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1 Chronicles by Passage


CHRONICLES 1. GENERATIONS - Adam to Abraham.1Chr.1.1-27Gn.5.1-32 | Gn.10.1-32 | Gn.11.10-26
Generations - Ishmael.1Chr.1.28-33Gn.25.12-16
Generations - Esau.1Chr.1.34-37Gn.36.1-19
Generations - Edom.1Chr.1.38-42Gn.36.20-30
Generations - Kings & tribes of Edom.1Chr.1.43-54Gn.36.31-43
Generations - Judah.1Chr.2.1-8
Generations - David.1Chr.2.9-17
Generations - Hezron.1Chr.2.18-24
Generations - Jerahmeel.1Chr.2.25-41
Generations - Caleb.1Chr.2.42-55
Generations - David.1Chr.3.1-9
Generations - Solomon.1Chr.3.10-16
Generations - Jehoiachin.1Chr.3.17-24
Generation - Judah.1Chr.4.1-10
Generation - Caleb onwards.1Chr.4.11-20
Generations - Shelah.1Chr.4.21-23
Generations - Simeon.1Chr.4.24-43
Generations - Reuben.1Chr.5.1-10
Generations - Gad.1Chr.5.11-17
Armies of the eastern tribes.1Chr.5.18-22
People of East Manasseh.1Chr.5.22-24
Deportation of the eastern tribes.1Chr.5.25-26
Generations - High Priests.1Chr.6.1-15
Generations - Levi.1Chr.6.16-30
Temple musicians.1Chr.6.31-48
Generations - Aaron.1Chr.6.49-53
Levites - apportionment.1Chr.6.54-81
Generations - Issachar.1Chr.7.1-5
Generations - Benjamin & Dan.1Chr.7.6-12
Generations - Naphtali.1Chr.7.13
Generations - Manasseh.1Chr.7.14-19
Generations - Ephraim.1Chr.7.20-29
Generations - Asher.1Chr.7.30-40
Generations - Benjamin.1Chr.8.1-12
Generations - Benjamin (Gath & Aijalon).1Chr.8.13-16
Generations - Benjamin (Jerusalem).1Chr.8.17-28
Generations - Benjamin (Gibeon & Jerusalem).1Chr.8.29-32
Generations - Saul.1Chr.8.33-40
Those who returned from captivity.1Chr.9.1-9
Census - Priests in Jerusalem.1Chr.9.10-13
Census - Levites of Jerusalem.1Chr.9.14-16
Census - Temple guard.1Chr.9.17-27
Census - Levites.1Chr.9.28-34
Generations - Jeiel, (King Saul's line).1Chr.9.35-44
Death of SAUL, king of Israel.1Chr.10.1-141Sm.31.1-13
DAVID king of Israel & Judah. 1011bce (Israel)1Chr.11.1-92Sm.5.1-10
David's famous soldiers.1Chr.11.10-472Sm.23.8-39
David's Benjamite soldiers.1Chr.12.1-7
David's Soldiers from Gad.1Chr.12.8-15
The soldiers from Benjamin & Judah.1Chr.12.16-18
The soldiers from Manasseh.1Chr.12.18-22
David's forces.1Chr.12.23-40
The Ark is moved from Kiriath Jearim.1Chr.13.1-142Sm.6.1-11
Generations - Judah.1Chr.4.1-102Sm.5.11-16
Victory over the Philistines.1Chr.14.8-172Sm.5.17-25
Preparations for the removal of the Ark.1Chr.15.1-24
The Ark is brought into Jerusalem.1Chr.15.25-16.72Sm.6.12-22
A song of praise.1Chr.16.8-36Ps.105.1-15 | Ps.96.1-13 | Ps.106.1, 47-48
Worship at Jerusalem & Gibeon.1Chr.16.37-43
Nathan the prophet's message to David.1Chr.17.1-152Sm.7.1-17
David's prayer of thanksgiving.1Chr.17.16-272Sm.7.18-29
David's military victories.1Chr.18.1-172Sm.8.1-18
David defeats the Ammonites & the Syrians.1Chr.19.1-192Sm.10.1-19
David captures Rabbah.1Chr.20.1-32Sm.12.26-31
Battles against Philistine giants.1Chr.21.1-22.1
Preparations for building the temple.1Chr.22.2-23.1
The work of the Levites.1Chr.23.2-32
The work assigned to the priests.1Chr.24.1-19
The list of Levites.1Chr.24.20-31
The temple musicians.1Chr.25.1-31
The temple Guard.1Chr.26.1-19
Other temple duties.1Chr.26.20-28
Duties of other Levites.1Chr.26.29-32
Military & civil organisation.1Chr.27.1-15
Administration of the tribes of Israel.1Chr.27.16-24
Administrators of the royal estate.1Chr.27.25-31
David's personal advisers.1Chr.27.32-34
David's instructions for the temple.1Chr.28.1-21
Gifts for building the temple.1Chr.29.1-9
David praises the LORD.1Chr.29.10-25
Summary of David's reign.1Chr.29.26-30