.Is.28.1-6
Isaiah & the drunken prophets of Judah.Is.28.7-13
A cornerstone of Zion.Is.28.14-22
God's wisdom.Is.28.23-29
The fate of Jerusalem.Is.29.1-8
Disregarded warnings.Is.29.9-14
Hope for the future.Is.29.15-24
A useless treaty with Egypt.Is.30.1-7
The disobedient people.Is.30.8-18
God will bless his people.Is.30.19-26
God will punish Assyria.Is.30.27-33
God will protect Jerusalem.Is.31.1-9
A king with integrity.Is.32.1-8
Judgement & restoration.Is.32.9-20
A prayer for help.Is.33.1-9
The LORD warns his enemies.Is.33.10-16
The glorious future.Is.33.17-24
God will punish his enemies.Is.34.1-17
The Way of Holiness.Is.35.1-10
The Assyrians threaten Jerusalem.Is.36.1-222Kgs.18.13-27 | 2Chr.32.1-19
Hezekiah asks Isaiah's advice.Is.37.1-72Kgs.19.1-7
The Assyrians send another threat.Is.37.8-202Kgs.19.8-19
Isaiah's message to Hezekiah.Is.37.21-382Kgs.19.20-37
Hezekiah's illness & recovery.Is.38.1-222Kgs.20.1-11 | 2Chr.32.24-26
Hezekiah's psalm of praise.Is.38:9-20
Messengers from Babylon.Is.39.1-82Kgs.20.12-19
ISAIAH 2. (The Exile). Words of hope. 549bce (Babylon)Is.40.1-11
The LORD of the universe.Is.40.12-31
God's assurance to Israel.Is.41.1-20
The LORD's challenge to false gods.Is.41.21-29
The servant of the LORD.Is.42.1-9
A song of praise.Is.42.10-13
God promises to help his people.Is.42.14-17
Israel's failure to learn.Is.42.18-25
God promises to rescue his people.Is.43.1-7
Israel is the LORD's witness.Is.43.8-13
Escape from Babylon.Is.43.14-21
Israel's sin.Is.43.22-28
The LORD is the only god.Is.44.1-8
Idolatry ridiculed.Is.44.9-20
The LORD, creator, saviour.Is.44.21-28
Cyrus - The LORD's appointed king.Is.45.1-8
The LORD of creation & history.Is.45.9-19
The LORD of the universe & Babylon's idols.Is.45.20-46.13
Judgement on Babylon.Is.47.1-15
God is LORD of the Time.Is.48.1-11
Cyrus - the LORD's chosen conqueror.Is.48.12-16
the LORD's plan for his people.Is.48.17-22
Israel - a light to the nations.Is.49.1-7
The restoration of Jerusalem.Is.49.8-50.3
The servant of the LORD.Is.50.4-11
Words of comfort to Jerusalem.Is.51.1-16
The end of Jerusalem's suffering.Is.51.17-23
God will rescue Jerusalem.Is.52.1-12
The suffering servant.Is.52.13-53.12
The LORD's love for Israel.Is.54.1-10
The future Jerusalem.Is.54.11-17
God's offer of mercy.Is.55.1-13
ISAIAH 3. God's people will include all nations.Is.56.1-8
Israel's leaders are condemned.Is.56.9-12
Israel's idolatry condemned.Is.57.1-13
God's promise of help & healing.Is.57.14-21
True fasting.Is.58.1-12
Keeping the Sabbath.Is.58.13-14
The prophet condemns the people's sins.Is.59.1-8
The people confess their sin.Is.59.9-15
The LORD prepares to rescue his people.Is.59.15b-21
The future glory of Jerusalem.Is.60.1-22
Good news of deliverance.Is.61.1-62.12
the LORD's victory over the nations.Is.63.1-6
The LORD's goodness to Israel.Is.63.7-14
A prayer for mercy & help.Is.63.15-64.12
God's punishment on the rebellious.Is.65.1-16
The new creation.Is.65.17-25
The LORD judges the nations.Is.66.1-24