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1 John by Passage


The Word of Life 60ce1Jn.1.1-4
God is Light1Jn.1.5-10
Christ Our Advocate1Jn.2.1-6
The New Commandment1Jn.2.7-17
The Antichrist1Jn.2.18-27
Children of God1Jn.2.28-3.10
Love One Another1Jn.3.11-18
Confidence before God1Jn.3.19-24
The Spirit of God and the Spirit of Antichrist1Jn.4.1-6
God is Love1Jn.4.7-21
Faith is Victory over the World1Jn.5.1-5
The Witness concerning the Son1Jn.5.6-12
The Knowledge of Eternal Life1Jn.5.13-21