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Genesis by Passage


GENESIS. GENERATIONS - The creation of the Universe.Gn.1.1-2.4a
The garden of Eden.Gn.2.4b-25
The Fall.Gn.3.1-24
Cain and Abel.Gn.4.1-16
Generations - Cain.Gn.4.17-24
Seth and Enosh.Gn.4.25-26
Generations - Adam.Gn.5.1-321Chr.1.1-4
The wickedness of mankind.Gn.6.1-8
The flood.Gn.7.1-24
The end of the flood.Gn.8.1-22
God's covenant with Noah.Gn.9.1-17
Noah and his sons.Gn.9.18-29
Generation - Noah.Gn.10.1-321Chr.1.5-23
The Tower of Babel.Gn.11.1-9
Generations - Shem.Gn.11.10-261Chr.1.24-27
Generation - Terah.Gn.11.27-32
ABRAHAM: God's call to Abram.Gn.12.1-9
Abram in Egypt.Gn.12.10-20
Abram and Lot separate.Gn.13.1-13
Abram rescues Lot.Gn.14.1-16
Melchizedek blesses Abram.Gn.14.17-24
God's covenant with Abraham.Gn.15.1-21
Hagar and Ishmael.Gn.16.1-16
The covenant - Abraham and his household are circumcised.Gn.17.1-27
God promises him a son.Gn.18.1-15
ABRAHAM pleads for Sodom.Gn.18.16-33
The sinfulness of Sodom.Gn.19.1-11
Lot leaves Sodom.Gn.19.12-21
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.Gn.19.24-29
Generations - Lot.Gn.19.30-38
Gerar - Abraham and Abimelech.Gn.20.1-18
The birth of Isaac.Gn.21.1-8
Hagar and Ishmael are sent away.Gn.21.8-21
Beersheba - Abraham's agreement with Abimelech.Gn.21.22-34
Isaac - God demands a sacrifice.Gn.22.1-19
Generations - Nahor.Gn.22.20-24
Hebron - Sarah dies. The cave of Machpelah.Gn.23.1-20
ISAAC: Isaac and Rebecca.Gn.24.1-67
Generations - Abraham.Gn.25.1-6
The death of Abraham.Gn.25.7-11
Generations - Ishmael.Gn.25.12-18
The birth of Esau and Jacob.Gn.25.19-26
Esau sells his birthright.Gn.25.27-34
ISAAC: Gerar.Gn.26.1-25
ISAAC's agreement with Abimelech.Gn.26.26-33
Esau's foreign wives.Gn.26.34-35
ISAAC blesses Jacob.Gn.27.1-29
Esau asks Isaac for a blessing.Gn.27.30-45
ISAAC sends Jacob to Laban.Gn.27.46-28.5
Esau takes another wife.Gn.28.6-9
JACOB: Bethel - Jacob's dream.Gn.28.10-22
Haran - Jacob arrives at Laban's house.Gn.29.1-14
JACOB serves Laban for Rachel and Leah.Gn.29.15-30
Jacob's children.Gn.29.31-30.24
Jacob's bargain with Laban.Gn.30.25-43
JACOB flees from Laban.Gn.31.1-21
Laban pursues Jacob.Gn.31.22-55
JACOB prepares to meet Esau.Gn.32.3-21
Peniel - Jacob is named IsraelGn.32.22-32
Peniel - Jacob meets Esau - Jacob's altar at Shechem.Gn.33.1-20
The rape of Dinah.Gn.34.1-31
Bethel - God blesses Jacob.Gn.35.1-15
Rachel dies in childbirth.Gn.35.16-21
JACOB's sons.Gn.35.22-261Chr.2.1-2
Mamre - Jacob's return - the death of Isaac.Gn.35.27-29
Generations - Esau.Gn.36.1-191Chr.1.34-37
Generations - Seir.Gn.36.20-301Chr.1.38-42
Kings of Edom.Gn.36.31-431Chr.1.43-54
JOSEPH and his brothers.Gn.37.1-11
Shechem - Joseph is sold and taken to Egypt.Gn.37.12-36
Judah and Tamar.Gn.38.1-30
Egypt - Joseph and Potiphar's wife.Gn.39.1-23
JOSEPH interprets the prisoners' dreams.Gn.40.1-23
JOSEPH interpret's the Pharaoh's dreams.Gn.41.1-36
JOSEPH: Governor of Egypt.Gn.41.37-57
Joseph's brothers come to buy corn.Gn.42.1-24
Joseph's brothers return home.Gn.42.26-38
Joseph's brothers return with Benjamin.Gn.43.1-34
The missing cup.Gn.44.1-17
Judah pleads for Benjamin.Gn.44.18-34
Joseph tells his brothers who he is.Gn.45.1-28
Jacob's family goes to Egypt.Gn.46.1-27
Jacob's family in Egypt.Gn.46.28-47.12
Egypt - The famine.Gn.47.13-26
Jacob's last request.Gn.47.27-31
Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh.Gn.48.1-22
Jacob's last words.Gn.49.1-28
Jacob's death, embalming, burial at Machpelah.Gn.49.29-50.14
Joseph reassures his brothers.Gn.50.15-21
Joseph's death.Gn.50.22-26